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Daily Marketing Updates
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04:14 PM, 10-Nov-2023

AI becomes a new tool for internet con artists: Survey

Scammers are using artificial intelligence to target millions of Indians, who spend up to 105 minutes a week reviewing, verifying, or determining whether a message received via text, email, or social media is real or fake. Artificial intelligence regulation may still be some time off.
04:13 PM, 10-Nov-2023

Users of WhatsApp on iOS and Android can now select to hide the location from where they are making calls.

Users will be able to conceal their location during talks using a new feature that WhatsApp is rolling out. By rerouting call traffic through WhatsApp's servers, users will be able to conceal their location from other call participants thanks to a feature called "Protect IP Address in Calls." Both iOS and Android smartphones can use this capability.
04:03 PM, 10-Nov-2023

Gen AI sparkles bring festive campaigns to alive.

There were two commonalities among this year's most well-known advertising efforts. Both of them made use of Shah Rukh Khan's celebrity and the scalability of generative artificial intelligence. After waxing lyrical about the birthday of the largest celebrity in India last week, exchange4media now focuses on AI and how it is affecting the effectiveness of festive ad spending.
04:01 PM, 10-Nov-2023

Create free highlight/movie videos in Google Photos with artificial intelligence.

With its abundance of capabilities, Google Photos is best recognized for being a cloud-based photo and video manager. It distinguishes out from the rest as a potent photo-editing and enhancement tool.

You can create interesting highlight videos using the images and videos you've submitted with Google Photos, among other AI-powered features. Your preferred social media accounts, friends, and family will love seeing your highlight videos and hearing about your treasured moments
03:56 PM, 10-Nov-2023

In 2024, Google AdSense will switch from a pay-per-click to a pay-per-impression model.

Two significant updates to Google's digital advertising platform, AdSense, are scheduled to launch in the first part of 2019.

Vice President of Global Ads Dan Taylor stated in a recent blog that these adjustments will give publishers a standard method to compare the varied prices across the many technologies they employ to monetize and will increase transparency in the media-buying process.
03:54 PM, 10-Nov-2023

Digital Advertisement Policy approved by MIB

Approved by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, the Digital Advertisement Policy, 2023 gives the Central Bureau of Communication, the Government of India's advertising arm, the authority and capability to run campaigns in the digital media space.

In a press release, the ministry stated, "This policy represents a turning point in CBC's mission to share knowledge and raise awareness about various schemes, programs, and policies of the Government of India in response to the changing media landscape and the growing digitalization of media consumption."
05:02 PM, 08-Nov-2023

Google Expands Ad Partners Who Can Access Its Generative AI Ad Tools

As we near the holiday season, Google has revealed that all Performance Max users in the United States will have access to these new tools in beta. This comes after the company revealed its next slate of generative AI features for advertisements back in May.

The generative AI tools from Google were first revealed at its Marketing Live event. These features include unique ad generation based on search queries, background removal, ad text creation based on your website, and background generation for graphics.

Google is now opening up a few of these for wider use. The most notable addition is a new feature that allows users to produce text and picture assets for campaigns "in just a few clicks." 
05:00 PM, 08-Nov-2023

A competitor to ChatGPT in AI, Grok is unveiled by Elon Musk's xAI.

Elon Musk's xAI has made a bold move into the artificial intelligence space with the release of "Grok," their most recent invention. A preview of Grok, an AI chatbot that makes use of xAI's revolutionary "Grok" paradigm, was just shown by Elon Musk. Similar to other well-known language models, such as OpenAI's GPT and Google's PaLM, Grok enjoys the special advantage of instantaneous data availability via Musk's social media network, X (formerly known as Twitter).
04:56 PM, 08-Nov-2023

YouTube is testing new features related to generative AI, such as an in-stream chatbot.

In addition to its own conversational AI feature, which will let you ask questions about the videos you watch, YouTube is also expanding its use of generative AI with a new test of topic summaries for comments, offering a different way to interact with users on various topics.
04:54 PM, 08-Nov-2023

Instagram's latest feature: You can now disable read receipts, just like you do with WhatsApp.

A new feature on Instagram that lets users disable read receipts in their Direct Messages (DMs) is almost ready to launch. The CEO of Instagram's parent company, Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, just disclosed this change in a broadcast. The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, has given us a preview of this future feature, however the precise release date is yet unknown.
04:53 PM, 08-Nov-2023

Say goodbye to boring videos! With the help of WhatsApp's new "Video Skip" feature, you may quickly go to the greatest bits of information.

