Top 10 Tips to Optimize for Google’s Featured Snippets

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In their research, Semrush and Brado found that 19% of SERPs (search engine results pages) have featured snippets, with 7.3% having double-featured snippets. They also found that 91% of the keywords in their dataset featured snippets on both mobile and desktop.

If you are running a business and working as a digital marketer, providing services on the internet, you may like to rank 1st position on the search engine result page (SERP) in Google. It increases your traffic from Google by providing benefits to your business or services. 
Featured snippets are still one of the most valuable part of these. It helps to jump on top of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Use featured snippets to boost your business and services, increase your brand name, and drive organic traffic to your site. It shows the answers to questions and a graphic of the content on the first page. The main reason for the featured snippet is that people know the answer to their questions on the first page. You may see featured snippets on search query words like:- “who,” “where,” “what,” “why,” “when,” “how,” etc. They make it easier to search for questions on Google every day.  

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It also increases your click-through rate (CTR) if you use featured snippets in your content. According to Ben Goodsell, CTR increased from 2 percent to 8 percent, and organic visitors landing on page 677% improved. It has also been seen that the pages with a start featured snippet increased by 30% traffic.
In this article, we discuss, what are featured snippets, the importance of featured snippets, their types, and how to optimize the featured snippets It is a detailed article on featured snippets.

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Table of Content 

  1. What are featured snippets?

  2. Types of featured snippets

  3. Importance of featured snippets

  4. How to Optimize for Google’s Featured Snippets.

What are the featured snippets?

Featured Snippets is the small summary of the text that shows the top of the SERPs.  They are the expanded snippets that appear in the first position of the Google SERPs. The purpose of the Google featured snippets is to answer the user’s needs right there in the search results. We know that everyone's busy, and users want answers or information quickly, so we made featured snippets quick to read. They're perfect for when you want to learn something new but don't have a lot of time.
When Google launched featured snippets, some sites were able to achieve two results on page 1 of the SERPs, which initially increased dramatic improvements in organic visibility and traffic.
Optimizing for featured snippets is not just adding questions to your headlines and sub-headlines. It’s much more involved than that.You also include a short but super informative section of knowledge articles, videos, and images. We have put together these snippets to make learning quick and easy for you.

Types of Featured Snippets

If you are looking to optimize featured snippets, so you need to understand all types of featured snippets.You have noticed there have been many types of featured snippets Each snippet is important and understands the structure of working.
So, here below, we write some important snippets

1. Paragraph Snipeet: The most common type of featured snippet, the paragraph is composed of two or three sentences of text indicated by an HTML element. According to search engine journal, 70% of snippets are paragraph-type. The paragraph snippet provides a defined definition, answer, or any kind of information on the topic in short sentences, average word is 42 words and 250 characters. They highlighted the content in blue color, which shows easily to users.

Some important tips: Most of the users use paragraph snippets for searching questions. So when you make the paragraph snippet, you should use, "what,"  "why,"  "how,"  and "where" and use the question words.

2. List snippet: Another important snippet is a list or bulleted snippet that is pulled from an HTML element. According to search engine journal, 19% of featured snippets are listicle snippets, which consist of an average of 6 numbered lists and 44 words.You will see two types of listicle snippets: ordered and unordered lists. They are most common for searching for step-by-step guides for doing something.
Some important tips: Listicle featured snippets are derived from “how” and “why” keyword terms.

3. Table Snippet: A table snippet is an informative snippet pulled out of an HTML element. This is the most common type of featured snippet.6.3% of featured snippets are of the table snippet type and they are 5 rows and 2 columns with 40–50 words.To optimize for this snippet, make important table formats and use tabletags. Some people also use plugins for table snippets.

4. Video snippet: Video Featured Snippets: If your audience consumes a lot of video content, a video snippet is a path to success. 4.6% of content uses the video-featured snippet.For the video snippets, you take a screenshot of the video and put the link to the video in the screenshot.Generally, Google provides informative YouTube videos, shows, or a video that contains some information. Mostly, YouTubers use this snippet to optimize YouTube channels or increase views and subscribers.

