Key Highlights

Bridge Course
11 lecture
  • Introduction to IT Skills - Computer basics

  • Using the Internet - Using a web browser

  • Basic Computer Applications 01 - Microsoft word

  • Basic Computer Applications 02 - Excel

  • Basic Computer Applications 03 - PPT

  • Email and Communication - Setting up and using email accounts

  • Basic Computer Maintenance and Troubleshooting-Installing and uninstalling software

  • Basics of codes - Basic coding concepts and terminology

  • Linkedin Profile Optimize

  • Cloud Software - How to use Google Drive/One Drive ?

  • Post-assessment Test

Introduction to digital marketing
1 lecture
  • Introduction to digital marketing

Website Creation
11 lecture
  • Introduction to Website creation

  • Website development using Infinityfree

  • Wordpress Dashboard Walkthrough Class 1

  • Wordpress Dashboard Walkthrough Class 2

  • Themes and plugins

  • Introduction to categories/sub-categories/menu

  • How to post blogs/articles on Wordpress

  • Blog Optimization

  • Plugins for Blog websites

  • Introduction to pages

  • Introduction to Elementor

Master Class Sessions
127 lecture
  • Master Class Session - 1 By Surojit Mahato Sir (Digital Marketing Consultant) - 29 Jan 2022

  • कैसे बने समीर मोदी डिजिटल की दुनिया के सबसे 'Successful Founder' ? ( By Sameer Modi Sir) - 4 Feb 2022

  • Master Class 3 By Amit Duggal Sir - 5 Feb 2022

  • 12 Feb 2022 Master Class 4

  • 19 Feb 2022 Master Class 5

  • 26 Feb 2022 Master Class 6

  • 5 Mar 2022 Master Class 7

  • 12 Mar 2022 Master Class 8

  • 26 Mar 2022 Master Class 9

  • 2 Apr 2022 The Secret Sauce to Creativity

  • 9 Apr 2022 Master Session 11

  • 14 Apr 2022 Master Session 12

  • 16 Apr 2022 Master Session 13

  • 23 Apr 2022 It's Your time to grow through digital marketing

  • 29 Apr 2022 Graphic Design for Everyone

  • 30 Apr 2022 Fast Track your career in Content Marketing, Content Creation and Blogging

  • 7 May 2022 Right Nutrition is the key to good health

  • 18 May 2022 New Age marketing, For the modern World

  • 21 May 2022 Toon in to Careers in Animation Hear all about it from Sir Vinod A S.

  • 28 May 2022 From Content Creator to Digital Stars Meet Manish Pandey India's Top content creator and Author

  • 6 June 2022 Master Session

  • 7 June 2022 Master session

  • 8 June 2022 Master Session

  • 9 June 2022 Master Session

  • 10 June 2022 Graphic Design For Every One

  • 16 June 2022 Master Class

  • 16 June 2022 Cracking the ice ceiling

  • 17 June 2022 Master Class

  • 18 June 2022 The Evolution of marketing over the past 5 years

  • 25 June 2022 Master Class Session on LinkedIn

  • 2 July 2022 The power of PR and its impact on Brand Building

  • 9 July 2022 Master Class Session on LinkedIn

  • 10 July 2022 Why Digital Marketing is a Core Skill?

  • 14 July 2022 Conventional vs Unconventional Careers How do you choose ?

  • 16 July 2022 Chai Pe Charcha

  • 23 July 2022 Master Class on Digital Marketing

  • 6 Aug 2022 Transform Your Future With Digital Marketing

  • Case Study on Dunzo

  • Digital Revolution In India

  • Opportunities In Digital marketing


  • Master Class on Type of Masking

  • Master class on Linkedln

  • Master Class on Movie poster design

  • Interaction With Sir Shubhankar Rai APAC Product Lead - App Ads at Google

  • Matt Painting Design

  • Resume Building Session

  • Special Announcement


  • Special Announcement

  • The Design Language

  • LOGO DESIGN in Illustrator

  • Chai Pe Charcha

  • Digital Marketing A New Frontier Abhinav Chetan

  • How To Develop A Winning Mindset


  • How to be a champion

  • How to Tailor a Winning Campaign

  • Finance for Everyone

  • The Magic of Copywriting

  • How To Write a professional E-mail

  • Advanced session on Google Docs

  • Become a Zero to Hero in kinemaster

  • FB Paid Marketing

  • How to scale up Brands Revenue with Digital Marketing

  • How to use digital marketing to make your brand and its products resonate with the masses?

