List of Bank Holiday in India 2022

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State government bank holidays fluctuate from state to state in India, however central government bank holidays are common throughout the country.The following is a list of all of India's main bank holidays in 2022. Please see the state holiday websites for a more full list of regionally specific bank holidays.

Bank holidays in India consist of two sorts of holidays one is national holidays and the other is government holidays. India has three national holidays i.e. Independence Day, Republic Day, and Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti. The national holidays are also known as the Gazetted holidays. Banks and other financial institutions are generally closed on the national holidays. The two types of government holidays i.e. Federal Government holidays and State Government holidays. The state government bank holidays vary from state to state in India. However, the central government bank holidays are common throughout the country. Following is the list of India’s main bank holidays in 2022. Please see the state holiday websites for a more full list of regionally specific bank holidays.


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Table of content
1.Bank Holidays 2022 in India
2.RTGS and NEFT Holidays 2022
3.Second and fourth Saturdays are Bank Holidays


Bank Holidays 2022 in India

The table given below consists of Bank Holidays 2022 in India .
Date Day Holiday
1 January 2022 Saturday New Year's Day
13 January 2022 Thursday Boghi
14 January 2022 Friday Makara Sankranti
15 January 2022 Saturday Surya Pongal
16 January 2022 Sunday Mattu Pongal
17 January 2022 Monday Kaanum Pongal
26 January 2022 Wednesday Republic Day
5 February 2022 Saturday Vasant Panchami
1 March 2022  Tuesday Maha Shivaratri
19 March 2022 Saturday Holi
10 April 2022  Sunday Ram Navami
13 April 2022 Wednesday Ugadi
14 April 2022 Thursday Dr Ambedkar Jayanti
15 April 2022 Friday Good Friday
1 May 2022  Sunday May Day
2 May 2022  Monday Maharshi Parasuram Jayanti
3 May 2022  Tuesday Idul Fitr
16 May 2022 Monday Buddha Purnima
14 June 2022 Tuesday Sant Guru Kabir Jayanti
2 June 2022 Thursday Telangana Formation Day
10 July 2022 Sunday Bakrid / Eid al Adha
9 August 2022 Tuesday Muharram
12 August 2022 Friday Raksha Bandhan
15 August 2022 Monday Independence Day
16 August 2022 Tuesday Parsi New Year
19 August 2022 Friday Janmashtami
31 August 2022 Wednesday Ganesh Chaturthi
25 September 2022 Sunday Mahalaya Amavasye
2 October 2022 Sunday Gandhi Jayanti
3 October 2022 Monday Maha Ashtami
4 October 2022 Tuesday Maha Navami
5 October 2022 Wednesday Vijaya Dashami
9 October 2022 Sunday Eid e Milad
24 October 2022 Monday Diwali
25 October 2022 Tuesday Diwali
26 October 2022 Wednesday Deepavali Holiday
27 October 2022 Thursday Bhai Dooj
08 November 2022 Tuesday Guru Nanak Jayanti
25 December 2022 Sunday Christmas Day

RTGS and NEFT Holidays 2022

The terms RTGS and NEFT stand for Real Time Gross Settlement and National Electronic Funds Transfer, respectively. People can transfer money from one bank to another via RTGS and NEFT. Both NEFT and RTGS are maintained by the Reserve Bank of India. From December 14, 2020, the RTGS and NEFT systems will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Note that RTGS and NEFT services are available on other sorts of bank holidays. When someone sends money on a bank holiday, the money is credited to the receiver's account, but the sender may not receive the receipt until the next bank working day.

Second and fourth Saturdays are Bank Holidays

The table given below consists of 2nd and 4rd Saturdays 
Date Saturday Holiday 
08.01.2022 2nd Saturday
22.01.2022 4th Saturday
12.02.2022 2nd Saturday
26.02.2022 4th Saturday
12.03.2022 2nd Saturday
26.03.2022 4th Saturday
09.04.2022 2nd Saturday
23.04.2022 4th Saturday
14.05.2022 2nd Saturday
28.05.2022 4th Saturday
11.06.2022 2nd Saturday
28.05.2022 4th Saturday
11.06.2022 2nd Saturday
25.06.2022 4th Saturday
09.07.2022 2nd Saturday
23.07.2022 4th Saturday
13.08.2022 2nd Saturday
27.08.2022 4th Saturday
10.09.2022 2nd Saturday
24.09.2022 4th Saturday
08.10.2022 2nd Saturday
22.10.2022 4th Saturday
12.11.2022 2nd Saturday
26.11.2022 4th Saturday
10.12.2022 2nd Saturday
24.12.2022 4th Saturday


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