Lessons from failed marketing campaigns

Never use words whose true meaning you don't know or don't understand.
Eg- McDonald’s “Dollar Menu” ad.

Even if the intention is to help customers embrace their insecurities, not every product needs to categorize them or remind them of their potential insecurities. 
Eg- Dove’s ‘body positivity’ packaging.

If the message is humorous or lighthearted, make sure it is also inclusive. Make sure messaging doesn't rely on stereotypes to be effective by customers who use your product or service.
Eg- Huggies mocks fathers.

While marketing teams cannot predict or stop natural disasters, they can be aware of the messages that are being spread. 
Eg- Airbnb sent its "Floating World" email during a major hurricane.

It is difficult to draw humorous parallels between products and product users. To make sure the message is clear and inclusive.
Eg- Audi compares women to used cars.

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