The most recent version of the messaging software for Android beta testers, WhatsApp Beta for Android, has a new function that allows users to move forward and backward in videos. Double-tapping the left or right side of the screen to advance or rewind a video by ten seconds is akin to this feature on YouTube.

You can utilize the new function to skip over portions of a video that you don't want to watch or to find certain parts within it.
03:51 PM, 30-Oct-2023

Instagram Is Testing Carousel Posts With Collaboration

Instagram's collaborative posts feature, which allows users to add comments on posts in the carousel feed, is now live in test mode. This adds another avenue for users to interact with the app after months of internal testing.

Users can now ask people to contribute images or videos to be featured in their carousel post thanks to this new feature. Hence, you can invite people to contribute their unique viewpoints to a collaborative collection, such as a picture from a party or group expedition.
03:45 PM, 30-Oct-2023

Google enhances security controls for the Play Store: Users may now report objectionable AI content

Google is planning to roll out a number of changes to its developer regulations, with an emphasis on improving app quality, safety, and privacy within the Play Store, in an effort to promote a more secure Android ecosystem. A policy that emphasizes the moral use of generative AI models in apps is one of the noteworthy modifications.
03:41 PM, 30-Oct-2023

Google announces the release of the Chrome browser's "IP Protection" function.

Google plans to integrate an "IP Protection" function into Chrome that will employ proxy servers to hide users' IP addresses. When weighing online functionality against privacy, they exercise caution.

To prevent tracking, this system will adjust to changing internet demands. Although using the "IP Protection" function will be optional, it will provide users discretion over their online privacy. However, Google will still be able to gather data about user behavior on the internet.
03:53 PM, 27-Oct-2023

Instagram Allows Reminder Ads to Be Placed in Stories

Instagram Reminder Ads, which allow users to choose to receive reminders for forthcoming launches, events, etc., have some new improvements.
Furthermore, you can now make Reminder Ads in Ads Manager, eliminating the need for you to publish naturally first, and then promote that content with a sponsored push.

Reminder ads, which use Instagram's billion-user network to generate buzz and awareness, may be a useful tool for increasing participation around special events.
03:51 PM, 27-Oct-2023

Online verification is transformed by Google's latest tool: Easily verify facts about photos

Google has made big progress in stopping the spread of false and misleading content, especially photos, in the era of widespread disinformation on the internet. Distinguishing fact from fiction has gotten increasingly difficult with the advent of Generative AI. Google has launched an array of tools aimed at enabling users and journalists to confirm the legitimacy of photographs found on the internet to address this issue.
03:49 PM, 27-Oct-2023

X platform releases novel enhancements to communication: Features for audio and video calling have now been formally released.

Owner Elon Musk has revealed that some users of the social media network X, formerly known as Twitter, would soon be able to make voice and video conversations. X is being transformed by him into an "everything app."

This functionality can be enabled through a post on X by Musk, who referred to it as an "Early version of video and audio calling on X." Go to the app's settings and toggle on the audio and video calling function on X to utilize it. You can designate from your address book, followers, verified users, or any combination of these who can call you.
03:47 PM, 27-Oct-2023

Amazon unveils a tool for advertisers to create images using AI.

Image creation, a generative AI solution from Amazon commercials, has gone into beta. Its goal is to help marketers create lifestyle imagery that will boost the effectiveness of their commercials by removing creative limitations. 

All sizes of advertisers benefit from the solution, which makes it simple for individuals without agency support or in-house skills to produce graphics with a brand's theme while also helping larger brands that are continuously seeking methods to improve their creative development processes. 
03:45 PM, 27-Oct-2023

The National Common Mobility Card will be available on Delhi buses as part of the one-nation, one-card initiative.

The National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) is set to bring about a major change in Delhi's public transportation system. Travelers will no longer need to use outdated ticketing systems as the NCMC is positioned to become a one-stop shop, streamlining their travels.
03:35 PM, 26-Oct-2023

Instagram is currently testing a new "Nearby" Stories feed.

Instagram might be trying to counteract the app's upcoming push with this new test since it appears to be drawing its cues from TikTok once more. Instagram is presently testing a new feature for Stories called "Nearby," which would feature public content from nearby businesses and users.
It is already a crucial component of "Douyin," the Chinese equivalent of TikTok, which uses its local content feed to support regional companies and increase participation.
03:17 PM, 26-Oct-2023

YouTube Provides More Regional Options for Creator Monetization

By allowing creators in more regions to access its creator incentive offering at its recently revised, lower entry levels, YouTube is further increasing access to its YouTube Partner Program.

