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Blood Type Personality Test: What Your Blood Type Reveals About Your EQ, IQ, and Career Choices

Safalta Published by: Ishika Kumar Updated Thu, 04 Aug 2022 12:48 AM IST


What Your Blood Type Reveals About Your EQ, IQ, Career Choices, try out this amazing personality test.

In earlier personality tests, we looked at how your love language, favourite number, favourite colour, finger length, nose shape, foot shape, sleeping position, sitting position, favourite coffee, walking style, and more might reveal personality qualities about you. We are here today with a new personality test that gauges your IQ based on the type of blood you have. Ketsueki-gata is the formal name for the study of personality based on blood type.
The four main blood types—A, B, O, and AB blood types—are used to examine a person's personality. In Japan, it is extremely common to examine someone is IQ or personality depending on their blood type.

What does your blood group tell about your personality?

  • Blood Type A Personality

If you have blood type A, you are imaginative, shrewd, conciliatory, and passionate. When making decisions, you are a careful person. You excel at juggling multiple tasks.

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You value order, cleanliness, and having everything in its proper place. You prefer to be meticulous, watchful, and reliable in all you undertake. Blood type A carriers have been found to have higher emotional intelligence. You have a higher propensity to observe manners and regard societal norms. You have the lowest propensity to act carelessly. However, there are instances when you might be obstinate, fixated, overly sensitive, pessimistic, and easily stressed. You have a tendency to think and act pretty arrogantly. Normally, you keep your ideas and feelings to yourself.
Personality traits of the A+ blood group:
Pros: Great leader; works well with others; trustworthy; intelligent; Cons: temperamental; easy to criticise.
A- Blood Type Personality Characteristics
Pros: Determined, persistent, organised, and strong-willed. Cons: Easily influenced and quick to lose their anger.
Economists, librarians, accountants, graphic designers, etc. are all possible careers.
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  • Blood Type B Personality


You are enthusiastic, creative, strong, and active if your blood type is B. You are upbeat, daring, receptive to new things, unusual, and calm. Your blood type has the fastest brain, according to studies. Your imagination is lively. You remember things well. The likelihood is that you excel in areas like science and math. You will proceed or complete tasks at your own leisure. On the other hand, there are occasions when you can be careless, immature, unpredictable, erratic, indolent, and disobedient. You detest following commands. Due to your bad characteristic of being unable to let go of things, you may become fixated on impractical or impossible ambitions.
Personality traits of the B+ blood group:
Positives: Emotional, helpful, prioritise relationships, attractive, intelligent, high IQ; Negatives: Quick to lash out, erratic, and reckless.
B-blood type personality characteristics:
Pros: Determined, intelligent, and hardworking Cons: Occasionally selfish and not very helpful.
Journalist, artist, business owner, consultant, entrepreneur, musician, etc. are all possible careers.
  • Blood Type O Personality

If you have blood type O, you are a go-getter, risk-taker, extrovert, upbeat, assured, focused, resilient, intuitive, and strong-willed. You are also really kind and supportive. You would much rather be conscious. You frequently set extremely high standards and lofty objectives for yourself. You strive to always find a method to accomplish your objectives. You might possibly possess outstanding leadership abilities. But you do not worry about trivial or unimportant things. You have the larger picture in mind. You frequently look for the positive in every circumstance. If someone were to ask you if the glass is half full or half empty, your response would be the latter. Sometimes your careless demeanour makes you seem egotistical. But after getting to know you, it becomes clear that you are just the kind of person who is relaxed, self-reliant, tranquil, and committed to their own development. However, when you are down or negative, you could exhibit features like coldness, erratic behaviour, haughtiness, etc.
Personality traits of the O+ blood group:
Pros: Beneficial, mindful, social, and upbeat. Cons: Can be self-centred and not very receptive to new experiences.
O- Blood Group Characteristics:
Pros: Decisive, resilient, empathetic, and strong-willed. Cons: Unreliable and egotistical.
CEO, politician, actress, model, public speaker, etc. are all possible careers.

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What does your blood type reveal about your personality?

There is currently no scientific proof in favour of a causal link between a person's blood type and their personality characteristics. A 2021 study studying the relationship between blood type and personality showed no meaningful association, even when using modern investigative techniques.

Which blood type is the strongest?

Red blood cells that are type O negative are thought to be the safest to give to anyone in a life-threatening situation or when there is a shortage of blood that is exactly the right match. Because type O negative blood cells lack antibodies to A, B, or Rh antigens, this is the case.

What was Einstein's blood type?

Said to be the best physicist of the twentieth century, Albert Einstein has been treated as a strange person due to his unbelievable behavior and going at his own pace.It was caused by his blood type "B"!

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