UPSSSC PET 2023 Complete Course

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UPSSSC PET 2023 Complete Course

Key Highlights

  • Complete Course to Make You UPSSSC PET Exam Ready
  • Course with LifeTime Subscription Validity
  • 240+ Hours of Video Classes
  • 100+ Downloadable PDF study Material
  • Free Mock Test Series
  • Special Q&A Sessions & Counselling Sessions
  • Solve Unlimited Doubts With Subject Matter Experts
  • Special Sessions on How to Attempt the Exam & Use Tips & Tricks
  • Experienced Faculties (Selection Oriented) 
31 lecture
  • Number System C-1

  • Number System C-2

  • Number System C-3

  • Number System C-4

  • Number System C-5

  • Fraction & Decimal - C1

  • Fraction and Decimals_C2

  • Fraction and Decimals_C3

  • Square and Square Roots

  • Square and Square Roots_C2

  • Surds & Indices

  • Surds & Indices_C2

  • Surds & Indices_C3

  • Simple Artihmetic Equation_C1

  • Simple Artihmetic Equation_C2

  • (Simple Arithmetic Equations) & (Percentage_C1)

  • (Percentage_C2) & Average

  • Average C2 & Table Graphs

  • Table Graphs 2

  • Table Graphs 3

  • Table Graphs (C 4 & C 5)

  • Table Graphs (C 6)

  • Table Graphs | D.I (C 7)

  • Table Graphs | D.I (C 8)

  • Table Graphs | D.I (C 9)

  • Table Graphs | D.I (C 10)

  • Table

  • Practice session

  • Practice session

  • Practice session

  • Practice session

15 lecture
  • Understanding of Words & Phrases

  • Understanding of Words & Phrases_C2

  • Subject verb agreement -1

  • Subject verb agreement -2

  • SVA 3

  • Noun_C1

  • Noun_C2

  • Pronoun

  • Pronoun_C2

  • Preposition_C2

  • Practice session

  • Preposition

  • Preposition 2

  • Practice session

  • Practice session C2

26 lecture

  • Order & Ranking C1

  • Order & Ranking C2

  • Order & Ranking _C3

  • Blood Relations

  • Ranking

  • Blood Relation & Direction

  • Direction

  • Direction_C2

  • Calendar

  • Calendar 2

  • Calendar 3

  • Calendar 4

  • Calendar 5

  • Clock

  • Clock 2

  • Clock 3

  • Cause & Effects C1

  • Cause & Effects 2

  • Statement Argument C1

  • Statement & Conclusion PDF

  • Practice session

  • Doubt session (No PDF required)

  • Doubt session

  • Practice session 7

  • Practice session 8

15 lecture
  • Mechanics_C1

  • "Properties of matter + Fluid Mechanics"

  • Thermodynamics

  • Sound and Waves

  • Electricity

  • Electricity C2

  • Magnetism

  • Magnetism_C2

  • Modern physics

  • Work, Energy and Power

  • Force

  • Gravitation

  • Optics

  • Optics C1

  • Practice session

14 lecture
  • Matter and Its States_C1

  • Acid Base & Salt C1

  • Acid Base & Salt C2

  • Chemical Bonds

  • Metal + Non-Metal

  • Mole Concept

  • Carbon and compound

  • Periodic Table

  • Daily Life Chemistry

  • Miscellaneous

  • Atomic Structure

  • Ions and Chemical Formula

  • Chemical Reaction C1

  • Alloy and Minerals + Ore

16 lecture
  • Cell_C1

  • Classification of Organisms

  • Human System C-1

  • Plant and its Parts

  • Plants practice

  • Digestive system

  • Circulatory System

  • Digestive practice

  • Vitamin and Disease

  • Classification of Plants

  • Practice Session 1

  • Practice Session 2

  • Practice Session 3

  • Revision session

  • Revision session 2

  • Ciculatatory and skeleton

11 lecture
  • Indus Valley Civilization

  • Vedic Age

  • Delhi Sultanate PART 1


  • Delhi Sultanate Part 3

  • Sultanate Period_Part 1

  • Sultanate Period_Part2

  • Practice session

  • Practice session

  • Modern Indian History C1

  • Last Minute Tips

16 lecture
  • Development of Indian Constitution

  • Parts & Article of Indian constitution

  • Parts & Article of Indian constitution_C2

  • Parts & Article of Indian constitution_C3

  • Schedules of Indian Constitution

  • Citizenship

  • President (Part-1)

