How to Build a Content Calendar undersatnd with a Template

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As you already know creating a content calendar is important because according to a study by the Content Marketing Institute, 72% of successful content marketers use a content calendar for making a marketing strategy and according to HubSpot reports that business who use consistent content calendars have 13 times more positive ROI.

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Creating a content calendar is one of the important is important steps of social media scheduling. Creating a content calendar helps you to plan, organize, and schedule your overall marketing strategy. A well-planned and designed content calendar is not only for the road map of the content but it also saves time and enhances productivity. Whether you are managing a blog, social media channels, or a completed digital marketing campaign. It is a powerful tool that keeps your team on the same page and ensures that messages remain systematic and timely.

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Creating a content calendar is not a big issue but if your team does not use the content calendar regularly it is hard to know how to do the work and who is responsible for work from the team, each task is a part of the content creation and each part of content creation should be done properly. As a result of this, the content marketing strategy declined and content quality also declined.

If you are creating a content calendar it is easy, starting from breaking small steps that can be easier for you. First, Analyze your content goal. What do you want in your content calendar or what you achieve? Content Calendrer helps you to build brand awareness, generate leads, engage customers, etc. Knowing your goals helps you to plan your content calendar and achieve success. Now in this article, we will discuss how to create the company's effective content calendar and its benefits. We will discuss the tools that help you create a content calendar, after all, it is an important part of social media scheduling and organizing company plans for the future. We also share some template that helps you in making the content calendar. 

Table of Content 

  1. What is a Content calendar? 

  2. Benifits of Content Calander

  3. Step 1

  4. Step 2

  5. Step 3

  6. Step 4

  7. Step 5

  8. Some templates of the content calendar for you and your teams.

What is a Content calendar?

Before we discuss the steps of creating a content calendar, we first need to know about content calendars. So, let’s talk about what is content calendar and what its benefits are. A content calendar is a shareable tool that helps the team to plan all content tasks. This gives the visualization of how your content is delivered throughout the year. We suggest a content calendar is a calendar-based format you just create a long list of your content to be published.

Benifits of Content Calander

  • Get all departments on the same pages:- Through this, everyone knows what content is published, when it is published, and where it is published to avoid extra and repeated work. 

  • See the big picture:- Create all social media content for the whole year.

  • Plan for the special events:- You can plan the special content for the special dates and events.

  • Find content gaps:- You can easily find the gaps between the contents and you can prepare the content for full filing these gaps.

  • Organizing content creation:- You ensure that all your content is ready on time and published on the planned day and time. 

Now we discuss the steps for creating a unique content calendar for your brands and provide some templates for making a content calendar that helps you to make a unique and powerful content calendar for your brand.

Step 1:-  Select Your Content Strategy And Choose Your Specific Content

Regularity is a key to content success. With new and creative ideas, we can't only depend on them. Because they are uncertain. Every person needs to know what and when the content is created where the content is published and where it can be seen. So, this content calendar is important. 

In the world of social media, all content should be published on all social media platforms and generate high-quality engagement for brands.
Regularly creating great content for every platform is hard for most brands. It's usually better to focus all your marketing efforts on just a few platforms. So as a solution to your problem, you need to audit your content strategy and examine which social media platforms generate the most high-quality engagement content for your brands.  

For example, your brand's most of the engagement comes from Instagram but the users of Instagram might not be in your target audience.  So you can target the Instagram audience from content.

When choosing or considering content platforms, think about what you can keep doing regularly. For example, If videos are effective, they are not valuable if you don’t enjoy making them and can't do them frequently. If you’re a member of the content team and not creating the content yourself, consider the budget for videos.

Step 2:- Think of different Content Ideas And Formats

Now in the second step, you know which types of content and platforms you can plan to invest in. Create a list of content topics where you can work so that you come up with relevant content ideas to fill out your content calendar. 
Content idea is a big topic, but here's a simple point: check which topics generate the most engagement before and make more content like that.
Next, create a repeatable content format as that will help you publish content more frequently, and make a loyal audience for the brand.

Step 3:- Choose A Right Content Calendar Tool

Now work on the third step before starting to add content topics to a calendar, which calendar do you use?
At present there is not a single best content calendar template or tool, but as you’re  checking different options, here are a few suggestions to consider:

  • Does it show the clear content and due dates for a month? 

  • Do you can add team members and assign task deadlines to team members?

  • Rewevie that you can store and share your content file in tools?

  • You can directly communicate with your team members in a content calendar or tools. 

So, these are some suggestions before adding topics to the content calendar. But if you are only a single content creator, so you might not need these all of features. You need only a single Exel spreadsheet or Google spreadsheet and some software like Trello,, etc.

Step 4: Establish Content And The Team Members Involved

In the fourth stage, you will focus on content frequency and begin adding deadlines to the template after you have created a content calendar and generated some topic ideas. But you will divide content work into small pieces of tasks for each person. 
This will make easy your work and your team members will be able to see your task. Through this, your team member also holds the responsibility.

Step 5- Test And Gather Feedback

In the final step, you will ask the team members for feedback on the content calendar after using it. If your team members not using properly this content calendar or do not like it so ask them what is the problem with the content calendar and find a solution to make it easier for them.
The content calendar is only useful when your team members easily work on it.  Even if you are working on a content calendar so review the content calendar once a month and track your progress.

Some Content Calander Templet for You and Your Teams

  • Google and Excel sheets are best for a single-user

  • Trello is Best For Small small businesses and teams.

  • Teamwork is best for agencies and big teams.


Creating a content calendar is important for successful social media marketing and digital marketing. Scheduling and publishing overall marketing strategy helps it helps to you enhance customer engagement. Creating a content calendar helps you for making a plan, organize, and schedule your content effectively, ensuring regularity and timeliness in your messaging. A well-structured build content calendar not only works as a way for successful social media marketing but also enhances productivity and saves time. Whether you are managing a blog, social media platforms, or a complete digital marketing campaign, a content calendar is a powerful tool that keeps your team set.

Start by setting clear content goals and determining what you want to achieve. Break down the process into different manageable steps, making it easier to build a calendar that supports your brand’s objectives. Choosing the right tools is important. For single users, Google or Excel sheets are sufficient, while teams might benefit from more advanced tools like Trello or Teamwork. Assigning tasks and deadlines ensures that everyone knows their responsibilities and can track progress.

Regularly reviewing and brainstorming content ideas keeps your strategy fresh and engaging. Focus your marketing efforts on platforms that give the best engagement customer engagement. Continually test and gather feedback from your team to clear and improve your content calendar.
The effectiveness of your content marketing strategy depends on the consistent use of the content calendar. Encourage your team to use it regularly and lead by example. With a well-maintained content calendar, you can up-to-date your content creation process, avoid

What topics should be include in a social media content calendar ?

A social media content calendar should include scheduled posts, social media strategy, target audience, upcoming posts, important meetings, and festivals. It ensures that your team makes an effective and unique content calendar. 

How do create a content calendar?

Creating a content calendar is easy, use a social media content planner or Google Calendar. Then plan your social media strategy, target audience, and posting schedule, and make sure your team works continuously on the content calendar and publishes frequently.

How do plan monthly social media content calendar?

Create or Plan a content calendar for a month so you use a social media calendar. Pane your monthly social media strategy, schedule the monthly posts, and social media manager and post consistently over popular social media platforms.

Which is the best tool for making content calendar?

If you are the only single person who creates a content calendar so, google sheet or Excel sheet is best for you. But if you work with the team so many tools come into the market for creating content calendars such as Trello, Notion, etc. you use them.

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