As part of a larger effort to attract talent and encourage more artists to upload on a regular basis, YouTube announced new, more relaxed qualification conditions for the program back in June.

With the new limits, access to certain of YouTube's monetization services is now more widely available, as the prerequisites for joining the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) are essentially cut in half, from 1,000 to 500 subscribers.
03:15 PM, 26-Oct-2023

Google Releases AR Try-On Tools for Foundation and Hair Color

Google has broadened its virtual testing choices by introducing tools for applying foundation and hair color, thus enhancing its AR try-on experience.

To begin with, let's try on some hair color. As it sounds, you may now get a sense of what you'll look like in a new tone when searching for hair colors because certain manufacturers offer AR try-ons that are available in-stream.
03:13 PM, 26-Oct-2023

Pinterest Expands a New Resource for Creators to Get Information and Education

A new educating platform for artists has been introduced by Pinterest, and it offers tips on how to maximize Pin usage, monetize your on-platform presence, and more.

The newly launched site, which is accessible in thirteen languages, offers a variety of instructions and tips on how to use Pins, such as how to follow trends that the platform promotes and how to get included in editorial surfaces on Pinterest.
03:08 PM, 26-Oct-2023

Looping Video Clips Are Now Available on Instagram Notes

Instagram is testing out yet another update for its DM Notes function, which is very popular among the app's younger user base.

Instagram is now experimenting with using selfie videos in Notes, adding a dynamic, moving element to your updates, in an effort to improve the Notes relationship.
It's an intriguing addition, and considering how well-liked Notes are among younger viewers—who are also more receptive to short-form video—it might be a useful strategy for increasing interaction.
03:22 PM, 25-Oct-2023

Users of YouTube Music may now create cover art using AI.

This year, YouTube has been adding significant features to YouTube Music, its dedicated music platform. The app has been updated with features like a comments area, a Sample function like TikTok, and UI adjustments. The business has recently announced that it will be releasing a tool that uses AI to enable customers to create personalized playlist artwork. A few soon-to-be-released features were also revealed.
03:20 PM, 25-Oct-2023

Instagram is testing the feature of showing posts from only Meta Verified subscribers.

Instagram users will only be able to view posts from individuals who have registered to Meta Verified, the Mark Zuckerberg-led company's membership package for Instagram and Facebook artists and companies. This is because Meta is testing an Instagram "Meta Verified" toggle.
03:18 PM, 25-Oct-2023

The 'Protect IP address' perform that WhatsApp will soon introduce for calls will improve user privacy.

WhatsApp is launching a new 'Protect IP address in calls' feature to further protect user privacy and provide an additional degree of protection when using the platform for calls. "Protect IP address" in calls, a recently added feature is expected to offer a further level of protection. With the help of this innovation, bad actors should be deterred from following you around and listening in on your phone conversations.
03:16 PM, 25-Oct-2023

Meta Provides Mini-Site Approaches to User and Brand Safety

Perhaps not, but Meta's latest drive for "media responsibility" looks like a jab at Elon Musk and X's redesigned method for content filtering on its app.

In an effort to provide greater security and safety for all of its app users, Meta has unveiled its new Media Responsibility framework today. This framework serves as the foundation for the company's own moderation and ad placement policies.
03:13 PM, 25-Oct-2023

Google unveils the Air Quality Index (AQI) Mini Card, which provides real-time information on air quality.

Google is taking the initiative to tell its users about the air they breathe in an era where environmental concerns, especially those related to air quality, are top of mind. The Air Quality Index (AQI) mini-card, which Google introduced, is a notable addition to its feature set, especially in light of the increased awareness of the health repercussions of air pollution.
03:26 PM, 20-Oct-2023

'View Once' voice messages are a new feature on WhatsApp that enhances privacy.

Meta owns the messaging app WhatsApp, and the company is always developing new features to improve the user experience. One of these is the addition of a voice message "View Once" mode, which should provide an extra degree of privacy.

