What are the 15 OLQs - Officer Like Qualities in SSB Interview

Read here OLQ Officer Like Qualities in SSB Interview. What are 15 OLQs are tested in ssb interview after the written exam, check all process at Safalta.

29 January, 2021

The SSB Interview is one of the toughest stages of selection to the Indian Defence Forces. It is important that all the defence aspirants know about it and what are the requirements to help you clear this stage. The Selection Board thoroughly examines the candidates in the SSB interview and looks for what are known as the Officer Like Qualities (OLQs). Serving in the Indian Armed Forces requires you to have certain qualities as the nature of the profession is such that it tests you determination, strength and endurance. Having knowledge of these Officer Like Qualities is very important because it becomes very important for candidates to know about them and consistently work towards them while preparing for SSB.

The 15 Officer Like Qualities are as follows:

1. EFFECTIVE INTELLIGENCE : Effective Intelligence refers to the ability of the person to deal with various complex situations using the available resources and find the best effective solution. 

2. REASONING ABILITY : It refers to the ability of the candidate to be able to think rationally and logically. It requires the person to identify the essentials of a problem, analyze it logically and arrive at the best solution.

3. ORGANISING ABILITY : This refers to the clarity that a person has in his/her life. It tests the ability of a person to be able to arrange things in a systematic way and also possess skills to be able to lead a group of people in a way which leads to an effective outcome.

4. POWER OF EXPRESSION : This refers to the ability of a person to be able to express oneself clearly and with ease and confidence. 

5. SOCIAL ADAPTABILITY : It refers to the ability of an individual to be able to adjust with different surroundings, people and groups. It also includes the attitude that a person possesses in relation with other people.

6. COOPERATION : It refers to the quality of an individual to be able to participate in a work along with other people and work in co-ordination. It implies the team spirit that one is supposed to have in order to be able to work effectively with a group of people.

7. SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY : It refers to the quality of a person to recognise and be able to fulfill his/her duty faithfully. 

8. INITIATIVE : It refers to the quality of a person to be able to take the lead in any task. It requires a person to be able to take the first step in any task and fulfill it with complete dedication.

9. SELF-CONFIDENCE : It refers to the belief that a person has on himself/herself with respect to his/her abilities to complete a given task.

10. SPEED OF  DECISION : It refers to making sensible and effective decisions in a short period of time.

11. ABILITY TO INFLUENCE THE GROUP : It refers the ability of an individual to be able to influence a group that he/she is leading and to be able to motivate them and inspire them to achieve the required objective.

12. LIVELINESS : It refers to the ability of a candidate to be happy and lively in every situation and have a positive attitude.

13. DETERMINATION : It refers to the ability of a person to not give-up despite facing odd situations.

14. COURAGE : It refers to the ability of a candidate to be brave and pursue what is right in difficult situations.

15. STAMINA : It is the ability of  a person to be able to stand any form of mental or physical strain. It requires a person to possess endurance.


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