30 Best Social Media Marketing Tools for Teams & Agencies in 2024

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According to Sproutsocial, the total cost spent on social media advertising is projected to reach $219.8 billion in 2024. and $255.8 billion of total social media ad spending will be generated through mobile by 2028. So how if we use social media tools and simply the workflow and increase engagement and ROI?

The world is moving fast and things change quickly. Social media can be used widely, so people are using special tools to make it easier to manage. Businesses are also selling their products online because more and more people are shopping online.
What are Social Media Tools?
The world feels smaller today because talking to people anywhere is much easier. We have so many ways to chat with each other, like video calls, texting, and social media. There are so many options, it's hard to keep track of them all! This makes the world feel like a village where everyone is connected.

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The world has become a global village because communication with people anywhere is easier We have so many mediums to communicate with, like video calls, texts, social media, and many more, but with the current situation, it is hard to track them all. Social media marketing tools are popular and easy to understand, which is great for businesses because everyone uses the internet this way. Now people use the Internet has changed, In the past, most people saw the products in newspapers, magazines, and television, but now they look at the Internet because businesses are realizing the importance of social media in selling their products online. 

Social Media platforms are the new way of conducting business, creating consumers, and advertising products. Social Media apps help with scheduling posts and engaging traffic.
In this article, we provide the 30 Best Social Media Marketing Tools for Teams & Agencies in 2024 which will help you increase customers and increase the revenue of your business.

Table of Content

  1. 30 Best Social Media Marketing Tools

  2. Top 10 Social Media Tools for Digital Marketing


The 30 Best Social Media Marketing Tools for Teams & Agencies 

Almost every social media management tool in this article is helpful for your social media marketing. Here are some free or paid social media tools but most providers offer paid social media tools. In the below list, we provide the best of the best social media tools for teams and agencies in 2024.


  1. Social Champ

  2. SocialBee

  3. Keyhole

  4. Buffer

  5. Hootsuite

  6. Visme

  7. SocialPilot

  8. SociAlert

  9. CoSchedule

  10. Sprout Social

  11. Sendible

  12. Statusbrew

  13. Post Planner

  14. PromoRepublic

  15. Friends+me

  16. Postfity

  17. Loomly

  18. SocialOomph

  19. Agorapulse

  20. Zoho Social

  21. Swello

  22. Social Insider

  23. Radaar

  24. Metricool

  25. Postpickr

  26. SmarterQueue

  27. Juphy

  28. SocialElephants

  29. OkToPost

  30. VistaCreate

Top 10 Social Media Tools for digital marketing

Social media marketing tools have been the leading edge of digital marketing growth for a long time. Especially if you are in the highly competitive field of social media. Here we describe the top 10 Social Media Tools that are beneficial for your social media marketing.

1. Social Champ

Social Champ is a social media scheduling and management tool that helps you share your content on all social media platforms at once. The tool claims that it helps brands increase their 75% audience. This tool has multiple social media automation features that help you.
If you are a beginner or a new business, this tool is for you. Social Champ is the right choice for you because it is easy to understand and its interface makes it easy to promote your content. It also allows you to repeat your content on Facebook and Twitter. 


Starting at $26 per month on a professional plan with 12 social accounts.

2. SocialBee

SocialBee is a full social publishing tool with multiple benefits for all areas of social media management. Its main work is content creation to inbox monitoring. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Printest, LinkedIn, etc., it allows marketers to manage their multiple social media platforms from a single centralized dashboard.
Users can generate captions and graphics for social media and schedule the post in advance. This tool also provides depth analytics to measure the performance and check the impact of social media campaigns. 


The plans started at $29 per month with 5 social profiles, 1 workspace, and 1 user.

3. Keyhole

Keyhole is a trusted tool by top companies like Google, Amazon, and 1 Lakh+ companies and agencies. Keyhole is a social media analytics tool. The interface of Keyhole is super easy to use. 
In Keyhole, you can add multiple social media accounts and track the keywords and hashtags. In addition, you can check what your audience thinks about you and your products and also check the competitor's analytics and benchmarking features. You can also create customer reports, trend analytics, and campaign tracking and share the real-time dashboard report with your clients and teams. 


The pricing of Keyhole is $79 per month with 2 trackers, 5000 mentions, and unlimited post-scheduling for 5 profiles. 

4. Buffer

Buffer is a famous and most important tool. Many marketers have used the Buffer for years. Buffer allows you to quickly post to the schedule in line on different social media platforms. Buffer divided their products into three parts: Publish, Reply, and Analyze. You can choose the plans according to your needs. Recently Buffer introduced a new feature where you allow the first comment in your post and most of the features are integrated third-party tools Buffer offers.