This function makes sure voice notes sent through WhatsApp are only sent for a brief period. They are not exportable, forwardable, or storable. Currently, only a small subset of iOS and Android users who are using WhatsApp's beta version can utilize this functionality.
03:22 PM, 20-Oct-2023

Instagram Now Features Polls in Reels and Feed Post Comment Streams

Instagram is investigating the use of polls in comments as an additional means of user engagement with a limited group of users.
Instagram has been testing the feature for the last six months, and some users have noticed several early iterations.
Polls are a well-liked alternative in different formats and applications because of their lightweight, straightforward engagement, which greatly facilitates viewers' ability to participate and offer their opinions about a user's content.
03:19 PM, 20-Oct-2023

LinkedIn Increases User Access to Profile Verification

LinkedIn has made changes to its profile verification offering known. To increase the number of third-party verification partners it works with, LinkedIn will now be expanding the availability of the option.
When LinkedIn's verification process was first introduced in April, it allowed users to verify their identity by presenting their government-issued ID in partnership with identity platform CLEAR.
Your profile will then have a verification badge added, verifying that you are who you say you are on the app.
03:15 PM, 20-Oct-2023

Account Switching Is Now Available on WhatsApp App

The program now allows users to switch between different WhatsApp accounts without constantly logging out and back in, which is a relatively minor but highly requested upgrade, according to WhatsApp.
Nowadays, a lot of professionals need to carry two phones to separate their personal and business affairs. The ability to quickly switch between accounts, like you do on Facebook and Instagram, is a nice, useful feature that will make life a little bit easier for many people, even though it won't completely resolve this problem.
03:13 PM, 20-Oct-2023

Google presents ideas driven by artificial intelligence at the 9th Google for India event.

Google launched several strategic projects today, October 19, 2023, in Delhi, at its 9th annual Google for India event. These efforts aim to employ Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve user experiences and support different sectors in the nation.
The internet behemoth unveiled plans that included collaborations with the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) and developments in Google Play Protect, YouTube News, and Google Merchant Center. Important updates about the production of Google Pixel smartphones in India and Google Pay, the company's digital payment service, were also revealed.
04:27 PM, 19-Oct-2023

Users of X will have to pay $1 for improved social interactions, such as likes, replies, and reposts.

A new "Not A Bot" membership plan is being introduced by social networking site X, formerly known as Twitter. Users will have to pay $1 a year for basic functionality including likes, reposts, quoting postings, and web bookmarks.

This action is used to counter spammers and bots. Based on exchange rates, fees will differ for each country. The Philippines and New Zealand will be the model's initial markets.
04:25 PM, 19-Oct-2023

Optimizing Performance: Google Chrome's next feature will let Windows users see how much RAM each tab uses

The occasional memory-hungry behavior of Google Chrome is well-known to users, especially those running Windows 11 and 10. It's common knowledge that Chrome uses a lot of RAM, but the reality is more complicated. Furthermore, websites may use a lot of RAM. Google is releasing a new Chrome feature that enables users to identify tabs or webpages that are using an excessive amount of resources to address this issue.
04:23 PM, 19-Oct-2023

Meta Describes a New AI Method Designed to Simulate How People See Images

With its latest effort promising to be able to translate how the human brain interprets visual inputs with the purpose of recreating human-like thinking, Meta's AI advancements are getting a little more unsettling.

Meta describes its preliminary "Brain Decoding" procedure, which seeks to mimic neuron activity and comprehend human thought processes, in a recent AI research paper.
04:21 PM, 19-Oct-2023

Chrome's search bar now has automatic typo correction, enhanced autocomplete, and more.

The internet behemoth revealed on Wednesday that Google is adding five new improvements to the Chrome address bar to facilitate web searches. A better visual layout, smarter autocompletion, automated typo repairs, bookmark folder searches, recommendations for well-known websites, and more are among the improvements.

Using keywords you've previously used to search for a website, the Chrome address bar will now automatically finish URLs. Before, URLs would only automatically be autocompleted in the address box if you started typing them from scratch. One had to start typing Google.com in order to access Google Flights, for example. By typing "flights," the address bar will now automatically finish it with "https://www.google.com/travel/flights."
04:18 PM, 19-Oct-2023

With Facebook and Messenger, Meta is introducing its broadcast channels that resemble Telegram.

After launching it on Instagram and WhatsApp earlier this year, Meta is now expanding its Telegram-like "broadcast channels" service to Facebook and Messenger. Today, the business declared that the feature will be available in the upcoming weeks on both platforms.

