MBA Course- Job, Salary and Placement

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Students pursuing an MBA are taught every aspect of business administration. They learn about the various divisions and activities that go into creating a business. So, if you're considering taking an MBA course after you graduate, you should absolutely give it some thought. The postgraduate degree will prepare you for managerial positions in any business.

Table of Content

1. A description of the Master of Business Administration program (MBA)
2. Why You Should Consider pursuing an MBA
3. Prospects for an MBA in India
4. Top 10 Careers for MBA Graduates
5. Typical Payscale based on Position

A description of the Master of Business Administration program (MBA)

The degree that will get you there is the Master of Business Administration degree. With this postgraduate degree, you'll be qualified for managerial positions in any business and be able to contribute significantly to its expansion and success. Students who desire to succeed in business and play a key role in it should earn an MBA.

Students pursuing an MBA are taught every aspect of business administration. Additionally, they learn about the various divisions and activities that go into creating a business. So, if you're considering taking an MBA course after you graduate, you should absolutely give it some thought.

Why You Should Consider pursuing an MBA

You need to understand why before obtaining any degree.


What are the benefits and how will they advance your career?

Here are various justifications for earning an MBA.

1. Excellent Education One of the best degrees to pursue after graduation is an MBA, which has great value in the working world.

2. All-round growth - Earning an MBA helps you grow into a good professional with a positive attitude, self-assurance, and leadership abilities.

3. Salary & Growth - MBA graduates get access to some of the best career growth prospects and top incomes in the corporate sector.

4. Excellent Networking - When you earn an MBA, you join a broad network of individuals who work for the best businesses in the world.

5. Increased Knowledge - Throughout the course, you will broaden your knowledge base and gain fresh insight. Learning more becomes a habit.


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Challenges - If you thrive on challenges, your MBA program and subsequent professional career will be a true joy for you.

Prospects for an MBA in India

In the Indian sector, there has long been a shortage of qualified managers. However, during the past few decades, the situation has changed. Professional MBA degree holders are now being hired by the industry to fill executive positions and corporatize everything. As a result, the industry is expanding and doing better business.

Additionally supplying the demand abroad is Indian MBAs. Between Chinese and Indian MBA degree holders, there is intense competition. Indian MBAs do have the advantage of having excellent English communication skills. You can therefore hunt for and obtain profitable jobs abroad if you have an MBA and the appropriate expertise.

Top 10 Careers for MBA Graduates

You may get a solid understanding of how significant an MBA degree is and the promising future you have by learning about the careers that are open to you.

The top ten positions that an MBA holder can obtain across several industries are listed below. Once you have an MBA, you can think about these.

1. Marketing Manager

A marketing manager position in a business that sells goods or renders services is attainable with an MBA in marketing. Managing the marketing team and promoting the goods and services would be your key responsibility.

2. Sales Director

Since sales are the most crucial component of a company, the role of a sales manager is crucial. They are in charge of managing the sales divisions and guaranteeing that all salespeople meet their quotas in order to increase direct sales.

3. HR Director

For mid-sized and large firms to operate effectively, HR departments are essential. They are in charge of ensuring that the right people are employed and that the current employees of the organization are happy.

4. Finance Consultant

To be eligible for this position, you must obtain an MBA in finance and work for a number of years in the financial industry. As a financial advisor, you will offer fee-based capital management and investment advice to businesses and people.

5. Business Analyst

It is important to give considerable thought to this developing field. A business analyst uses data analytics to provide viewpoints on the past, present, and future of an organization. These analytics are used to make crucial business decisions. Business analysis will soon rank among the most crucial careers.

6. Investment banking

Investment bankers assist businesses in raising significant sums of money. They are financial experts who assist businesses in various ways with capital raising and business expansion. Some of the highest-paid MBA professionals are investment bankers.

7. Management Business Development

A business development manager uses a variety of techniques to build and expand a business. They're meant to assist with sales, marketing, and even forming successful alliances. For the company to advance, business development managers are crucial.

8. Project manager

The individuals in charge of a particular project are known as project managers. All of the project participants must be managed by them. To ensure the project's success, they must plan, carry out, and monitor it.

9. Business Advisor

Businesses need the services of professionals known as business consultants. They offer advisory services for all business-related issues. A person can qualify for this role after earning an MBA and gaining a lot of business experience.

10. Chief Technology Officer

Regardless matter the type of business, technology is now a necessary component. A CTO is someone who manages all the technical facets of the company. They are also in charge of integrating new technology. For this job, you must have good eye technology.

Typical Payscale based on Position

Understanding the prospective earnings of any profession is useful. You will be motivated by these statistics to seek a job and an MBA.

The average salaries for various job positions are shown below.
  • Marketing Manager – 8.4 lakhs
  • Senior Business Analyst – 9.6 lakhs
  • Financial Analyst – 4.6 lakhs
  • HR Manager – 7.2 lakhs
  • Operations Manager – 7.6 lakhs


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