Google I/o Big announcement

Google recently unveiled a new AI-powered search feature that will enable Google Search to respond to a wider range of queries and retrieve more pertinent data with fewer prompts.

In "Help Me Write," artificial intelligence is used to create email drafts from user input. Simply begin typing an email to use, and when you reach the "Help Me Write" button, click it. After that, the AI will automatically create a draft of the email.

An AI update for Google Maps will provide users with a new Immersive View of routes that allow them to travel from a bird's eye view. It will be able to include traffic and weather as well. 

Google's newest AI tool for businesses is called PaLM 2 (Pathways Language Model). It offers some strong coding abilities and has been trained in multilingual texts. 

Google's AI chat platform is called Bard. The information used by Google's assistance will come from the Internet. Bard is now accessible in 180 nations, including India. 

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