  • President (Part-2)


  • Practice session

  • Judicial System in India_SC & HC

  • State Legislature

  • Rajysabha

  • State Legislature

  • Panchayat

  • Finance Commission, ECI & UPSC

18 lecture
  • Introduction

  • River System in India (Indus River System)

  • Brahmputra River System

  • Ganga River System

  • Ganga and peninsula river (part -1)

  • Ganga and peninsula river (part -2)

  • Peninsula river (part -3)

  • Peninsula river (part -4)

  • Origin of Himalaya and Trans Himalaya

  • Trans and Great Himalaya

  • Lesser and North eastern Himalayas

  • Central Highland

  • Central highland and Deccan plateau

  • Soil in India Part 1

  • Islands and soil

  • Revision session

  • Monsoon

  • Monsoon C2

9 lecture
  • Introduction

  • RBI

  • Monetary Policy

  • Banking

  • Census

  • Inflation

  • Tax in India and World

  • Capital Market

  • Last Minute Tips

General Awareness
9 lecture
  • देश राज्य राजधानी एवं मुद्रा

  • Static GK & CURRENT

  • भारत के राज्य & केंद्रशासित प्रदेश

  • "India and its neighbours"

  • India and its neighbours-2

  • Union and States

  • Indian States and UTs

  • Indian States & UTs _C3

  • Indian Parliment, Upper House, Lower House Vidhan Sabha, Vidhan Parishad

Static GK
10 lecture
  • States & Its Neighbours

  • Pramukh Vyaktitva and Important Cout Decisions

  • Climate Change

  • Awards and honors

  • Important days

  • Important days

  • Sports

  • Important GK on UP

  • Indian Art & Culture

  • Last Minute Tips

28 lecture
  • वर्णमाला

  • संज्ञा

  • सर्वनाम

  • शब्द रचना

  • स्वर सन्धि

  • व्यंजन सन्धि

  • विसर्ग सन्धि

  • लिंग


  • समश्रुत भिनात्मक शब्द 1

  • विलोम शब्द

  • विलोम शब्द MCQ PDF

  • पर्यावाची शब्द

  • वाक्यांशों के लिए एक शब्द

  • वाक्यांशों के लिए एक शब्द MCQs PDF

  • मुहावरे एवम लोकोक्ति

  • मुहावरे एवम लोकोक्ति MCQs PDF

  • विलोम शब्द

  • अपठित पद्यांश

  • अपठित पद्यांश

  • विसर्ग सन्धि

  • सन्धि PDF

  • समास

  • सामान्य अशुद्धियाँ

  • Revision Class

  • Revision Class

  • Revision Class

  • Last Minute Tips

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Free Mentoring Session

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Mode of instruction

Bilingual (Hindi+English) Classroom Sessions

Subject Covered

Elementary Arithmetic, General Awareness, Polity, History, Economy, Geography, General Science, General Hindi, General English, Logical Reasoning, Current Affairs, Analysis of 2 unread passages, Graph Interpretation & Analysis, Table Interpretation & Analysis

Why UPSSSC PET 2023 Complete Course ?

UPSSSC PET 2023 Complete Online Course by is designed for the students who want to crack the UPSSSC PET Exam. This course enables the students to put their best foot forward by providing them with comprehensive support throughout their journey—from preparations to success. This program is complemented by Recorded Lectures, Mock Tests and Quizzes, E-Books, Model Test Papers, and Regular All India Test Series which help the students build a strong foundation that is imperative to acing the UPSSSC PET Exam.

