Top 15 PG Diploma Institutes in Digital Marketing Course in Canada  

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In today's commercial environment, digital marketing is a potent and indisputable force. It is an inevitable component of advertising and will become much more important in the next years, particularly in Canada. In comparison to other industries in the Canadian employment market in 2022, digital marketing is towards the top. It distinguishes itself from other specializations due to its high demand and concomitant employment prospects.
This is the most popular location for marketers to further their education. If you are considering taking this course, read this page for more information.

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Table of Content:
1) PG Diploma Institutes in Digital Marketing Course in Canada:
PG Diploma Institutes in Digital Marketing Course in Canada:
1) George Brown University:
With either full-time or part-time and ongoing training programmes, George Brown College offers foreign students a balanced work/home atmosphere and education classes. It provides foreign students with a multimedia course that provides core information and methodologies for applying abilities.
Annual Fees on Average:
  • 15,190 CAD/ 9,10,924 INR
Programmes Available:
  • Graduate Diploma in Digital Media Marketing
Download these Free EBooks: Introduction to digital marketing

2) Bow Valley Community College:
The city provides two separate degrees in digital marketing, allowing students to hone their present talents and extend their digital presence. This course covers topics like as user experience, design principles, search engine optimisation, analytics, and media strategies, among others.
Annual Fees on Average:
18,369 CAD/ 11,01,565 INR
Programmes Available:
  • Business Administration with a Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing
3) Humber College:
Humber Institution, located in Ontario City, is a well-known digital marketing institution. It operates three campuses in Ontario. Humber College offers part-time and full-time digital marketing courses both on and off campus. SEO, SEM, email marketing, content marketing, marketing for businesses and brands, and other topics are covered in the course. It provides undergraduate, graduate, and diploma programmes.

The training focuses on how to utilise digital marketing to build a business and establish a distinct brand. To get admitted, you must submit an application; if you are eligible, the institution will contact you to proceed with the admission process. Admission can be applied for directly through the website. Humber College also offers financial aid. Humber College also offers study funding alternatives and a one-time grant depending on your grades. On campus, the college additionally offers residential facilities for students. You may schedule a campus visit to discover what facilities the college has to offer.
4) Centennial College-College of Digital Marketing:
Centennial is one of Toronto's leading digital marketing education providers. The university has campuses in Toronto. It offers content advertising, website analysis, marketing for smartphones and tablets, web and app analytics, and other courses. It educates students via the use of real-life case studies, giving them a hands-on approach to the topic of marketing. Along with education, Centennial focuses on entrepreneurial and business-related digital marketing use cases.

You may reach them at their phone number or visit their official website for additional information. Centennial College also offers financial assistance to students who are economically challenged. This college accepts applications from students from all around the world. The institution offers both part-time and full-time physical education courses, as well as
5) Digital Marketing Course at Trebas Institute:
Trebas Institute, based in Montreal and Toronto, offers students in Canada the finest quality digital marketing education. Trebas Institute has launched a new digital marketing course to help students prepare for professions in marketing. SEO, digital advertising, brand building, online publicity, advertising through content, data-driven marketing operations, website analytics, and app analytics are all covered in this course.

Learners will be given real-world assignments and will be required to deal with real-world clients and businesses. It will assist students in comprehending the sector and how the market operates in the actual world. It will also improve client communication abilities. These events will better prepare students for employment in reputable companies. Following completion of the course, the Following completion of the course, the institution assists students with internships and job placement in renowned firms. For further information, please contact Trebas Institute via their official website's contact page.
6) York University:
York University's degree programmes in digital media provide foreign students with courses as well as chances for further training and research. These programmes may be used to build compelling, interactive digital objects and experiences. Students will also have the possibility to conduct hybrid research projects in these programmes, which are distinctively combining computational sciences and creative practises.
Average Annual Fees:
  • 29,572 CAD/ INR 17,73,394
Programmes Offered
  • MA in Digital Media
  • BA in Digital Media
  • MSc in Digital Media
7) Jelly Academy-Digital Marketing Academy:
Jelly Academy, founded in 2015, has grown to become one of Canada's top digital marketing colleges. It is situated in Fort Langley, British Columbia. They provide both part-time physical and online courses. The courses include topics including Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Marketing (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Instagram and Facebook advertisements, and Analytics.

