GDP growth forecast, 2023

Projected GDP growth in 2023 shows positive economic prospects.9 (source: IMF)

India: 5.9%

India's GDP growth for 2023 is projected at 5.9%.expected to grow 6.7% in 2024 

China: 5.2%

China's GDP growth for 2023 is estimated at 5.2%.. 

Indonesia: 5%

Indonesia's GDP growth for 2023 is forecasted to be 5%.

US: 1.6%

The United States is expected to have a 1.6% GDP growth in 2023.

Saudi: 3.1%

Saudi Arabia is projected to achieve a 3.1% GDP growth in 2023.

Turkey: 3%

Turkey's GDP is anticipated to grow by 3% in 2023.

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