5 Quick Tips To Improve Concentration!

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Due to the stress we often find our focus shifting easily, from one thing to the next leading to lesser concentration.  

Exams are approaching near, so is the tension,stress and anxiety they bring along.With a pandemic hovering around us, candidates might  at times get very stressed thinking of their future  etc as the examinations keep getting
postponed / cancelled until further orders.Therefore, one needs to act on tackling the stress because it can  in course of time build up into a hindrance in the path of your preparation .Due to the stress we often find our focus shifting easily, from one thing to the next leading to lesser concentration.  

So here  we  present for you five quick tips  that can help you up your concentration game and help  you stay focused:

1. Make small targets and keep a checklist:
  • You should not let your mind wander about while preparing  for any exam otherwise you might easily lose interest in your preparation . Moreover focused and attentive people find it easier to retain all that they've studied for a longer period of time rather than those who aren't . 
  • Studying and Reading alone isn't enough sometimes you've to focus on experimenting too, like practicing past year papers or mock tests to see how far you've come in your preparation .
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2.Organise and Plan Accordingly :
  •  Firstly you will need to chart out a plan and schedule everything else accordingly . People who have a plan are more imperative to succeeding rather  than those who don't..
  • Categorise your weak and strong areas and then study accordingly .
  • Make your study area clutter free as it will give you positive vibes 
  • Take small steps at a time and focus on smaller goals rather than thinking about the vast picture .

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    Fulfill what you set on doing with full concentration .
  • Stress is one major block in the path of success.  Oftentimes candidates who are all prepared , mess up their exams by letting their stress get the best of them . You can minimize stress by following these simple tips:
  • Take breaks , frequently . Schedule your breaks in such a way that you see them as rewards after you've completed any desired task or goal . These breaks might be in the form of long walks , your favourite games , talking with a loved one , or anything you enjoy doing . 
  • A good night's sleep , a balanced and healthy diet plus a positive lifestyle will help aid keep your body as well as your mind free.  An unhealthy person isn't able to work hard . Avoid eating outside too often.Get 7 hours of sleep daily and keep yourself positive .
  • Refrain from overdoing.  Like donot try to muggle up things. This  won't help you in getting anywhere . If you try learning with a deep interest and make learning a fun activity rather than a burden this will help   you in remembering for longer period of time.
  • Leading a healthy lifestyle can help increase attention and help you stay focused. A good night's sleep and engaging in exercises often enough help in increasing  the availability of brain chemicals that promote new brain connections, reduce stress, and improve sleep. When we sleep, we reduce stress hormones that can be harmful to the brain, and we clear out proteins that injure it (Dr. Daffner,health.harvard.edu)
  •  Understand what's distracting you in the first place and try to resolve it if possible . The one thing no one talks about in Indian families is how we need to take care of our mental health too . It is the often ignored topic of most Indian families . However one must understand that a mind cannot concentrate well if it has disturbed thoughts , negative feelings   or  misunderstandings within .
  • Try working out on your issues if you feel they are holding you back from concentrating and keep one thing in mind it's totally okay to address our mental health as a priority
  • Try talking to a guidance counselor if required and keep in mind that it's completely okay to do so .

Moreover do the task you are invested in wholeheartedly .Consider it as your utmost priority. When you put your mind , heart and soul into something you can spend hours and hours doing that thing without having a slight hint of how much time
has passed.


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