This feature allows influencers and artists to interact directly with their audience by sharing messages one-to-many. Text, photos, polls, responses, and more can all be supported by channels. While viewers can respond to messages and conduct polls on broadcast channels, only the channel creator is able to send out messages.
03:16 PM, 18-Oct-2023

WhatsApp raises privacy worries while the government demands the sharing of user data to combat deepfakes.

The popular messaging platform WhatsApp is up against additional obstacles as the government works to stop the distribution of deepfake videos, particularly during election seasons like the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

The Indian government is thinking of enacting a rule that would force WhatsApp to reveal information about the original sender of messages in an effort to stop the spread of spam messages and deepfake videos. Finding the source of potentially damaging content is the goal, especially with regard to deepfake films, which can seriously jeopardize the integrity of elections.
03:13 PM, 18-Oct-2023

Paying using UPI in the local language will soon be possible.

The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) would benefit from the introduction of voice-based services by Bhashini, the government's AI language translation platform, which will improve linguistic inclusivity in UPI payments. This includes voice-activated functions for a range of operations, according to Economic Times, including B2B transfers, utility payments, bank balance checks, Fastag recharges, and more.
03:11 PM, 18-Oct-2023

For Bisk Farm, Sourav Ganguly recreates the jersey-waving scene.

To celebrate the ardent love of Indian cricket fans, Bisk Farm has created a loud 360-degree campaign called "Me Time, Marie Time" for its Rich Marie range of products.

The advertisement highlights the fan's belief and method of supporting the Indian cricket team, and it stars Sourav Ganguly, the brand ambassador for Bisk Farm Rich Marie biscuits. Sourav Ganguly is seen reprising his famous jersey-waving routine from the luxury of his home rather than the Lord's pavilion.
03:10 PM, 18-Oct-2023

'Enhanced Discovery,' a tool that helps users find relevant posts, will soon be available to X Premium subscribers.

After Elon Musk took over as the company's owner, Twitter—now known as "X"—saw a number of significant changes. In addition to providing users with a verification badge and access to premium services not available to free users, it introduced a paid membership option. Subsequently, the well-known Twitter network underwent a name and logo change.
02:38 PM, 18-Oct-2023

According to an ISB and Ecom Express analysis, small towns in India will propel e-commerce.

According to a joint report by e-commerce-focused logistics firm Ecom Express and the Indian School of Business's (ISB) Institute of Data Sciences, Indians are expected to spend between $140-160 billion on online purchases by 2025 as a result of increased engagement in smaller towns. Tier 2 cities account for the largest volume of online orders.
03:31 PM, 16-Oct-2023

Vivek Bhutyani becomes vice president of content marketing at Pocket FM.

Vivek Bhutyani has joined Pocket FM as the vice president of content marketing. In order to advance the international growth charter, Bhutyani will collaborate closely with Lalit Gangwar, VP of international growth, and cofounder and CEO Rohan Nayak.

He was collaborating with the Vedantu leadership team before joining Pocket FM. He oversaw the YouTube strategy and growth at Vedantu and was committed to fostering organic growth there.

03:29 PM, 16-Oct-2023

After October 24, WhatsApp will no longer perform on these Android and iPhone devices.

WhatsApp periodically adds new functionality to its iOS and Android apps. However, after a while, support for a lot of these devices is also discontinued. According to WhatsApp, phones running Android OS 5.0 or later will no longer be supported. One of the most antiquated and little used phones will no longer support WhatsApp, according to the company.It would be best to upgrade your gadget if your smartphone is one of them.
03:28 PM, 16-Oct-2023

Looks Like Threads Is Creating Its Own Texting Service

Though the Meta Threads team was first hesitant to include messaging capabilities in the new app, it now appears like they are working on an in-stream direct message feature that would put it more on line with X and other social apps.

This might also have been a major factor in the Threads team's original decision to forgo adding messaging to the app. Since 2019, Meta has been striving to unify all of its messaging services. Eventually, all of your direct messages from WhatsApp, Instagram Direct, and Messenger will be combined into a single, compatible inbox that can be accessed from any app.
03:15 PM, 16-Oct-2023

Zomato introduces "Xtreme," a merchant-focused intra-city freight service:

Zomato has made its debut in the market with the launch of the Xtreme app, a logistics solution that enables merchants to ship and receive packages.

"Xtreme makes it easy for merchants to send packages to their valued customers by streamlining the entire delivery process." A notice on the app's home screen reads, "We've got you covered, whether you're a small shop or a large retailer."
03:10 PM, 16-Oct-2023

Indian union minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar said the government will regulate AI for safe and beneficial use.