Importance of featured snippets

Featured snippets are very important because they can increase the visibility and traffic of content. They also increased the CTR of the website and business. Let's show some interesting facts, According to Aherf's research, the total number of keywords in the US database is 112 million, and almost 14 million keywords have featured snippets in their SERPs. In other words, 12.29% of quarries come with featured snippets. The report also shows which websites use featured snippets that 99% rank 1st in SERPs.
Here below, we write some more important points about the featured snippets

  • Increased visibility: Featured snippets capture user attention and ensure the content is highly displayed for relevant queries.
  • Higher click-through rates: As we already said, featured snippets increased CTR. According to Search Engine Land, Featured Snippet gets approximately 8% of all clicks.
  • Improved SEO: Featured snippets also boost the SEO of the website and engage organic traffic.
  • Attract organic traffic: It also helps to attract organic traffic to a website.
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How to Optimize for Google’s Featured Snippets.

When you are optimizing featured images, you should keep in mind that your content is well-written and informative, contains keywords, and is up-to-date and accurate.Here below, are some important key points for optimizing the Google featured snippets.

  1. On-Page SEO:- On-page optimization is the main point of feature snippets. You should give the best answer to the audience with optimized content. Let's dive into the details of how to make it achievable.
  2. Manage Keyword Research: For a good start, managing keyword research is mandatory. It is an old, but beneficial, method of On-Page SEO. It is important to optimize your content for featured snippets. You may also take advantage of SEO tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, Google Analytics, MOZ, etc.
  3. Identify the competitor's snippet:- The identification of competitors is essential for your content. Analyzing competitor content is valuable for you. You should identify which featured snippets your competitors are ranking.
  4. Identify Which Keywords You Already Rank:- Find the top-performing search queries; you can also ask your audience or website users which question they ask. You can also get help from Google Search Console. It helps the user search for queries and click on your website.
  5. Address Similar Questions in Your Content:  According to Ahrefs, once a page gets featured, it is also featured for a large number of similar queries. In this movement, you should try to address similar queries in your content. Make sure that your article is written very well and addresses related questions.
  6. Use Various Phrasings For the Same Question: Creating in-depth articles that address many related questions is a perfect way to increase your chances of being featured. Now Google ranks long content because people can find many relevant answers within one article. So you should use questions in your subheadings and also answer.
  7. Add “How-To” Sections to Your Content: When people search for something using "how to" in front of it, the user usually wants a specific answer or solution. So, when you are addressing your website, make sure your content is customized to provide exactly what users are looking for. Use "how-to" phrases to show that your content can answer their questions or help solve their problems effectively.
  8. Search Google’s Own “People Also Ask” Sections: It does not matter what your business or service is; you should use Google’s own “People Also Ask” sections for related questions. You will get a great insight into some questions related to your topic. According to Moz, there has been a 1,723% growth in SERPs.
  9. Classify Queries based on content: As we all know, Google shows well-structured content with paragraphs, lists, tables, and images. So you should write your content similarly. Users should find what they need in your content with the help of your lists.
  10. Use High-Quality Images & Videos:-You should use high-quality images on your websites that are available for people who have different ideas and styles, and you should convey your text-based messages.
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In view of that pages with featured snippets are leading search queries and this case is trending now, you should start benefiting from them. Your main motive is to increase your website traffic as well as boost your conversations. To make it achievable, you should use featured snippets.
The main step is finding those featured snippets where your competitor ranks. For those, you should organize your content based on the great subheadings and important points. Also, give the answers to multiple related questions in your article.
Also, use the question phrase in your article, use FAQs on your website, and optimize content for featured snippets. Don't forget to use high-quality images and videos at the beginning of the article. 
Remember, featured snippets are helping you rank first in SERPs and boost your conversation.

What types of common featured snippets?

There are common types of featured snippets: tables, paragraphs, lists, and videos.

How do featured snippets benefit businesses?

Featured snippets increase click-throughs, website traffic, and qualified leads.

What is a featured snippet?

The featured snippet is a small summary of text and an answer to a user's query, that shows at the top of Google's search results.

How does Google select the featured snippets?

Google selects featured snippets based on their relevance to the user's query and the quality of the content on the website.

Can anyone get their content featured in a snippet?

Google algorithms determine which content is most suitable based on various factors like accuracy, authority, and relevance.

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