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Bihar Police Fireman Exam Pattern 2021: Check Section-Wise Paper Pattern And Marking Scheme

Safalta Expert Published by: Himani Mehra Updated Thu, 26 Aug 2021 11:42 PM IST


Check Bihar Police Fireman Exam Pattern here with Safalta. Know section-wise paper pattern and marking scheme.
Bihar Police Fireman exam pattern is a must for all the candidates aspiring to appear for Bihar Police Fireman Recruitment Exam to know. The exam pattern comprises of all the details such as the subjects from which questions are asked in the exam, number of questions asked, marking scheme and so on. Knowing the exam pattern helps candidates understand the exam better and they can strategise their preparation accordingly. In this article we have explained all the details regarding Bihar Police Fireman exam patterna and syllabus for the benefit of the candidates. If you are preparing for competitive exams and are looking for expert guidance, then download our app- 'Exam Taiyari App' and boost your preparation. Prepare for any competitive exam with Free Courses, E-books, and Mock-Tests on Safalta App.


Bihar Police Fireman Exam Pattern 2021

Bihar Police Fireman selection process comprises of two stages: 
  • Written Exam
  • Physical Test

The details of the pattern of these stages are as follows:

Bihar Police Fireman Exam Pattern: Written Exam

This is an offline exam. It is objective in nature and multiple choice type questions are asked. The durationo of the exam is 2 hours and a total of 100 questions are asked in the exam. The exam pattern is as follows:








2 hours



Social Studies


General Knowledge & Current Affairs


Bihar Police Fireman Exam Pattern: Physical Test

After qualifying the written exam, candidates have to appear for Physical Test. The details of the physical test are as follows:


Maximum Marks






1 mile (1.6 km) in 6 minutes max.

1 km in 5 minutes max.

Shot put


16 pound to throw upto 16 ft min.

12 pound to throw 12 ft min.

Long jump


Min. 4 ft

Min. 3 ft


Bihar Police Fireman Syllabus

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The subject-wise syllabus for Bihar Police Fireman Exam is as follows:

Bihar Police Fireman Syllabus: English

  • Idioms and Phrases
  • Parts of Speech
  • Comprehension
  • Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Vocabulary
  • Error Detection
  • Tenses etc

Bihar Police Fireman Syllabus: Hindi

  • ध्वनि (स्वर और व्यंजन)
  • शब्द और पद
  • संज्ञा
  • लिंग
  • वचन
  • कारक
  • सर्वनाम
  • विशेषण
  • क्रिया विशेषण
  • क्रिया
  • अव्यय
  • निपात
  • वाक्य रचना - सामान्य वाक्य अशुद्धियां और उनके संशोधन
  • शब्द रचना - शब्द भेद - तत्सम, तद्भव, देशज, विदेशज, रूढ़, यौगिक, योगरूढ़ि, उपसर्ग और प्रत्यय
  • अर्थ - पर्याय, विलोम, मुहावरे, लोकोक्तियां
  • समास 
  • संधि

Bihar Police Fireman Syllabus: Maths

  • Number System
  • Surd
  • Exponent and Logarithm
  • LCM and HCF
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Arithmetic
  • Mensuration
  • Statistics

Bihar Police Fireman Syllabus: Social Studies

  • Prehistoric Era Life
  • Ancient Indian Civilization and Culture
  • Medieval India
  • Revolution of 1857 AD
  • Social and Religious Reforms in India in the 19th Century
  • Independence movement of India
  • America's Freedom Struggle
  • French Revolution
  • Russian Revolution
  • First World War
  • Second World War
  • United Nations Organization
  • Geography
  • Physical Geography
  • Natural Resources
  • Geography of India
  • Resource and economic development
  • Society and Citizens
  • Civil and Local Self-Government
  • Indian Constitution
  • Major Problems and Challenges of Indian Society
  • India and World Peace

Bihar Police Fireman Syllabus: General Science

  • Speed, force and energy
  • Waves
  • Heat
  • Light
  • Gravitation
  • Space
  • Electromagnetism
  • Universe

  • Nature of Matter
  • Structure of Atom
  • Oxidation & Degradation
  • Chemical Bond
  • Chemical Reaction
  • Metals and Non Metals
  • Fuels
  • Carbon & Its Compound and Solutions

Life Sciences
  • Ways/Manner of Life
  • Life/Biological Processes
  • Organism in the Living World
  • Food Production & Management of Food Resources
  • Human & Environment
  • Health
  • Biosphere

Bihar Police Fireman Exam Pattern FAQs

Q. How many questions are asked in Bihar Police Fireman Exam?

A. A total of 100 questions are asked in Bihar Police Fireman Exam.

Q. What is the duration of Bihar Police Fireman Exam?

A. The duration of Bihar Police Fireman Exam is 2 hours.

Q. Do candidates have to appear for Physcial Test in Bihar Police Fireman Recruitment?

A. Yes, candidates have to appear for Physical Test in Bihar Police Fireman Recruitment.


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