Digital Marketing New Updation

Instagram's AI Chatbot

An Instagram chatbot, also known as an Instagram DM bot, is a computer program that can automatically respond to Instagram messages. Instagram bots can have multiple conversations with different people at the same time and work around the clock.

Local SEO Updates

Users can now upload long-form videos of up to 2 minutes to their Google listing! 
This will help business users explain their products more precisely & creatively (earlier it was 30sec, long-form videos were allowed in Google Maps only)

Google Analytics Update

GA 4 Added 5 New Dimensions & 1 New Metric to Audience Builder. Last week GA4 added these 5 Dimensions- 

Manual Term 
Mobile Device Info
New Vs Returning

Google Bard Updates

Google Bard's new update enhances its ability to provide concise summaries of topics. The update improves source visibility, allowing you to easily identify and navigate to the original content.

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