Top 6 Digital Marketing Jobs Role 2023


Digital Marketing Manager(DMM)

The (DMM) plays a pivotal role in conducting and promoting digital campaigns to create brand awareness virtually.


Content Strategist (CS)

The primary work role of a (CS) is to develop engaging content relevant to the business objectives and target customers.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Specialist/Manager

The (PPC) Specialists/Managers monitor the online PPC promotional campaigns which are inclusive of strategy formulation, designing, SEO, and impact evaluation of the advertisements.

Search Engine Optimizer (SEO)/ Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Specialist

The (SEM) specialist evaluates, appraises, and incorporates changes to the company websites for effective retrieval by search engines.


Consumer Experience/User Experience (UX) Designer

(UX) designers are not only technical and design experts but also have a good understanding of human attitudes and mentalities.


Social Media Expert (SME)

The work role of (an SME) is to promote the presence of the company on these platforms, create brand awareness, communicate with the targeted customers, follow up, and keep the community of existing customers engaged.


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