The Indian government is actively regulating the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the digital age to guarantee its safe and beneficial use. In addition to creating opportunities for greater efficiency, the introduction of AI into numerous industries has also given criminals permission to take use of these technologies. 
03:30 PM, 13-Oct-2023

Latest news on Delhi Metro: DMRC launches Paytm-based QR code-based ticketing.

Good news for residents of Delhi! The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has added a convenient new way for customers to buy tickets for the city's fast transit system. The longest metro network in the nation has introduced QR code-based ticketing via the Paytm mobile app for every corridor. 

This facility was previously exclusive to the Airport Express Line. This action is consistent with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's pledge to advance the "Digital India" program.
03:27 PM, 13-Oct-2023

With AI, eliminate pauses, filler words, and background noise in Adobe Premiere Pro 2023 to simplify video editing.

Automatically detecting and eliminating pauses and filler phrases from films is one of the most intriguing features of Adobe Premiere Pro 2023. Text-based prompts are used for this, so all you have to do is tell Premiere Pro the words and pauses you want removed, and it will take care of the rest.

This feature is a game-changer for anyone looking to improve the audio quality and professional sound of their videos. Additionally, it can save you a ton of time because you won't need to watch through your films one by one and remove all of the pauses and filler words yourself.
03:16 PM, 13-Oct-2023

Now, you can use AI to repair lip movement and dub video captions into 28 other languages!

The Lipdub app is the latest innovation of Captions, a revolutionary AI-driven video editing firm. Because it makes movies available to a worldwide audience, this free app has the potential to completely transform the way we watch videos.

Using artificial intelligence (AI), Lipdub can translate video content into 28 languages with ease, including languages that are often spoken such as French, Hindi, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. Additionally, it speaks to specialized audiences by offering translations into baby language, pirate lingo, Gen Z vernacular, and Texas slang.
03:02 PM, 13-Oct-2023

Threads is also launching to post-editing and voice notes option.

The edit option, which allows you to make changes to your message for up to five minutes after publishing, is one of the most requested features for Meta's Twitter clone Threads is now live.
Although some people will probably not be pleased with the 5-minute window, it's a useful technique to update your posts. Nevertheless, unlike X's edit feature, it's free and will assist in identifying those awkward typing mistakes in your message.
02:56 PM, 13-Oct-2023

As part of ongoing AI experiments, Google has integrated generative AI image creation into search.

With a new feature in Search that lets you make images out of text prompts, Google is moving even more toward generative AI. This will allow you to discover more through your search than just what results are now showing.
Finally, Google’s also adding a new writing assistant feature within Search, that’ll enable you to put together queries and notes based on your Search activity.
05:52 PM, 12-Oct-2023

16-year-old Indian prodigy Pranjali Awasthi, a rising star, raises Rs 100 crore for an AI firm.

An Indian girl, 16, is making waves in the AI industry with her firm, Delv. AI. Business Today states that Pranjali Awasthi founded Delv.AI in 2022. It dazzled participants of Miami Tech Week recently and is already valued at Rs 100 crore ($12 million). Awasthi, who is sixteen, is in charge of ten employees.
The adolescent from the US says her father encouraged her to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams and her passion for technology. At the age of seven, Awasthi began learning to code. When she was eleven years old, her family moved from India to Florida, opening up a whole new universe of opportunities for her, including competitive math programs and computer science studies.
04:36 PM, 12-Oct-2023

According to a new guideline from Amazon, authors can only self-publish three titles each day in order to declare content generated by AI.

Even though a lot of people are excited about the advantages of AI, there are drawbacks as well. A lawsuit has been filed against OpenAI in the Southern District of New York by the Authors Guild and seventeen other well-known writers, including Michael Chabon. The lawsuit seeks to turn OpenAI's legal action into a class-action lawsuit.
04:29 PM, 12-Oct-2023

Microsoft will launch "Athena," a new chipset that is adapted after the Nvidia GPU, to train its artificial intelligence.

With the rumored release of a ground-breaking AI processor code-named "Athena," Microsoft's devotion to artificial intelligence (AI) is exponentially increasing. This chip might lessen Microsoft's dependency on Nvidia and change the direction of AI technology.

According to reports, Microsoft is getting ready to introduce the "Athena" AI chip to lessen its reliance on Nvidia technologies. The increased demand and increasing shortage of Nvidia GPUs are the reasons behind this action. Microsoft wants to make sure there is a constant supply of AI-powered gadgets with Athena.
04:18 PM, 12-Oct-2023

With additional text formatting options and hidden codes, WhatsApp will give users major control over their conversations.

