How Business Advertise Their Products Creatively


PhonePe is advertising its insurance service on the backs of Indian trucks. Traditional imagery and sayings like "Dekho Magar Pyaar Se, Insurance Lo Magar PhonePe" are being used.


For McCafe Coffee, Mcdonald's created a very creative ad. The ‘M’ at first looks like tired human eyes, and after, you can see the proper M and two coffee beans inside it which depict that the tiredness is gone.


Colgate's new ad features a model with a beautiful smile that reveals her misaligned teeth. It was intended for the advertisement to be more relatable.

Sleepy Owl Coffee

Sleepy Owl Coffee has unleashed a new viral campaign with doppelgängers – people who look alike to celebrities or other famous people.


Simple, clean, and impactful ad by Dettol. Showing the heartwarming and relatable depiction of sibling relationships, along with the importance of hygiene.

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