8 Branded content that result in awesome marketing strategy

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Dove is a company that has a reputation for producing excellent branded content. Over the years, Dove has maintained a very strong and distinct brand voice that centres on challenging conventional notions of beauty. They continuously use that brand voice in both their advertising and all of their branded content.

Table of Content

1 Dove
2 Cisco
3 Tinder
4 Subaru
5 Red Bull
6 Apple TV+
7 Birkenstock
8  Zelle and Vox Media

Brands and marketers utilize a wide range of digital marketing material kinds to engage with their target audiences. But nothing is as effective as branded content for creating long-lasting bonds with your audience. Branded content, as opposed to advertising, feels more authentic, and customers respond to it considerably better. People can relate to this kind of information more easily than they can with an advertisement because it doesn't appear as promotional. .

However, you must remember that branded content ought to reflect your brand's values and have a clear, distinct brand voice. In order to establish a relationship with your audience, it should also be able to tell your brand story in an interesting way.

Not everyone can create branded content well, and it's not as simple as it sounds.

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As a result, we've put together a list of some of the best instances of branded content from companies that have done it well.

Eight examples of branded content from companies that know how to do it well are provided below. For inspiration, continue reading.

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1 Dove

Dove is a company that has a reputation for producing excellent branded content. Over the years, Dove has maintained a very strong and distinct brand voice that centres on challenging conventional notions of beauty. They continuously use that brand voice in both their advertising and all of their branded content.

The brand voice of their most recent #showus campaign was also present. The brand invited women who feel different but are proud of it to share their tales as part of this campaign. They received thousands of images and videos of women sharing the things that set them apart and make them special.

The business afterwards produced YouTube videos that collected a number of these accounts of women from various backgrounds. The business posted images of these women along with their biographies on Instagram. This particular video had an extremely high rate of engagement.

Many women can identify with this subject since we all want to be loved and accepted for who we are. Because of this and the utilisation of user-generated content, it has a unique aura of authenticity and relatability. It is one of the best branded content examples of 2019 thus far because of this.

2 Cisco

The biggest issue for technology conglomerates like Cisco is to humanise their brands. It's difficult for a large technological corporation to build a reputation as someone who values people.

In response, Cisco employed sponsored content to strengthen its brand reputation and position itself as a brand that cares. They requested realistic anecdotes from a few of their international employees on what it was like to work for the company.

Employees of the organisation took it upon themselves to write incredibly relatable social media updates outlining how the company looks after its staff. They shared accounts of their regular work settings and the resources or advantages Cisco offers its staff members in order to improve their quality of life.

People were able to see that this technology behemoth is a brand that cares because of the employees' efforts.

3 Tinder

One of the best examples of branded content done correctly is Tinder's #menimprovement campaign since it effectively reached the target audience. The campaign combined the use of two key components of effective marketing.

First, they kept their messaging focused on just women—their target audience—by knowing and understanding them. Second, they employed memes, a well-liked social media trend, to humorously convey the message.

As a part of the campaign, Tinder worked with producers to produce a number of Instagram posts and funny films. The main goal was to demonstrate how developments in technology may help men advance better.

Every woman can relate to the message in some way because it was written with that in mind. Additionally, the use of humour made sure that no one took it seriously or took offence. Even though this campaign was directed at women, Tinder also has services for guys.

4 Subaru

The #meetanowner campaign from Subaru is a fantastic example of branded content that aims to boost brand perception. Subaru is a premium automaker best recognised for its SUVs and all-terrain vehicles.

The company searched their clientele to identify influential individuals. Subaru then worked with a few of those individuals to produce social media postings featuring them and their Subarus.

Their influencer marketing focused on the idea that the cars are designed for adventure lovers and are targeted at thrill-seekers and adventure aficionados. The impact of this marketing tactic was magnified by the fact that these were actual Subaru consumers.

5 Red Bull

Red Bull has one of the strongest video marketing methods, which has aided in the upkeep of a distinct and powerful brand identity. Red Bull has traditionally associated its products with sports and adventure because it is an energy drink company.

Through the production of a fascinating series of videos featuring individuals engaging in stunts or adventure sports, they have established and maintained the brand association. These videos, which are in no way promotional and merely have the appearance of an adventure video, are all over their YouTube channel.

Red Bull, a company that sells consumer goods, has 8.7 million followers on their popular YouTube channel, which features adventure movies. This marketing tactic is more subtle and successful than those that would be immediately apparent.

6 Apple TV+

Apple is renowned for using print and television adverts to promote its goods. With the launch of its new service, Apple TV+, in 2019, it made a different decision.

Apple produced The Morning Show, a chat show about the ups and downs of the hosts, rather than running advertisements to generate interest. The Morning Show, which stars Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, Billy Crudup, and Steve Carell, explores the difficulties of the modern workplace and what happens backstage of your favourite morning TV programmes while skillfully integrating Apple products to demonstrate how they fit into our daily lives.


7 Birkenstock

Although Birkenstocks aren't the nicest sandals in the world, you can start to think that you won't ever wear another sandal or shoes after breaking in a new pair. But why do Birkenstock shoes have that particular appearance?

In collaboration with The New York Times, Birkenstock produced a three-part documentary that provides some much-needed insight into the human foot, the reasons for the design of Birkenstocks, and how those factors may be advantageous for both the planet and the people who wear them.

The brand and the NYT collaborated on Ugly for a Reason, which they described as a "journalistic examination into the foot" and foot health. The campaign was supported by interactive graphics, advice from recognised scientists and subject-matter experts, and real-life accounts of people who had worn and adored Birkenstocks.

The first episode debuted on July 1, 2022, followed by episodes two and three on August 18 and September 21, 2022, respectively.

8  Zelle and Vox Media

Scams and cases of financial fraud are on the rise as our world gets more digitally connected. They have also advanced in sophistication. Even if we believe we've become experts at recognising scammers, we occasionally fall for such complex tricks.

According to data from the US Federal Trade Commission, about 3 million people reported the fraud to the agency, and consumers would lose close to $6 billion to fraud in 2021 alone. This is an increase of 70% over the statistics for 2020.

How can customers today prevent becoming victims? What steps do businesses take to safeguard their customers? A digital payments network called Zelle has created an educational series titled "The Science Behind Scams" in collaboration with Vox Media. It explores scammers' typical methods of operation and explains why some con games are particularly successful.

It employs eye-catching graphics, concise and simple-to-understand information, short-form movies that explain the psychology behind frauds including romance scams and merchandise scams, useful advice, podcasts, and even a quiz that determines your scam-spotting prowess.

Because of the campaign's importance and timing, Zelle was able to qualify as one of the finalists for the 2022 Content Marketing Awards (Best B2C Branded Content Campaign).

Which company has a solid plan for its brand content?

One of the businesses with the best examples of content marketing is HubSpot, and lead magnets play a significant role in their approach.

What types of content marketing strategies are examples?

Examples of content marketing media include podcasts, videos, social media posts, and newsletters. All of these content types are intended to give users interesting and pertinent information that excites them and draws them to your company.

How does marketing use branded content?

The process of marketing using content that has been funded or wholly generated by an advertiser is known as "branded content." By connecting (the brand) with content that embodies its values, it is intended to increase awareness.

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