Jelly Academy offers professional and career-focused courses delivered by skilled faculty. It also provides Google, Hootsuite, Meta (Facebook), and Semrush certification. Jelly Academy is dedicated to providing real-world practical education with a business-related approach. It also provides corporate training and workshops. Students can also examine their understanding of digital technology.
8) The Toronto School of Management (TSoM):
This school offers a variety of programmes like as business, hospitality and tourism, cyber security, data analysis, and digital marketing, to mention a few. This company's school is well-known for its extensive course offerings, which are overseen by highly qualified instructors.

TSoM has been recognised in the industry for its relevancy, diverse course offerings, and career-focused learning. The programmes feature co-op placement possibilities for students to get the most out of the course. They have a tendency to give lessons in a way that maximises the student's potential.
Course Description:
  • Full-time, 24-week offline course and 12-week Co-op
  • Certificate in Digital Marketing Specialist Co-op
Fees: $14,495 CAD, with scholarships available.
  • Work Experience in Canada
  • Create and optimise campaigns
  • Improving Marketing Writing and Content Creation
  • Additional certification in digital marketing
Modules Included:
  • SEO Website Development and Web Design
  • Google Analytics Ad Campaign Management for Social Media
  • Work Experience in Copywriting
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9) Douglas University:
Douglas College provides two digital marketing degrees that aid in the study and development of important skills in sponsored search, e-commerce, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, digital marketing analytics, and content. This course will provide you with hands-on experience working with a real-world customer.
Annual Fees on Average:
13,500 CAD/ 8,09,577 INR
Programmes Available:
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing (Post-Baccalaureate)
  • Management of Digital Marketing and Communications (Specialisation)
  • Recommended: 10 Low-Cost Universities in Canada
10) Lawrence College's Digital Marketing Programme:
St. Lawrence institution is an international institution in Eastern Ontario with campuses in Kingston, Brockville, and Cornwall. On its Kingston location, St. Lawrence College provides a Digital Marketing Communication course. Students will learn about content marketing, SEO, SEM, sponsored advertisements, digital copywriting, and other topics.

Copywriters, SEO Specialists, Paid Ads Specialists, Content Marketers, Digital Creators, and Digital Marketing Managers are some of the careers available to students who desire to work in the digital area. Students who complete the course are offered opportunity to work on real-life projects assigned by customers. Following this, students are prepared for job placements in businesses. The training is full-time professional and provided online. There are extra fees.
11) Course on Digital Marketing for General Assembly:
General Assembly is a multi-award-winning digital marketing organisation based in Canada that was created in 2011. It currently offers high-quality education in today's most sought-after sectors. The General Assembly teaches students in a career-oriented manner. It focuses on teaching pupils useful and difficult skills.
It has over 15 campuses throughout the world, including Toronto, New York, Bahrain, Chicago, Nashville, and Seattle. Full-time, part-time, and flexible courses are available through the General Assembly. Students can select classes that are convenient for them. Students in flexible classes have the option of creating their own flexible timetable. General Assembly's digital marketing training is in collaboration with P&G. It teaches Google and Facebook advertising, analytics, web analysis, audience analysis and targeting, and marketing campaign strategy. Students receive real-life projects from the institution upon their completion of the course.
12) Digital Marketing Courses at Brainstation:
Brainstation, which was founded in 2012, offers online digital advertising courses in Canada by educating students on digital skills and training them in relevant industries. It emphasises collaboration and collaborative skills and provides practical study. It has collaborated with industry titans such as American Express, Google, IBM, Instagram, Lululemon, Amazon, Meta (Facebook), Pepsi, and others.

Social Media Marketing, Paid Ad Promotion, Audience and Website Analytics, Search Engine Optimisation, Email Marketing, and other digital courses are available at Brainstation. Part-time courses are available in both physical and online formats. Certification is also included in the online course or training. Brainstation has campuses in Vancouver, New York, Miami, and London, in addition to Toronto. Students will be assigned projects.

