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LIC ADO Salary 2021: Check payscale, in-hand salary, allowances, benefits

Safalta Expert Published by: Silky Joshi Updated Tue, 20 Jul 2021 09:42 AM IST


Know the LIC ADO Salary 2021 along with the perks and Allowances. Get an idea of the Basic Pay and Growth Prospects of the ADO in the LIC.
Source: Safalta

The candidates who join the leading Insurance company are subjected to receive a handsome LIC ADO Salary. The candidates get a salary as per the basic pay decoded by the banks. According to the official notification, the LIC ADO is provided with basic pay of Rs. 21,865 and are also allowed with major allowances like DA, HRA, TA, and Medical allowances. 

Along with the basic salary, the candidates of LIC ADO also get a lot of benefits in terms of career growth. The candidates can check the basic job profile, LIC ADO Salary 2021, Career growth, etc on this page.

LIC ADO Salary

The candidates opt for the LIC ADO as it is the leading insurance company and they are paid with basic pay of Rs. 21,865. The In-hand salary for the LIC ADO is Rs. 21,865 for those who join initially but as they work for a period of 17 years there in hand salary increases toRs. 55,075. Apart from this, the LIC ADO staff are also allowed with major allowances as listed below:-  

  • Dearness Allowances

  • House Rental Allowances

  • City Compensatory Allowance


LIC AAO salary

Pay in Rupees


Rs 21,865

Dearness Allowance

40% of the Basic Pay

House Rent Allowance

9% of the Basic Pay

CC Allowance

4% of the Basic Pay

Professional Allowance

As announced by LIC

Special Personal Allowance

As announced by LIC

Gross Salary

Rs 35,000- Rs 40,000

Net Deduction

As announced by LIC

Net Salary

Rs 32,000-Rs 37,000

LIC ADO Job Profile

The candidates can check out the LIC ADO Job Profile in the space below:

  • The candidates of the LIC ADO are sales administration.

  • Their work is to recruit suitable candidates for the LIC Agent.

  • Training the selected agent is also the responsibility of the LIC ADO.

  • They have to look after the performance of the agent

  • They motivate the agents to work harder and maximize the sale of  LIC Policies.

  • They set the target for the sales of Policies and maintain integrity as a whole

  • They have to work in both the rural as well as the urban areas.

LIC ADO Career Growth 

The LIC ADO gets promoted either on the basis of seniority or clearing the departmental exams held by the LIC. The candidates upon joining the corporation are subjected to receive promotion on the basis of departmental examinations:-

  • Apprentice Development Officer

  • Probationary Development officer

  • Development Officer

  • Assistant Branch Officer

  • Branch Officer

  • Senior Branch Officer

  • Assistant Divisional Officer

  • Divisional Officer

  • Senior Divisional Manager

  • Regional Manager


Ques 1: How much does a LIC ADO make per month?

Ans 1:  A LIC ADO makes at least Rs 35,000 to 37,000 per month

Ques 2:What is the basic salary of a LIC ADO?

Ans 2: The basic salary of a LIC ADO is Rs. 21,865. 

Ques 3:Which is the minimum pay scale for an ADO in LIC?

Ans 3: The minimum pay scale for an ADO in LIC is Rs 21,865.

Ques 4:Do you get a salary after the LIC ADO exam?

Ans 4: No salary is only received once the candidate joins the department as a LIC ADO.

Ques5:Is there any career growth for the LIC ADO?

Ans 5: Yes, the candidates can appear in the internal exam and seek promotions to the posts of Apprentice Development Officer, Probationary Development Officer, Development Officer, Assistant Branch Officer, Branch Officer, Senior Branch Officer, Assistant Divisional Officer, Divisional Officer, Senior Divisional Manager, Regional Manager.

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