The colonies of recombinant bacteria appear while in contrast to blue colonies of non-recombinant bacteria because of: A. Inactivation of glycosidase enzyme in recombinant bacteria B. Non-recombinant bacteria containing betagalactosidase C. Insertional inactivation of alpha-galactosidase in non- recombinant bacteria D. Insertional inactivation of beta-galactosidase in recombinant bacteria

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Muskan Anand

1 year ago

Option C.Blue-white screening is done to detect recombinant bacteria in cloning experiments.  • α-complementation plays a role in determining whether the bacteria is recombinant or not.  • In case of normal cells, β-galactosidase is active, thus forming blue colonies.  • In case of recombinant cells, α-complementation does not occur, thus producing no blue colour.  Hence, due to the insertional inactivation of alphagalactosidase in recombinant bacteria, the colonies of recombinant bacteria appear white in comparison to the blue colonies of non-recombinant bacteria.

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