13) Springboard Digital Marketing Institute:
Springboard was created in 2013 and is one of Canada's leading digital marketing colleges. The company's headquarters are in San Francisco. Springboard offers online courses in a variety of subjects, including Coding & coding, Data Science, UI/UX, SEO, SMM, SEM, and Analytics. It provides an employment guarantee and a diploma upon course completion. Springboard's official website has information about courses, fees, and course schedules. Before enrolling in any course, students must take an entrance exam to determine their eligibility. To enrol in any course, students must be at least 18 years old. Students who enrol in any course receive one-on-one mentoring.

Students who enrol in any course receive one-on-one mentoring, all study materials, and lectures. There are additional free materials available from the Springboard Institute, such as electronic books and student manuals. Learners can access them on their website. It also offers a free Career Assessment Test for kids to use in determining their career preferences. It will assist students in determining their desired knowledge, goals, and fields. For additional information, contact the Springboard team through electronic mail, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.
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14) Centennial College:
Key Points:
  • One academic year or two semesters
  • September intakes
  • Eligibility requirements include a 3.0 GPA and a three-year degree/diploma in business/marketing, as well as English language skills and a written evaluation.
  • With suitable skills and two years of work experience, a partial university degree/two-year college diploma may be considered.
15) International Morgan:
One such course that they master is the top 5 digital marketing courses in Canada. Their number one aim is to provide excellence by making their candidate the greatest at what he does. Individuals and corporations may benefit from skill development and world-class training solutions.
Course Description:
  • Modules in bite-sized pieces
  • Cover more than 130 topics
  • CDMP extra certification is available.

Digital marketing is a powerful and unstoppable force in today's economic world. It is an unavoidable component of advertising and will grow significantly in the next years, notably in Canada. Digital marketing is at the top of the Canadian employment market in 2022 when compared to other industries. It stands out from other specializations due to its strong demand and associated career opportunities.

This is the most popular place for marketers to further their education. If you are thinking about taking this course, please read this page for further information. Check out this post to discover additional information concerning the top digital advertising colleges in Canada and the scope of digital marketing in Canada.

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Which digital marketing institute in Canada is the best?

The best universities in Canada for digital marketing courses are: University of Toronto.
  • McGill University is a Canadian university.
  • Montreal University is a public research university.
  • McMaster University is a university in Canada.
  • British Columbia University

Which postgraduate diploma is recognised in Canada?

  • A postgraduate diploma in human resource management is required.
  • A postgraduate diploma in marketing management is required.
  • Diploma in Business Administration (PGD).
  • Accounting Postgraduate Diploma.
  • A postgraduate diploma in information technology is required.
  • Diploma in International Business (Postgraduate).

Which digital marketing course pays the most?

Manager of Digital Marketing, The highest-paying digital marketing job in India is Digital Marketing Manager. A digital marketing manager's responsibilities include designing multi-channel marketing plans and deciding on marketing campaigns for various businesses based on their product or service.

Is there a need for digital marketing in Canada?

Digital marketing is becoming increasingly popular as the most effective means of communication in the current day. Canada is well-known for its attractive job prospects in the technology sector.

Which Canadian city is the greatest for marketing?

Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa are among the best paid cities in Canada for MBA in Marketing graduates. Students in Montreal earn an average income of 151,000 CAD (91.29 lakhs INR), whereas in Toronto, the average mid-career salary is 150,000 CAD (90.68 lakhs INR).

Which PG credential pays the most in Canada?

The following are the top PG Courses in Canada:
  • Hospitality Administration.
  • Science of Health.
  • Management and business.
  • Financial administration.
  • IT stands for information technology.
  • Management of International Business.
  • Engineering and science.
  • Risk Management And Insurance.

Is a one-year postgraduate credential worth it in Canada?

Students taking one-year PG diploma programmes in Canada can apply for admission to top-tier colleges. According to the QS rating list, Canadian institutions and colleges are among the top ten for PGDM degrees, making it worthwhile to apply for admission and pursue the course.

Is a postgraduate diploma beneficial in Canada?

In Canada, you can pursue a diploma after completing a degree. After finishing your undergraduate degree program, you can pursue a postgraduate qualification in Canada. If you want to secure a decent career or apply for PR in Canada, a PG diploma can help you.

Can I acquire PR in Canada after completing a one-year post-secondary diploma?

After completing a one-year study programme in Canada, you can apply for Canada PR. Canada offers numerous choices to overseas students to help them live and work in Canada once they finish their education. Through the expedited entry procedure, international students can gain permanent residency in Canada.

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