RRB Group D Free Mock Test Series 2022

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RRB Group D Free Mock Test Series 2022

Batch has started from : 18 Feb, 2022

Key Highlights

  • 10 Full Length Test
  • 50+ Topic Tests
  • 100+ Practice Tests
  • Mock test designed as per the latest exam pattern
  • Questions with different levels of difficulty prepared by subject matter experts
  • RRB Group D Mock Test 1

  • RRB Group D Mock Test 2

  • RRB Group D Mock Test 3

  • RRB Group D Mock Test 4

  • RRB Group D Mock Test 5

  • Percentage Practice Test

  • Profit and Loss Practice Test 1

  • Profit and Loss Practice Test 02

  • Mixture and Alligation Practice Test 01

  • Discount Practice Test

  • Trigonometry Practice Test 1

  • Trigonometry Practice Test 2

  • Algebra Practice Test 01

  • Algebra Practice Test 02

  • Simple Interest Practice Test

  • Compound Interest Practice Test 1

  • Geometry Practice Test 01

  • Geometry Practice Test 02

  • History- Religious Movements In 15th-16th century

  • History- Indian Renaissance

  • History- Indian Revolutionary Movement

  • History- Indian Independence Movement

  • History- Peasant Movements in British India

  • History- Mughal Empire

  • History- Maratha Empire

  • History- Gupta Empire

  • History- Buddhism and Jainism

  • History- Indus Valley Civilisation

  • History- Delhi Sultanate

  • History- Sangam Age

  • History- Mahajanapadas

  • Indian Polity-Making of Indian Constitution

  • Indian Polity- Parts, Schedules and Articles of the Constitution

  • Indian Polity- Union Legislature

  • Indian Polity- State Legislature

  • Indian Polity- Constitutional and Non-Constitutional bodies

  • Indian Polity- Fundamental Rights and Duties

  • Indian Polity- Making of the Indian Constitution 2

  • Indian Polity- Local Self Government

  • Indian Polity- Judiciary

  • Indian Polity- Preamble to the Constitution of India

  • Geography- Plate Tectonics

  • Geography- Atmosphere

  • Geography- Atmospheric Pressure and Winds

  • Geography- Interior of the Earth

  • Geography- Landforms

  • Geography- Soils

  • RRB Group D Mock Test 6

  • RRB Group D Mock Test 7

  • RRB Group D Mock Test 8

  • RRB Group D Mock Test 9

  • RRB Group D Mock Test 10

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RRB Group D Free Mock Test Series 2022 is a test series designed for candidates who are appearing for RRB Group D. This test series has been prepared as per the latest pattern of the exam. There are 5 full length test and 100+ practice tests which will help you evaluate your preparation and boost your preparation so that you are completely prepared for the final exam.

The Program Offers: 
10 Full Length Test  50+ Topic Tests  100+ Practice Tests

Important Information:
Mode of Tests: Bilingual
Subjects Covered: All the subjects from which questions are asked in RRB Group D  are covered in this test series.

Targeted Exams: RRB Group D
Test Series Start Date: Feb, 2022
Test Series' Validity: Life TIme


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RRB Group D Mock Test Series 2022
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