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Latest Trends in Cybersecurity Threats

23 February, 2024 By: Safalta Expert

Ransomware has been a top-of-mind security concern for several years now. Increasingly, attackers are moving away from data encryption to stealing data and extorting a ransom not to publicly reveal it.

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What is Chat GPT-4, Everything you need to know

23 February, 2024 By: Safalta Expert

GPT-4 is evidence, in the end, of the quick development of artificial intelligence. Is not just a language model; instead, it is a spark for the next phase of smart computing as we work through all of its applications, technology, and ethical issues

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What is Branding, Understanding it's Importance in 2024

23 February, 2024 By: Safalta Expert

Branding is still an essential part of business strategy in 2024. It entails creating a distinctive brand, message, and image for a good, service, or business in order to set it apart from rivals and appeal to the intended market.

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