  • Google Paid Marketing

  • Marketing Automation in The Digital World

  • Building and Scaling up the Digital Business

  • Career Growth in Digital Marketing

  • Focus and Concentration

  • Creativity And Advertising

  • Impact Of SEO On Website

  • Introduction to Creator Economy

  • Student Alumni MEET

  • Mastering Digital marketing with Chat GPT

  • Technical SEO, Digital Marketing & Analytics

  • Social media marketing strategies

  • Achieve Your Dreams

  • Creating a successful Mindset

  • Jab AI met Digital Marketing

  • Empathy And Relationship Building

  • How to build self-confidence

  • Evolution of short video App in India

  • Creating a Successful Mindset (Positive Attitude)

  • Non-stop Digital Marketing Career With AI

  • Creating a Successful Mindset

  • Importance of PR

  • Persuasion and Time management

  • Career As Content Writer

  • Conflict resolution & Resilience

  • Welcome to the World of Performance Marketing

  • Resilience

  • Branded Content in Digital - Next Big Opportunity

  • Resilience

  • Introduction to Online Reputation Management

  • Overcoming Procrastination

  • News and SEO

  • Insurtech Revolution

  • Learn about Cyber Security

  • Career Scope in Digital World

  • Fintech Evolution in India By Mr. Rajiv Ranjan

  • Find your Ikigai ! By Mr. Himanshu Gautam

  • Power Of Reading By Mr. Arvind Joshi Sir

  • Magic of UI and UX

  • Rise of Sustainable Media

  • E- Commerce and Digital Marketing

  • Product Launches in the Age of Digital

  • Technology startups and it’s need in India

  • The Role and Scope of Marketing

  • Motivation towards entrepreneurship

  • Seizing The Right Opportunity

  • How to build a successful franchise business

  • Children the holy grail of marketing

  • Importance of 'Taste' in Advertising & Marketing

  • How to Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Marketing in a Digital Startup: Dos, Don'ts & Maybes

  • Current Education System

  • Importance of skills along with degree

  • Role of angel investors in startup ecosystem

  • Digital as a life changer

  • Technology & Creativity in Marketing

  • Visual Language in Marketing

  • Skills and Competencies for 21st Century

  • Content Marketing in the Age of Generative AI

  • The Joys & Challenges Of a Digital Startup

  • Skills For Bharat Students

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Why Master Certification in Digital Marketing Offline Programme Batch-6 ?

Master Certification in Digital Marketing Offline Programme Batch-6

Our Team of Expert Faculties

Teacher Name

Team Safalta

Teacher Name

Sanchit Khandelwal

IT Skills Facutly, Safalta

With 3+ years of experience in teaching computer skills and a Master's degree in Computer Science, he has also taught computer courses at the CCC and O'Level, providing students with the necessary guidance and training them at NIELIT-accredited institutions.

Teacher Name

Shikhar Raman

Digital Marketing Faculty, Safalta

Having overall 5+ years of experience in Digital Marketing. Worked with brands like Accenture, Google Operations Center and last employed in Wipro Technologies where he was responsible for Social Media Marketing. In his professional experience, he has trained 1200+ freshers and experienced professionals in Digital Marketing and has worked as a Digital Marketing Specialist for 120+ clients across the world.

Teacher Name

Navin Verma

Faculty Digital Marketing

Syllabus & Session plan

Best-in-class content by leading faculties and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects

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