Daily Current Affairs Live: Apollo 7’s last surviving astronaut, Walter Cunningham passes away

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Daily Current Affairs Live: Apollo 7’s last surviving astronaut, Walter Cunningham passes away
Daily Current Affairs Live - Photo : safalta

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05:12 PM, 05-Jan-2023

Apollo 7’s last surviving astronaut, Walter Cunningham passes away

Apollo 7’s last surviving astronaut, Walter Cunningham passes away - Photo : safalta

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Walter Cunningham, the last surviving astronaut of the Apollo 7 mission. Cunningham, who was 90 years old, passed away on Tuesday, January 3.

Cunningham was a member of the three-man crew that flew on the Apollo 7 mission in 1968, which was the first manned mission of the Apollo program. The mission was a crucial step in the United States' efforts to land a man on the moon, and Cunningham played a vital role in ensuring its success.

Cunningham was a Navy pilot and physicist before joining NASA in 1966 as an astronaut. He flew on the Apollo 7 mission with Commander Walter Schirra and Lunar Module Pilot Donn Eisele, and the three men spent 11 days orbiting the Earth.

01:15 PM, 05-Jan-2023

Odisha wins World Habitat Award 2023 for its JAGA Mission

The state of Odisha in India has been awarded the World Habitat Award 2023 for its JAGA (Jal, Jamin, Grih, Adhikar) Mission, a comprehensive urban development initiative aimed at improving the living conditions of urban residents.

The JAGA Mission aims to provide access to clean water, sanitation, and housing for all urban residents in Odisha. It also focuses on improving the quality of life in urban areas through initiatives such as the development of green spaces and the promotion of sustainable urban transportation.

The World Habitat Award, which is presented annually by the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), recognizes innovative and successful initiatives that improve the living conditions of urban residents around the world.

06:51 PM, 04-Jan-2023

PM Modi to Launch World’s Longest River Cruise “Ganga Vilas

On January 13, 2023, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch the world's longest river cruise, Ganga Vilas, which will travel from Varanasi to Kolkata along the Ganges River. The cruise, operated by the Ministry of Shipping and Inland Waterways, will cover a distance of 1,600 km and will take 15 days to complete.

Ganga Vilas will have a capacity of 250 passengers and will offer luxury accommodation, dining, and entertainment facilities. The cruise will stop at various cultural and historical locations along the way, including Patna, Bhagalpur, and Murshidabad, giving passengers an opportunity to learn about the rich heritage of these places.

The launch of Ganga Vilas is part of the government's efforts to promote river tourism in the country and boost the economic development of the region. It is expected to generate employment opportunities and provide a boost to local businesses along the route.

Speaking about the launch of Ganga Vilas, Prime Minister Modi said, "The Ganges River has a special place in the hearts of the people of India and the launch of Ganga Vilas will provide an opportunity for travelers to experience the beauty and spiritual significance of the river."

The launch of Ganga Vilas will be a significant milestone in the development of river tourism in India and is expected to attract a large number of domestic and international tourists.
11:59 AM, 04-Jan-2023

China Becomes Only 2nd Nation To Run Hydrogen Trains

China hydrogen train - Photo : amar ujala

China has become only the second nation to run hydrogen trains, as it begins testing a new fuel cell-powered train in the province of Qinghai. The trains are being developed by CRRC Tangshan, a state-owned rail manufacturer, in partnership with Tangshan Railway Vehicle Co. Ltd.

The trains are powered by a combination of fuel cells and batteries, which generate electricity through a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. This process produces only water as a byproduct, making it a clean and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

07:17 PM, 03-Jan-2023

SMART’ program for Ayurveda professionals

The SMART program is a comprehensive training program designed specifically for Ayurveda professionals. This program aims to provide Ayurveda practitioners with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively diagnose and treat patients using traditional Ayurvedic techniques.

The SMART program is structured around five key pillars:

  1. Science: The program covers the fundamental principles of Ayurveda, including the concepts of doshas, gunas, and agni, as well as the principles of diagnosis and treatment using Ayurvedic techniques.

