class 12 Psychology Chapter 6 Attitude and Social cognition PDF

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NCERT PDF | Psychology  | Class 12

Chapter: 6

Attitude and Social cognition 


The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) created a new curriculum and formed Textbook Development Teams for Class XII to write textbooks in Psychology based on the new standards and curriculum. Every question in the 2022 Board Exams will be based only on the NCERT Class 12 Psychology Book PDF, which is available here. Questions about the new pattern The theory presented in this NCERT Psychology PDF is also used to create case-based MCQs.


NCERT Class 12 Psychology Chapter : 6 PDF

On this page, you can read or download Chapter 6 of the NCERT Book for Class 12 Psychology, Attitude and Social cognition . Students in Class 12 or preparing for any exam based on Class 12 Psychology might use the NCERT Book to supplement their studies. When you don't have access to a physical copy, digital NCERT Books Class 12 Psychology pdf are always useful.


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The NCERT Class 12 Books are simple to obtain. Simply click the link to open a new window with all of the NCERT Book Class 12 Psychology pdf files organised by chapter. Choose the chapter you want to download, and you're done. You'll be able to study offline with the PDF on your device.

NCERT class 12 Psychology chapter 6 Attitude and Social cognition  pdf

About Chapter : 6 Attitude and Social cognition 

 In this chapter students will comprehend what attitudes are, how they are generated, and how they may be changed. Examine how people understand and explain other people's behaviour, as well as how the presence of others affects our behaviour. explain why people assist or do not assist others in distress, and comprehend the concept of pro-social behaviour and the elements that influence it.


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