5 Top AI and Machine Learning Trends for 2023

Here are 5 top 2023 trends IT leaders should prepare for.

Automated machine learning (AutoML)

By automating the work of selecting and tuning a neural network model, AI will become cheaper, and new solutions will take less time to reach the market.

AI-enabled conceptual design

This is ideal for usage in financial, retail or healthcare industries and for clearly defined repetitive tasks.

Multi-modal learning

AI is getting better at supporting multiple modalities within a single ML model, such as text, vision, speech and IoT sensor data.

Models that can achieve multiple objectives

Commonly, AI models are given one objective that targets a particular business metric such as maximizing revenue. 

AI-based cybersecurity

New AI and machine learning techniques will play a growing role in detecting and responding to cybersecurity threats. 

2023 Global Competitiveness Index

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