Hear From Our Students

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UPSSSC PET (98.54 Percentile) | Pushpanjali Mishra
video thumbnail
UPSSSC PET (99 Percentile) | Naresh Kumar

Our Team of Expert Faculties

Teacher Name

Manish Mishra

Hindi Faculty

10+ Years of Experience Manish Sir is a mentor cum friend in teaching Hindi. He has qualified CTET, DSSSB, TGT exam multiple times.he teaches in a manner that is easy to understand and focussed on the latest exam trends.

Teacher Name

Bhagwati Prasad Sir

Mathematics Faculty

22 years of Teaching Experience for Boards/JEE/NTSE/KVPY Students, Mentored more than 100000 Students.

Teacher Name

Salil Bajpai Sir

Physics & Chemistry

5+ Years of Experience Salil Sir is a master in Physics and Chemistry. Sir have qualified NDA, CDS, SSC and Airforce Exams multiple times and have a vast experience in teaching CTET students. It is his unique approach to teaching that makes both Physics and Chemistry- interesting and doable.

Teacher Name

Santosh Tiwari

Teacher Name

Varun Chaudhary

Social Science Faculty

15 years of Teaching Experience for Boards & Government Jobs Exams, Mentored more than 15000 Students

Teacher Name

Dheerendra Pratap Singh

Teacher Name

Ashima Shukla

Teacher Name

Hani Sharma

Teacher Name

Pratiksha Ma'am

Teacher Name

S.K Yadav

Teacher Name

Dharmendra Singh

Teacher Name

Apala Singh

Teacher Name

Prashant Yadav


3+ Years of Experience Prashant Sir is a mentor cum friend in teaching CDPi. He has qualified CTET, UPTET exam multiple times.he teaches in a manner that is easy to understand and focussed on the latest exam trends.

Teacher Name

Ms. Nandini Krishna

Mentor & Trainer of English and Communication Skills

Studied from London, Cambridge University Exp: 10+ Year Trained students from 6-45 years from Hungary, France, Argentina, Kazakhstan and India also Trained students/trainees for IELTS, Basic English, Accent Neutralization and Phonetics.

Teacher Name

Mr. Prashant Choubey

What Our Students Say About This Course ?

Teacher Name

Pushpendra Singh

UPSSSC PET Qualified: 99.85 Percentile

Teachers are highly skilled.
Teacher Name

Naresh Kumar

UPSSSC PET Qualified: 99.00 Percentile

Content, Mock tests helped me to crack the Exam
Teacher Name

Pushpanjali Mishra

UPSSSC PET Qualified: 98.54 Percentile

Regular class as per the syllabus is the key to my success.
Teacher Name

Arti Verma

UPSSSC PET Qualified: 97.75 Percentile

Joining Safalta is the first step toward my selection
Teacher Name

Pragya Bansal

UPSSSC PET Qualified: 96.81 Percentile

I was able to clear my exam due to Faculties Member and Mock Test
Teacher Name

Km Hasrat Jahan​

UPSSSC PET Qualified: 96.36 Percentile

The way of teaching is very good
Teacher Name

Anup Kumar​​

UPSSSC PET Qualified: 96.07 Percentile

Because of Team Safalta, I was able to crack my exam
Teacher Name

Ashish Yadav

UPSSSC PET Qualified: 95.74 Percentile

Joining Safalta was one of the best decisions.
Teacher Name

Abhay Singh

UPSSSC PET Qualified: 95.34 Percentile

All my credit goes to Teachers and regularity in Class
Teacher Name

Udit Kushwaha

UPSSSC PET Qualified: 93.09 Percentile

Faculties with an exam-oriented approach helped me crack UPSSSC PET

Syllabus & Session plan

Best-in-class content by leading faculties and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects

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