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She is an English content writer and manages all the creative processes, respectively. Worked on many creative frontlines with proper result goals.

Daily Marketing Updates
Daily Marketing Updates - Photo : SAFALTA.COM

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05:12 PM, 05-Sep-2023

India is Renamed as "BHARAT"

In the recent speculation, India Will be Renamed BHARAT. The G20 Summit 2023, which will be held in Delhi addressed " President of Bharat" in the Diner Invites instead of "President of India". This Speculation has raised the eyebrows of many cricketers, Professionals and Actors and Twitter is high on wanting to have India as Bharat. What is Your Take On this?
05:27 PM, 28-Aug-2023

Google's "Help Me Write" AI Feature Enhance Your Writing

Artificial Intelligence is the current Statement of the digital world where AI is deeply increasing its growth in the market which is worth $136.55 billion according to Grand View Research. Google is also ahead of Introducing many AI features, this one is uniquely aligned with the Writing part of any professional field.
Introducing the "HELP ME WRITE" tool for docs users with the AI integration allows you to give prompts to create any article on any topic or keyword. Create Content by signing up with Generative AI in docs to use this feature.
02:58 PM, 23-Aug-2023

Whatsapp's Latest Feature Rolls Out with editing Feature

Whatsapp's Latest Feature helps to edit the caption of photos, video GIFs, or documents within 15 minutes of sending any type of message to the concerned person. This Feature is not only a lifesaver but also helps GENZ and Users to understand the smoother way to deal with any captions without deleting the full messages. 
07:28 PM, 22-Aug-2023

PM Modi Unveils Bhashini, India's first AI tool for language translation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted India's dedication to digital inclusion during his remarks at the G20 Digital Economy Ministers' meeting. He introduced 'Bhashini,' an AI-powered language translation software intended to overcome the digital divide in India across all societal segments.
03:36 PM, 21-Aug-2023

Murali Sharma colloborate as an Brand Ambassador of Suraksha QR

The Veteran Actor Murali Sharma ropes the brand ambassador position at the Hyderabad Headquarters of healthcare technology startup Suraksha QR. Suraksha QR will work with Murali Sharma in a series of marketing, outreach, events and other promotional activities which will accountably grow this startup and create a massive impact around Pan India.
03:10 PM, 21-Aug-2023

Puma Announced Shanaya Kapoor as Brand Ambassador

Puma, a Popular brand of shoes announced Shanaya Kapoor as the Gen Z Brand Ambassador. Shanaya Kapoor is the daughter of Actors Sanjay Kapoor and Maheep Kapoor and the debutant association of Snapchat is feeling thrilled to be with PUMA as an ambassador as her keen interest in sports and outdoor activities works wonders with the PUMA association. With 1.8 million Instagram Followers, Shanaya is all set to boost this opportunity with exclusive lives, posts and collaboration with Puma's Events and activities.
02:57 PM, 21-Aug-2023

Air India Rebrands its Logo with Its Meaning 

Air India Rebrands its Logo and called it "The Vista" which is inspired by the peak of the gold wooden frame that represents the airline's progressive and confident ways of showing how Air India represents the " windows possibilities" and focal points of its new look.
02:41 PM, 21-Aug-2023

Shriram Group Tycoon Gave Away $750 mn of his Ownership

Shriram Group Tycoon Thyagarajan gave away $750 mn to low-income individuals and prospered to credit them as a charitable cause. He stated his vision for doing this charity is to provide these credits to those individuals who may use them to access trucks, tractors and other vehicles.
01:29 PM, 21-Aug-2023

Daily Marketing Updates

The National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) approved the merging of ZEE, a Channel popularly called ZEE Entertainment Enterprises with Culver Max Entertainment, formerly known As SONY. NCLT dismissed all the objections and sanctioned the merger between these two entertainment channels, which ZEE will initiate by next week of this Month.

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