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Navin Verma
Navin Verma

Meet Navin Verma, an exceptional young entrepreneur who kickstarted his career early. Beginning in 2020 as a Digital marketing manager. Navin's passion for creativity and teaching led him to help a reputed company. These platforms have amassed an impressive traffic base of over 6 million, and Navin has had the privilege of impacting the lives of more than 10,000 individuals through his teachings. Navin has collaborated with influential YouTubers and contributed his outstanding e-commerce skills, Flipkart, to fuel their business growth and share many digital strategies. With his innate ability to grasp concepts swiftly, he achieved remarkable success, driving the growth of nearly 90% of the businesses he partnered with. Recognising the ever-evolving needs of his clients, Navin ventured into automating processes and reducing their workload, unlocking their untapped potential for earnings. By placing a strong emphasis on enhancing customer lifetime value, Navin ensured that businesses experienced substantial growth. Today, Navin Verma generates 5cr+ through Marketplaces and also helps to the students

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Safalta digital marketing course has been been a game changer for me . The expert providing practical knowledge that has transformed my skills in digital marketing.

Gaurav Joshi,Student Safalta

I thank to safalta for giving me the knowledge of digital marketing and a chance to start my career in digital marketing field

Mridul Bhardwaj,Student Safalta

I'm thankful to safalta because after getting enrolled in Masters digital marketing course from safalta education pvt. Ltd. Not only My skillsets are now improved but also I'm more productive and creative.

Rupal Singh,Student Safalta

The course of safalta is a very good option in the digital marketing field because the Institute provides online classes as well as offline training

Atul sharma,Student Safalta

Your support has truly made a difference in my career growth, thank you safalta education . I feel confident with the new skills i appreciate the effort you put into making me engage in everything.

Seema,Student Safalta

Enrolling in Safalta Digital Marketing Course was one of the best decision, I have made. The instructors are knowledgeable and provide invaluable insights about Digital Marketing.

Tushar Joshi,Student Safalta

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Workshop Ticket Price - ₹299/-₹199/-

Total Value of Rewards - ₹10,000/-

Date and Time - 04 June 2024 (02:00 - 05:00PM)

Who should join thisWorkshop ?

Education Thumb
Freelancing Thumb
Business Man
Business Owners
Professional Banner
Job Professionals
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Digital Entrepreneur
Marketing Affiliate Banner
Affiliate Marketers

And anyone who wants to explore the world of DIGITAL MARKETING FIELD, identify its potential, and use it in their business ideas to create an impactful transformation

>Frequently Asked Questions?

When and Where is the workshop, and how long would it be?

The workshop will be for 2 hours and will be held on the Zoom App.

Please check the top section of this page to get your preferred date for the workshop.

What materials or equipment should I bring to the workshop?

It’s advisable to bring a laptop or tablet for hands-on exercises and note-taking. Additionally, having access to a stable internet connection may be necessary for practical demonstrations or accessing relevant online resources during the workshop

Is the workshop suitable for beginners or advanced marketers?

This Workshop is designed for various skill levels, from beginners to more experienced working professionals.

Can I ask questions during the workshop?
These workshops usually encourage participant engagement and offer opportunities to ask questions. There may be designated Q&A sessions, open discussions, or the ability to ask questions throughout the workshop. Clarify with the organisers regarding the format and opportunities for interaction.
Will there be any follow-up support or resources after the workshop?

Our workshop offers post-workshop support or resources, such as access to a community forum, additional learning materials, or email support for a limited period. It’s helpful to inquire about any follow-up support available to continue learning and address any questions arising after the workshop.