Environment Go Friendly With Tech

See How Can We Save The Earth!

Recycle Your E-Waste

 Only about 12.5% of the 9.4 million tons of e-waste produced in the US gets recycled, leaving the rest filling landfills.


Go Solar

The sun as a renewable energy source can power your success by not only reducing energy costs but saving the earth's vital resources and minimizing pollutants.

Upgrade Old Devices

 Replace your old computers and devices with Energy Star-rated products that work a lot faster in an energy-efficient way.

Meet Virtually

Apps and programs like Skype and GoToMeeting are popular options for as near to face-to-face as you can get in an eco-friendly environment.


Go To The Cloud

 Software-as-a-service and cloud-based computing cut down on in-house devices that consume high amounts of energy- that will end up in a landfill if not recycled properly.

How To Procure Green Energy

 From knowing who to talk to and gathering the right energy data to buying green power, knowing the process and channels is vital to a successful transition.

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