Buffer starting plan is $6 per month per, unlimited post and add another account and many more features. 

5. Hootsuite

Hootsuite permits businesses to track their customer's opinions and increase engagement towards the brand. It's important to understand any ideas the client already knows about their brand, even if those ideas might not be quite right. Hootsuite provides many features and its interface also is very easy. It is valuable for small businesses and digital marketers.


Pricing started with the basic plan of Hootsuite from $19 per month with 1 user 10 social profiles and unlimited scheduling. 

6. SocialPilot

One of the other Social Media management tools is SocialPilot. SocialPilot manages the social media platforms and schedules the posts, enhances engagement, and analyzes the results. It also supports bulk posting on different social media platforms. The only limitation of this tool is bulk video posts uploading on social media.


The price of a professional plan is $30 per month with 25 Social media accounts.

7. Visme

Visme is another social media content-creation tool. Visme is a simple interface with a visual content creation and collaboration platform. In Vismi you can add the brand strategy with the help of infographics, presentations, videos, posts, and other content. With the easy and simple interface, you can create engaging visual content for the brand.
Visme includes drag-and-drop editor features and hundreds of templates, photos, and animated characters.


Visme comes with a free basic plan with templates. The personal and professional plan comes at $29/month. The price of the Business plan at $59 per month. Vismie also provides an enterprise plan for corporations.  


SocialAlert is a tracking tool for social media. In SocialAlert you can track the hashtags, keywords, and social media accounts. If you focus on the performance of keywords and hashtags without focusing on noise SocialAlert is the right choice for you. These help you to start and grow your digital presence in the market.

This tool increases the reach of social media reverent keywords, hashtags, etc. SocialAlert also creates reports of posts, impressions, users, and top mentions, and helps you to succeed in social media marketing campaigns.


The starting price of SocialAlert at $9.95 per month with 2 accounts and hashtag trackers.

9. Coschedule 

Coschedule as the name you already know is a post-scheduling tool. Coschedule is an easy tool for scheduling posts and saving time and save extra effort. It is perfect for those who never used the automation tool before. Rather than giving time for scheduling posts every single day you can use this tool for scheduling posts for a week, month, and year at once.

Coscheduling main feature is bulk uploading and collaborative features make stronger any blog and events more manageable. Coscheduling minimizes your workload and increases user engagement. Coscheduling also comes with Chrome extension and mobile app with limited features which is the limitation of this.


The starting price at $14.99 per month with 1 user.

10. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a social media management tool that helps you find all the solutions to your social media problems and make stronger connections with your brands and their audience. It allows you to control and manage social media posts with multiple platforms, connections, and campaigns in one place. It is the perfect tool for providing business solutions and planned decision-making with the help of your social data analytics, etc. 


Sprout Social starting price at $99 per month with 5 social profiles.

These are the top 10 Social media tools for digital marketers, teams, and agencies. Through this, you can increase user engagement and social presence in the market.

Automation tool in social media marketing often gets criticized, people think it is boring not to work perfectly, it lacks engagement. But in real the data tells a different story, with the help of the right plan and the right social media marketing tool giving huge benefits to marketers.
Social Media is important for the digital marketing of any brand and product. By using productive social media marketing management tools, you can master social media marketing. Through these tools, you can get a fully detailed insight report of posts, campaigns, engagements, etc. It also shows how your campaign and social media are working, and what is working and what is not working.
In short, Social Media is a powerful tool in marketing. Through using smart plans and using the best management tools, you can improve your social media and show the best results. At the least, we say that automation in social media is not boring, it is the best for you and the key to efficient and effective social media marketing.

What is a social media marketing tool?

Social media marketing tools are software applications that help businesses, agencies, and digital marketer optimize their social media presence.

How are social media marketing tools beneficial for businesses and agencies?

Social media management tools simplify and automate your social media efforts. They save time and provide analytics to enhance audience engagement.

What features do I look for in a social media marketing tool?

It totally depends on you and your audience. When choosing a social media marketing tool, look at some basic features such as post scheduling, analytics and reporting, social listening, audience engagement, etc. In this article, you should take the tools you require.

Do social media marketing tools help with content creation?

Yes, many social media marketing tools offer features that help you with content creation. In this article, we mention these tools which help with content creation.

Is social media marketing tools good for small businesses?

Social media marketing tools are beneficial for all those people who work in social media marketing. If it is business, agencies, marketers, etc.

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