WhatsApp, a widely used messaging application globally, is always changing to give its users greater security and control over their conversations. Two intriguing features are now being tested in the WhatsApp for Android beta version: Boosted text formatting tools and secret codes for restricted chats.
04:03 PM, 12-Oct-2023

AI initates group chats so that humans and multiple AIs can communicate with one another

A new feature for its subscribers has been released by AI, the a16z-backed AI chatbot business founded by former Google AI researchers. Users and their friends may now engage in group chats with numerous AI characters at once on the chatbot platform, which provides tools to customize your own AI companions with unique personalities.
05:12 PM, 05-Sep-2023

India is Renamed as "BHARAT"

In the recent speculation, India Will be Renamed BHARAT. The G20 Summit 2023, which will be held in Delhi addressed " President of Bharat" in the Diner Invites instead of "President of India". This Speculation has raised the eyebrows of many cricketers, Professionals and Actors and Twitter is high on wanting to have India as Bharat. What is Your Take On this?
05:27 PM, 28-Aug-2023

Google's "Help Me Write" AI Feature Enhance Your Writing

Artificial Intelligence is the current Statement of the digital world where AI is deeply increasing its growth in the market which is worth $136.55 billion according to Grand View Research. Google is also ahead of Introducing many AI features, this one is uniquely aligned with the Writing part of any professional field.
Introducing the "HELP ME WRITE" tool for docs users with the AI integration allows you to give prompts to create any article on any topic or keyword. Create Content by signing up with Generative AI in docs to use this feature.
02:58 PM, 23-Aug-2023

Whatsapp's Latest Feature Rolls Out with editing Feature

Whatsapp's Latest Feature helps to edit the caption of photos, video GIFs, or documents within 15 minutes of sending any type of message to the concerned person. This Feature is not only a lifesaver but also helps GENZ and Users to understand the smoother way to deal with any captions without deleting the full messages. 
07:28 PM, 22-Aug-2023

PM Modi Unveils Bhashini, India's first AI tool for language translation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted India's dedication to digital inclusion during his remarks at the G20 Digital Economy Ministers' meeting. He introduced 'Bhashini,' an AI-powered language translation software intended to overcome the digital divide in India across all societal segments.
03:36 PM, 21-Aug-2023

Murali Sharma colloborate as an Brand Ambassador of Suraksha QR

The Veteran Actor Murali Sharma ropes the brand ambassador position at the Hyderabad Headquarters of healthcare technology startup Suraksha QR. Suraksha QR will work with Murali Sharma in a series of marketing, outreach, events and other promotional activities which will accountably grow this startup and create a massive impact around Pan India.
03:10 PM, 21-Aug-2023

Puma Announced Shanaya Kapoor as Brand Ambassador

Puma, a Popular brand of shoes announced Shanaya Kapoor as the Gen Z Brand Ambassador. Shanaya Kapoor is the daughter of Actors Sanjay Kapoor and Maheep Kapoor and the debutant association of Snapchat is feeling thrilled to be with PUMA as an ambassador as her keen interest in sports and outdoor activities works wonders with the PUMA association. With 1.8 million Instagram Followers, Shanaya is all set to boost this opportunity with exclusive lives, posts and collaboration with Puma's Events and activities.
02:57 PM, 21-Aug-2023

Air India Rebrands its Logo with Its Meaning 

Air India Rebrands its Logo and called it "The Vista" which is inspired by the peak of the gold wooden frame that represents the airline's progressive and confident ways of showing how Air India represents the " windows possibilities" and focal points of its new look.
02:41 PM, 21-Aug-2023

Shriram Group Tycoon Gave Away $750 mn of his Ownership

Shriram Group Tycoon Thyagarajan gave away $750 mn to low-income individuals and prospered to credit them as a charitable cause. He stated his vision for doing this charity is to provide these credits to those individuals who may use them to access trucks, tractors and other vehicles.
01:29 PM, 21-Aug-2023

Daily Marketing Updates

The National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) approved the merging of ZEE, a Channel popularly called ZEE Entertainment Enterprises with Culver Max Entertainment, formerly known As SONY. NCLT dismissed all the objections and sanctioned the merger between these two entertainment channels, which ZEE will initiate by next week of this Month.

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