These technologies can tell you whether the information is generated by humans or by AI.

What are AI content detectors?

AI content detectors are algorithms that utilize artificial intelligence to evaluate and identify specific categories of information, such as text, photos, or videos, to decide if they include inappropriate, offensive, or hazardous material.

GPT Zero

In the education industry, GPTZero is commonly utilized. It provides a plethora of plagiarism detection technologies geared toward academics. AI Content Detector

This all-in-one software can help you enhance your writing and identify AI-generated content.

This is an AI-powered content detection tool that evaluates an article for plagiarism and determines whether it was produced by a human or an AI writer.

Sapling AI Detector

With as few as 50 words, this technology can detect AI-generated content. It also has built-in customer service and sales teams, a good browser, and an API for further use.

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