Top 18 Types of Google Ad extensions and their Features

Safalta Expert Published by: Aditi Goyal Updated Mon, 31 Jul 2023 10:39 PM IST

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Different extensions perform various functions. You can add reviews or a call button to some. Others let you add a discount or a succinct recommendation. Because of this, when you conduct a Google search, you frequently see sponsored results that differ from one another in appearance.

Advertisers can add more information to their Google Ads by using Google Ad Extensions. They make advertisements more interesting and effective by giving potential customers useful information and enhancing the overall appearance of the advertisement.


In this article, we'll examine the top 18 Google Ad Extensions and their distinctive characteristics, giving you the tools you need to make compelling ads that stand out from the competition.

Google Ad Extensions: What Are They?

Google Ad Extensions are supplemental pieces of data that enhance your advertisement by adding more pertinent information about your company. When properly configured, they show up next to your ad on the search results page, giving users more ways to interact with it. These extensions can significantly increase click-through rates and ad visibility, which will boost ad performance.

Ad Extensions have a lot of benefits for advertisers. First of all, they take up more ad real estate, pushing rivals farther down the page. Second, they give users more details, which results in clicks made with more knowledge. Ad Extensions can also improve quality scores and ad ranking, which could result in cost savings.
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1. Sitelink Extensions: Sitelink Extensions point website visitors to particular pages.
Features: Numerous links leading to various pages.
Individualized link text.
improves the site's visibility.
sends visitors to pertinent landing pages.

2. Callout Extensions: Callout Extensions draw attention to important offers or selling points.
Short, snappy text is a feature.
only 25 characters are allowed.
ad visibility is increased.
presents unique selling points.

3. Structured Snippet Extensions: These display detailed information about goods or services.
predefined headers, such as "Brands" and "Types."
Individualized details.
provides users with more context.
makes ads more relevant.

4. Call Extensions: Your company's phone number is listed in the advertisement by Call Extensions.
"Click-to-Call" functionality is a feature.
phone inquiries go up.
converts offline traffic.

5. Message Extensions: Using Message Extensions, customers can text your company.
CTA (Call-to-Action) buttons that are predefined.
Adaptable text.
makes communication simple.
produces leads through messaging.

6. Location Extensions: A link to Google Maps and your company's address are displayed by location extensions.
generated automatically from Google My Business.
Adaptable to show particular places.
encourages shoppers to visit physical stores.
raises awareness locally.
7. Affiliate Location Extensions: These extensions highlight the retail chains where your products are sold.
Works with location extensions. Features.
shows the stores that are close by.
enhances brand awareness.
boosts sales in physical stores.

8. Price Extensions: Price Extensions present the costs of a good or service as a list.
Features: A variety of goods and services are displayed.
Headers and descriptions that are customizable.
ad appeal is improved.
allows for easier price comparison.

9. Promotion Extensions: Promotion Extensions draw attention to exclusive discounts or offers.
Features: Time-sensitive promotions.
Promo text that can be modified.
brings in deal-seekers.
increasing conversion rates.

10. App Extensions: App Extensions either direct users to specific in-app content or encourage app downloads.
Links to app stores are features.
Adaptable text.
a rise in app installation rates.
raises the app's visibility.

11. Lead Form Extensions: These tools let users enter their information right from the advertisement.
Customizable form fields are a feature.
with Google Leads syncs.
makes lead generation easier.
efficiency of lead generation is improved.

12. Review Extensions: In the advertisement, positive testimonials from outside sources are displayed.
Review sources and excerpts are features.
regulations for compliance.
bolsters credibility and trust.
increases the rate of click-throughs.
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13. Seller Ratings Extensions: These extensions display compiled customer feedback and ratings for businesses.
presented as stars.
needs a minimum quantity of reviews.
gives an advertisement more credibility.
increases consumer faith.

14. Image Extensions: Image Extensions give your text advertisements pictures.
Features: Beautiful pictures.
relevant to the advertising message.
makes ads more appealing.
increases user involvement.

15. Video Extensions: These add video content to your advertisement.
Features: YouTube-hosted.
call-to-action overlay that is compelling.
attracts attention successfully.
raises awareness of a brand.

16. Swipeable Carousel Extensions: These extensions allow you to include multiple images or cards in a single advertisement.
Features: Each carousel can hold 10 cards.
Every card has a unique URL.
displays a variety of goods or features.
boosts the interaction with ads.

17. Promotion Extension - Countdown: By adding a countdown timer, countdown extensions make promotions seem more urgent.
Features: Flexible end time and date.
automatic updates to the countdown.
demand urgent action.
improves the effectiveness of ads during promotions.

18. Location Extension - Affiliate Locations: For business partners, Affiliate Location Extensions show close-by retail locations.
Links to affiliated stores are features.
employs Google Maps.
increases the business's reach.
strengthens collaborations.


The performance of your ad can be significantly improved by incorporating Google Ad Extensions into your marketing plan. These 18 different types of extensions provide numerous ways to engage users, boost visibility, and enhance ad relevance. You can produce more effective and compelling ads that produce better results for your company by utilizing the power of Ad Extensions.

How many Ad Extensions can I use in a Google Ad?

You can use up to 20 manual Ad Extensions and multiple automated extensions per campaign.

Are Ad Extensions free to use?

Yes, there is no additional cost for using Ad Extensions.

Can I customize the appearance of Ad Extensions?

Yes, you can customize the text, links, and other details in most Ad Extensions.

How do I set up Ad Extensions for my Google Ads?

Ad Extensions can be added through the Google Ads interface, where you can choose the type of extension and enter the relevant information.

Can Ad Extensions improve my ad's performance?

Yes, Ad Extensions can increase ad visibility, click-through rates, and overall ad performance, leading to better results for your campaigns.

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