Google Rank Live Checker Tools (free)

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The Google Website Rank Finder is a useful tool for determining a website's ranking for a specific key by checking the queries or words you enter in the search engine results.

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Top Tools for Google Keyword Ranking
1. Sitechecker
2. Semrush
3. SE Ranking
4. Serpstat
5. Seobility
6. SERPWatcher
7. Nightwatch
8. AccuRanker
9. Ahrefs
10. Advanced Web Ranking

You may verify your keyword placements in Google SERP using the Google Rank Checker tools. Here is a list and comparison of the top 10 free internet tools for checking keyword rankings.

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With 100% accuracy, check and monitor your keyword rankings online:

Nobody can contest the importance of SEO as one of the most important facets of digital marketing. There is no getting past the fact that it is both a science and an art that can take a long time to master. You must understand how to increase website traffic and rank highly on Google for a few keyphrases if you want to start a blog or want to benefit from your online venture.

Therefore, you need a competent keyword rank-checking tool to do the task, regardless of whether you want to audit your website, conduct keyword research, or simply do some competitive research.

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Top Tools for Google Keyword Ranking

1. Sitechecker

Best for analysts, marketers, and SMBs with a small clientele. for anyone who wishes to easily examine SEO results and rival websites.

The well-known software Sitechecker is used for tracking site optimization metrics in search engines, precise keyword position analysis, backlink analysis, and in-depth project audit.

Because of the project's user-friendly design, even the average user can effectively use sophisticated technologies. For entrepreneurs, marketers, and experts in optimization, this is the ideal option.

2. Semrush

Best for guest blogging, researching rival strategies, and small and medium companies. Excellent for technical SEO assessments as well.

Since its debut, Semrush has been at the forefront of rank-checking software development. Users are able to assess the competition's content as well as their opponent's. By utilising reliable measurements, it provides its users with the best-performing pages, content, and keywords.

Many website owners and owners of e-commerce companies have found Semrush to be a lifesaver for understanding the SEO tactics of their rivals. The best tool available is this one for small and medium-sized businesses.

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3. SE Ranking

Best for company owners, SEOs, and digital agencies seeking a complete SEO solution on a single platform, quick report building, tracking SEO progress, and other critical duties.

For its thorough website audits, reliable keyword rank tracking, and in-depth backlink analysis, SE Ranking is a well-known SEO software. Even with the intricate competitor and keyword analysis of paid and organic searches, it features an easy-to-use user interface.

For even greater collaboration, SE Ranking offers a multi-user dashboard, an intuitive report builder, a page change monitoring tool, and easy management!

For its exceptional SEO and digital marketing solutions, SE Ranking has earned the trust of more than 600k users and 25k enterprises. It is the best tool available to rapidly improve team outcomes and address numerous SEO difficulties.

4. Serpstat

Best for tracking global search results and gathering international statistics.

Serpstat is a one-stop shop for all things related to digital marketing. It enables customers to do a lot of things, including run adverts, builds content marketing campaigns, and enhance their SEO. Serpstat is capable of performing various types of keyword research, PPC analysis, and competitor analysis.

Additionally, it has an intuitive dashboard that is simple to use. Additionally, it aids website owners in monitoring the backlinks of rivals.

5. Seobility

When it comes to website crawling, site auditing, link building, and backlink checking, large websites and agencies are the best candidates.

With the help of the SEO/Rank checking tool Seobility, users may execute SEO optimization to raise their search engine rankings and track the effectiveness of their websites.

With features like daily updates and link-building tools, Seobility enables business owners to raise their position in search engine results pages. Additionally, it may crawl through all of a website's related pages to uncover problems that might otherwise go unnoticed, such as duplicate and broken content.

6. SERPWatcher

Best for alerts and interactive reporting.

With the help of the rank-tracking application SERPWatcher, an essential SEO component is made remarkably simple. The software immediately displays a performance index for your website based on the locations and search volume of your current keywords. This will enable you to assess the ability of your website to attract organic website visitors.

You may check your site's ranks every day if SERPWatcher is at your side. If there are any rank changes, you are immediately informed through email. SERPWatcher operates in more than 50 places all over the world. As a result, the platform gives you the option to check website rankings from anywhere or using any device.


7. Nightwatch

Best for tracking website rankings with custom segmentation both locally and globally.

Due to its capability to precisely track website ranking data across more than 100,000 locations worldwide, Nightwatch is included in our list. The tool is therefore perfect for individuals who want to check the ranks of their website both locally and globally. The best app for bespoke segment creation is Nightwatch.

This provides you with a clearer picture of how various keyword variations are performing on a page. You can examine any Google data centre worldwide with this rank-tracking tool. You can rely on Nightwatch to provide you with reliable information regarding the position of your website on search engine results pages.

8. AccuRanker

Best for large enterprises with more cash for keyword research.

With AccuRanker, you can monitor ranks for up to 100,000 keywords, making it a fantastic tool. Users may anticipate getting thorough and analytical data for each keyword thanks to the integration of technologies like Google Search Console and Google Analytics.
   The cherry on top is AccuRanker's ability to let you compare keyword ranks to your top 10 rivals. Your rankings are updated daily, so the information you receive is always current. Additionally, AccuRanker does not place a cap on the quantity of domains users can track.

9. Ahrefs

Best for all organisations and facilitates the development of a clear backlink analysis report and content strategy.

Ahrefs has swiftly established itself as a particular favourite of many SEO experts and business owners, and with good reason. It has one of the greatest interfaces for rank verification tools and is the second-fastest web crawler behind Google.

Competitive analysis, URL ranking, keyword research, backlink audits, etc. are some of its main duties. Like many of its rivals, Ahrefs provides its consumers with organic search reports. For the purpose of improving your search engine rankings, this tool can crawl the internet through a tonne of data.

10. Advanced Web Ranking

Work for rank tracking across various devices, best for digital agencies and internal SEO.

A robust rank-checking tool with many helpful features is called Advanced Rank Checking. It provides precise rankings across 22 search engines and about 130 countries. The technology is renowned for enabling the tracking of zip code-specific rankings that are location-specific.

Users can contrast their ranking performance with that of their rivals using the tool. The SERP Features can also be recorded. The daily rankings updates made by the tool guarantee that the information is always current.

How can I free-rank my blog in Google?

Give your page and post titles keywords.

To raise your posts' and pages' search rankings: Include keywords that describe the topic of the article or page. Your titles should ideally not exceed 60 characters. Titles that are short and to the point are easier to read and are not cut off.

Is Rank Tracker cost-free?

One of our free tools, rank tracker, enables you to keep track of the position of your keywords on the SERP, or search engine results page. Entering the URL of your website (or that of a competitor) and clicking analyses are all that is required.

How can I tell where my blog ranks?

You only need to type in the domain name you wish to search up, and Semrush will gather a wealth of data. After that, select the organic research tab to obtain a complete list of all the search terms for which your website is now ranking. The results can be sorted by position, URL, traffic, and other factors.

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