Crack NEET 2022: Ace Biology in 5 simple ways

Updated Fri, 04 Sep 2020 02:10 PM IST

NEET is a wall between medical students and their dream college. Annually students put their heart and soul in preparing for this exam so that they can score well and get admission in their dream medical institute.

However, the competition is rising day by day and the only way to crack the NEET exam is by building a realistic work schedule through which students can concentrate on finishing the syllabus in the set target time. The key here is sheer hard work and productive usage of time.

Out of the 3 subjects on the basis of which, a candidate is tested in the NEET exam, Biology carries the maximum weightage. You get 90 questions out of the total 180 questions which are based on Biology. So, if you are able to prepare for this section well then the half battle is already won.

Here are 5 simple ways by which you can ace the biology section of NEET exam:


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Source: amar ujala

Understand the division:
Biology section is further subdivided into Botany and Zoology sections, each carrying equal weightage.  Majority of questions asked in the botany section are from class 11th topics whereas the opposite holds true for the zoology section where a major chunk of questions are from your 12th standard syllabus.

Although this division of questions is variable yet it is advisable that you lay more emphasis on topics which carry more weightage in exams. 

2. Previous year question papers: Worried, which topics are important from exam’s view point? No need to worry! 

Go through some of the previous year question papers to find out the weightage each topic carries. For instance, topics like Human Physiology Biological Classification, Molecular Basis of Inheritance, Bio molecules, Biological Classification, Animal Kingdom, etc are more important. So, make sure that you prepare these really well.

Also, make it a practice to solve mock tests and previous year question papers on a regular basis so that you can identify your weaker topics and work on them. Additionally, this will also help you to revise the things learnt and hence, boost your confidence.

3. Relevant study material: The books that you choose for your preparation are of utmost importance. So, be very careful while choosing them. You should preferably start studying topics from NCERT books because these books will provide you with clarity on various topics and they are written in very easy to understand language.
Then move to some additional readings for example, you can take up books like:
  • Elementary Biology Volume 1 & 2 by Trueman
  • Question Bank for Biology by Dr. Ali, 
  • Objective Biology by Dinesh 
  • NEET 2020 Biology Guide- 5th Edition by Disha Publications along with many others.

4. NEET Coaching: You should join some NEET coaching institute either online or offline because this way you will end up saving huge amounts of time which otherwise would have been wasted trying to find the best books and best strategies to prepare for biology section.

You will have a well educated guide to impart you with his knowledge which he has gathered over years by teaching students like you appearing for NEET exam.

In case you face any difficulties in any topic you can reach out to your guide to get it solved. Also, your problem of finding the relevant study material and mock tests would also be taken care of by the coaching institute.

5. Revision: No matter how hard you practice or join the best coaching institute, all your learning fails if you do not revise what you have studied.

Human brain is such that we tend to forget things if not gone through time and again. So, make it a habit to revise your day’s learning before going to bed. You can make use of mind maps for the same.
Also, a few days before the exam, stop reading or learning new topics rather revise the ones you have already learned. For this last minute revision, you can use the short notes which you can make while preparing for the NEET exam.

Implementing these simple 5 steps in your preparation plan can do wonders.

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