How to crack the SSC MTS exam on the first attempt?

Safalta Academics Published by: Saloni Bhatia Updated Fri, 30 Apr 2021 10:46 PM IST

Today, we'll look at how to pass the SSC MTS Exam on the first try. Exam Preparation Tips & Tricks for the SSC MTS Exam, including a comprehensive Exam Pattern & Syllabus Analysis.

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No one wants to retake the same test, and given the MTS exam's difficulty, you can attempt to pass it in one sitting. This year, there are only 7099 openings, and competition is fierce.
What is required of aspirants now is that the research from the correct sources, take the appropriate mock tests, evaluate them properly, and learn from their mistakes?
Clearing this exam should be your only goal, and you should devote all of your energies and focused efforts to pass it with good grades. In this post, we'll go through some of the stuff you should keep in mind as you prepare for the MTS Exam.

Exam Tips & Tricks for SSC Multitasking Workers
  • Recognize the pattern
It is important to understand the exam pattern before preparing for any exam. Your strategy should be determined by the section's form, level, and tie.
This exam is available in offline mode, which means you can go over all of the questions at once, scribble on them, and save time. The written exam will consist of two types of papers: (Paper-I) objective type and (Paper-II) descriptive type.
There will be 120 minutes to answer 150 questions, which is sufficient given the difficulty level of the questions. Each question is worth the same number of points, and each incorrect answer will be penalized by 0.25 points. The following is the comprehensive pattern:
  • Completion of the Syllabus
You can go over the entire SSC MTS Exam Syllabus thoroughly. Practice from books and become familiar with the various types of questions that will be posted on the test. Do not be swayed by difficult questions. Keep in mind the exam's level of difficulty.
  • Continual Research
To pass this test, you must study every day. The occasional analysis will not allow you to get close to the cutoff. The number of seats is restricted, and the competition is fierce. There should be no need to make excuses when devoting 2-3 hours daily will get you a job.
  • Make a strategy
Create your study schedule. We have included a week-by-week study schedule that covers the entire syllabus as well as revision. You may also modify this plan to get started training. It is important to be consistent and adhere to your schedule.
  • Sample Papers may be used to practice
Writing mock tests after completing your syllabus is a must for serious aspirants. It's important to understand where you stand about other candidates. It's also crucial to understand which areas you need to work on.
Grade up is always changing, and we now offer 20 mock tests in both English and Hindi for a very low price. There is a free test that will tell you how difficult the tests are. Make it a routine to take one mock test every day and thoroughly analyze it.

Please see the section-by-section approach below.
  • general understanding
This segment should not be studied using several subjects. Do not install any new software. Take a look at your notes. We publish GK Updates regularly. Examine the GK Updates from the previous four months,7. Do not memorize the figures or numbers.
You should be aware of the names of notable individuals, promotions, honors, and significant events that occurred during these four months. For a month, this entire current affairs exercise should take you no more than 1-2 hours. As a result, you can dedicate no more than 6 hours per week to this.
  • English
It is important to understand grammar and law. Many fill-in-the-blanks and error-spotting questions are posed. You could comfortably make it through the cut-off if you had a strong command of grammar and vocabulary.
One Word Substitution, Phrase Replacement/ Sentence Correction, and Reading Comprehension are the next relevant topics in English, with nearly 18 questions.
Make it a routine to solve our free practice tests on these two topics from the connection given above for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night. If you observe this in its entirety for the last seven days, you will undoubtedly receive good grades.
  • Mathematical Ability
This is a very high-scoring segment, and the questions are all very general. You must be meticulous in your calculations. Simplification and interest are the two most critical subjects. Questions revolving around the BODMAS methodology are part of the simplification process.
Study the principles and fundamentals of divisibility, HCF, LCM, and other topics by practicing these queries. Practice the questions that require you to apply several concepts. Many of the relevant formulas should be memorized. In the MTS test, questions requiring direct application of formulas are asked.
Trigonometry and Heights and Distances, Mensuration, Geometry, and DI are the next essential and simple topics. Practice is the key to success in mathematics. Start doing instead of just reading.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on How to crack the SSC MTS exam on the first attempt?

Is it easy to pass the SSC MTS?

If you are well-prepared for the topics/chapters from and segment of the exam, achieving and scoring good marks in SSC MTS in two months is not a difficult job. Reading English newspapers on a regular basis will help you get good grades in English Language and General Awareness.

How can I get my SSC MTS cleared?

Tips for SSC MTS Numerical Aptitude
  • Candidates are recommended to save time in the Reasoning, English, and General Awareness sections since the problems in these sections take longer to solve.
  • Numerical Aptitude will be scored on a scale of 25 points/questions.
  • Don't spend too much time on a single topic. Solve each issue on its own merits.

What is the SSC MTS starting salary?

Salary of SSC MTS in 2020-21 – Following the application of the 7th Pay Commission, the salary of SSC MTS has been changed. The in-hand SSC MTS salary is currently between $18,000 and $22,000 per month.

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