These marketing strategies boost your business to a more profitable one.

Identify Your Target Market

  • List the features and benefits of your product or service.
  • Drill down to how each feature makes someone’s life easier.
  • Identify who would have that need. 

Create A Buyer Persona 

  • Describe your target customer in detail.
  • Consider demographics and psychographic features.
  • Match the selling points of your product/service to these characteristics. Assemble all information into a buyer persona.

Do Your Research 

  • Gather information about your potential buyers. Use social media analytics to understand your audience.
  • Utilize all-in-one platforms like Mailchimp for comprehensive data.
  • Research business customers’ financial goals and professional objectives. 

Connect with the buyer personally 

Begin by bringing up something you’ve learned about the person. Listen carefully to their answers to understand their interests and needs. Build genuine connections through social media. Show that you care about their lives and can help solve their problems.

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