A train starting from rest attains a velocity of 72 km/h in 5 minutes. Assuming the acceleration is uniform, find        (i)  the acceleration.        (ii)  the distance travelled by the train for attaining this velocity.

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Muskan Anand

7 months ago

v=72 km/h (final velocity)   =72×185​=20 m/s u=0 (initial velocity)  t=5 min (time)    =5×60=300sec Step 2 - Find acceleration   v=u+at 20=0+a(300)   a=151​m/s2 (acceleration) Step 3 - Distance travelled by train By second equation of motion S=ut+21​at2 S=0+21​(151​)(300)2 S=3000 m (distance)

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