Unlocking India's Social Media ROI Statistics: Insights & Impact

Safalta Expert Published by: Sanny Gangwar Updated Fri, 11 Aug 2023 04:24 PM IST

It is hardly astonishing that social media is a potent application for brands, given how integral it has become to our lives. According to Statista, the typical ROI for social media marketing in India is 28%. HubSpot claims that companies that employ social media marketing produce 3X more leads than those that don't. But how can companies assess the effectiveness of their social media marketing initiatives? This article will analyze the significance of social media ROI data for India in 2023 and provide actionable advice on enhancing your social media ROI.

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Table of Contents:
What is Social Media ROI?

Main Social Media ROI Statistics for India in 2023
How to Improve Your Social Media ROI
Social Media Trends in India

What is Social Media ROI?

Social media ROI defines the company's financial success resulting from its social media marketing activities. The formula includes dividing the total revenue from social media marketing by the overall expenditure for running the social network marketing campaigns. According to Cisco research, 900 million people will use social media in India by 2023. According to a Hootsuite survey, social media is used for marketing by 70% of Indian firms.

The Importance of Social Media ROI
According to a Statista report, 87% of Indian firms utilize social media for marketing. By 2023, social media in India expects to produce over $320 billion in income, according to a Cisco estimate.

Customer service: Social media can offer customer service by answering questions, resolving issues, and providing support. Customer loyalty and satisfaction can both be enhanced.

Lead generation: Businesses use social media to interact with implicit customers who express interest in their products or services, creating quality leads in this manner. You can publish content on social media that is pertinent to your target followership and nudge them to communicate with you for additional details.

Increased brand recognition: Social media can help to increase brand mindfulness by exposing your business to broader followership. People that perceive your brand on social media are more likely to remember it and opt to buy it.

Sales: You can announce your products and services to your target market on social media to increase deals. You can utilize social media to run advertising juggernauts, hold contests, and provide discounts.

Building relationships: By interacting with them, social media can aid in developing relationships with clients and prospects. It can support the development of a sense of community around your brand and increase the popularity of your company to prospective clients.

Main Social Media ROI Statistics for India in 2023

  • Sales increase by 28% for companies using social media to generate leads.
  • The average ROI for social media marketing in India is 23%, according to a survey by Meltwater.
  • 73% of Indian consumers say that social media influences their purchase decisions. (Source: Forbes)
  • 92% of Indian firms utilize social media for marketing. (Referring to The Economic Times)
  • Social media platforms Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube are the most popular. (Data from Statista)

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How to Improve Your Social Media ROI
Here are a few strategies for raising social media ROI:

Establish precise objectives: The first step in increasing social network ROI is to set clear goals for your marketing operations on social media. You can monitor your progress and calculate your ROI if you understand your objectives.

Use pertinent hashtags: to expand your social media audience. A pleasant approach to do this is through hashtags. Your postings will appear in hashtag search results if you include relevant hashtags. It could aid in expanding the audience for your material and drawing in new fans.

Create engaging content: People will probably engage with interesting, informative, and visually appealing content. Ensure your social media updates are well-written and visually appealing to keep people interested.

Run social media contests and giveaways: Contests and giveaways on social media are a terrific way to get people interested in and engaged with your content. They can also help you to collect leads and grow your audience.

Keep track: of your outcomes to determine what is and is not working, and will assist you in making essential changes to your social media marketing plan and increasing your ROI.

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Social Media Trends in India
Here are some Social Media trends in India:

Live streaming: India's live streaming platforms surge in viewership, enabling real-time connections with influencers and brands.

Short-form video: India's short-form video platforms like Instagram Reels gain popularity for engaging, mobile-friendly content creation.

Voice-based social media: Voice-based social media platforms like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces obtain popularity in India for intimate connections.

Influencer marketing: Influencer marketing remains popular in India, but demand for authentic, transparent content rises due to consumer skepticism.

E-commerce: The booming-commerce assiduity in India depends on social media to increase brand exposure, customer engagement, and sales.

Businesses can use social media as a potent tool to connect with their target markets and develop their brands. Brands can maximize their ROI and achieve their marketing goals in India for 2023 by comprehending the major social media ROI statistics and implementing the tips outlined in this article.

What is social media ROI?

Social media ROI calculates the fiscal benefit that a business receives from its social media marketing efforts. Divide the overall return from social media marketing by the total cost of social media marketing to arrive at this answer.


How to measure social media ROI?

Some basic methods include:

  • Return on investment (ROI)
  • Cost per acquisition (CPA)
  • Customer lifetime value (CLV)


How to maximize social media ROI?

There are several things that businesses can do to maximize their social media ROI. Some tips include:

  • Set clear goals.
  • Use a variety of social media platforms.
  • Produce informative and intriguing content.


What distinguishes social media marketing from social media return on investment?

Social media marketing is the operation of social media channels to promote your business. The profit generated by your social network marketing conditioning, less the expense of such efforts, is your social media ROI.


How is social media ROI calculated?

ROI for social media = (Earnings - Costs) x 100 / Costs


What is ROI for Instagram?

Instagram ROI = (Value attained - Costs) / Costs x 100


What is influencer ROI?

Influencers who can boost the return on investment for their sponsors through social media sales, engagement, and brand recognition are known as ROI influencers.


What ROI means in SEO?

Return On Investment.

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