  2. Methodology: The program teaches practitioners how to effectively diagnose and treat patients using a range of Ayurvedic techniques, including pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, and the use of herbs and other natural remedies.

  3. Attitude: The program focuses on the importance of maintaining a positive and compassionate attitude towards patients, as well as the importance of maintaining a strong work ethic and commitment to ongoing learning and professional development.

  4. Responsibility: The program emphasizes the importance of ethical behavior and professionalism in the practice of Ayurveda, including the importance of maintaining confidentiality and respecting patient autonomy.

  5. Teamwork: The program encourages practitioners to work collaboratively with other health professionals and to seek out opportunities for professional collaboration and networking.

Overall, the SMART program is designed to help Ayurveda practitioners build the skills and knowledge necessary to provide high-quality care to their patients, while also promoting a culture of professionalism and ethical behavior within the Ayurvedic community.

04:15 PM, 03-Jan-2023

Coffee Export From India Rose Almost 2%

Coffee Export From India Rose Almost 2% - Photo : safalta

In the last fiscal year, India's coffee exports rose by almost 2% to 4 lakh tonne, according to data from the Coffee Board of India. This is a significant increase from the previous year, which saw coffee exports at 3.9 lakh tonne.

The main destination for Indian coffee exports was Vietnam, which accounted for around 30% of the total exports. Other major markets included the United States, Germany, and Italy.

The increase in exports can be attributed to a number of factors, including the growing demand for high-quality coffee in international markets and the increasing popularity of specialty coffee. In addition, the favourable exchange rate and the efforts of the Coffee Board to promote Indian coffee internationally also contributed to the rise in exports.

Overall, the increase in coffee exports is a positive development for India's coffee industry, which has been facing challenges such as rising production costs and increasing competition from other countries. The rise in exports will provide a much-needed boost to the industry and help it to continue to thrive in the global market.

02:07 PM, 03-Jan-2023

Croatia Switches To Euro

Croatia Switches To Euro - Photo : social media

As of January 1, 2023, Croatia has officially switched to the Euro as its official currency. The decision to adopt the Euro was made in 2003 when Croatia joined the European Union. However, it took nearly two decades for the country to meet the necessary economic and fiscal criteria to make the switch.

The adoption of the Euro is expected to bring several benefits to Croatia. It is expected to increase trade with other European countries, as well as attract more foreign investment. The Euro is also a more stable currency than the Croatian Kuna, which should help to reduce inflation and promote economic growth.

However, there are also some concerns about the switch to the Euro. Some fear that it will lead to higher prices and a loss of competitiveness in the global market. Others worry that it could lead to a loss of national identity and sovereignty.

Despite these concerns, the majority of Croatians are in favor of the switch to the Euro. It is seen as a symbol of the country's progress and integration into the European Union. The government is confident that the benefits of the Euro will outweigh any potential drawbacks in the long run.

02:02 PM, 03-Jan-2023

India and Austria to sign migration and mobility agreement

India is set to sign a Comprehensive Migration and Mobility Partnership Agreement (MMPA) with Austria during External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar’s visit to Vienna. The MMPA will allow for the exchange of students, researchers, and professionals between the two countries, as well as facilitate mutual recognition of qualifications and support for mobility projects. It is expected to enhance collaboration and cooperation in the fields of education, research, and innovation, and foster greater cultural exchange between India and Austria.

The signing of the MMPA is a significant step towards strengthening the relationship between India and Austria, and will provide a framework for deeper cooperation in areas such as education, research, and innovation. It is also expected to create new opportunities for students and professionals to pursue their studies and careers in each other's countries.

In addition to the MMPA, India and Austria are also expected to discuss other areas of cooperation, including trade and investment, defence, and energy. The two countries have a strong economic partnership, with Austria being one of India's top trading partners in Europe.

Overall, the signing of the MMPA is a positive development for both India and Austria, and is expected to pave the way for further cooperation in the future.

01:00 PM, 03-Jan-2023

Daily Current Affairs Live: Apollo 7’s last surviving astronaut, Walter Cunningham passes away

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