The Highest Paying Digital Marketing Jobs

Job Roles with Salary

Digital Media Manager Job Rol

Designing multi-channel campaigns to raise awareness about and drive the adoption of a brand, product, or service.
Annual Salary: ₹ 10,48,883/-

Pay-Per-Click Manager Job Role

Enhance PPC campaigns using budgeting, keyword selection, copy improvement, comprehensive search strategies
Annual Salary: ₹ 10,48,883/-

SEO Specialists Job Role

Manage online campaigns and update the websites to drive search results (for example, blogs and RSS feeds) to establish a viable business case for SEM expenditure.
Annual Salary: ₹ 9,75,000/-

Content Strategists Job Role

Conducting content audits, Creating style guides, populating event calendars, and Curating high-quality content.
Annual Salary: ₹ 6,92,498/-

E-commerce Specialist Job Role

E-commerce specialists are adept at optimizing product pages with proper descriptions and button placements. With this, they improve the customer experience and increase conversions.
Annual Salary: ₹ 10,86,571/-

Brand Marketing Expert Job Role

Utilize your creativity to stimulate the emotions of your target pupils and influence them to make a purchase and perform these duties with excellent communication skills.
Annual salary: ₹ 10,77,700/-

Social Media Marketer Job Role

Social media marketing is all about designing strategies to promote brands and implementing campaigns to boost audience engagement on social networking platforms.
Annual salary: ₹ 3,42,814/-

Digital Project Manager Job Role

Demonstrate effective communication and time-management skills.
Annual Salary: ₹ 12,24,490/-

Marketing Analyst's Job Role

Design and conduct in-market tests, Generate strategies for data tracking.
Annual salary: ₹ 4,63,560/-

Visual Designers Job Role

Create brand experiences across several consumer touchpoints and execute design projects.
Annual salary: ₹ 6,83,744/-    

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