Career Options and Job Opportunities After Class 10th: What Are The Various Career Options Available After Class 10th

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Students are most of the time confused after their choices in their education after Class 10th. Know all the career options after Class 10th and make a right choice.
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Nowadays with a lot of options available, it has increasingly become very confusing for students to opt for a right career path and they are often confused about the right career choices. After Class 10th results are out, students are often very lost about which stream of subjects they should choose and what would be right for them. Despite all this confusion, many understand that these choices are very crucial in building the future of a child. Hence they must be made very carefully and after having a thorough knowledge of all the available options. Even if the option of career counselling is available, we see that its more often than not very inaccessible to a large majority of students in India. In this article we have described the various choices open to students after class 10th and what can those choices lead to in terms of career in the future.

Career Options After Class 10th

Students primarily after class 10th are given the choice to opt for different subjects/streams- Science, Commerce and Arts. First we will discuss these options and then go on to other choices available to the students.


Science is one of the most preferred stream after class 10th. Students like to go for this stream because it gives them various career options after class 12th like engineering, medical, research etc. There are many other government exams like NDA/NA exam conducted by UPSC which requires candidates to have studied science stream. Besides, Science stream is also good as students have the option to swtich to other streams like commerce and arts. The subjects in science stream are physics, biology, chemistry and maths. Students can opt for different combinations of these. The various career options available after you clear class 12th with science stream are as follows:
  • Engineering
  • MBBS
  • Bachelor in various science subjects
  • Bachelor in various arts/commerce subjects
  • NDA/NA 


Commerce introduces you to the world of finance and economics. This is increasing becoming a most opted subject/stream choice by students. It introduces students to a world of different career opportunities after class 12th which are as follows:
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Bachelor of Economics and thereafter research in the same field
  • Bachelor in Commerce
  • Digital Marketing
  • Human Resource Development


This stream is for students who are intersted in subjects like history, political science, geography etc and would like to study these subjects in depth. Arts as a subject stream offers various opportunities for students ranging from government exams or following academic research in subjects of their choice.

Industrial Training Institute

These are training institutes for students who seek employment right after completing their school. These training centres train students in technical courses in a very short time. After this students are eligible for various types of jobs which include:
  • Jobs in public and private sector
  • Further specialisation in their course
  • Jobs in foreign countries

Polytechnic Courses 

Students can also opt for polytechnic courses like mechanical, civil, chemical, automobile etc. These colleges offer the diploma course for 3, 2 and 1 years. Students who opt for these courses get placement after the completion of their course.


There are several other career options which do not require you to belong to any of these specific categories. There can be special requirement of a subject or a two but generally students belonging to all the different streams can go for these career options:
  • Law
  • Goverment exams such as SSC CHSL, CGL etc
  • Government exam conducted by UPSC
  • Fashion Designing
  • Bank Exam and more

Job Opportunities After Class 10th

There are various job opportunities also that are available after class 10th which are as follows by which we mean that the education qualification required to be eligible for these exams is that candidates should have passed class 10.


Exam Post Age Limit
RRB Group D Helper, Fitter, Cabin Man, Keyman, Leverman, Porter, Shunter, Switchman, Trackman, Welder 18-33 years
RRB ALP ITI 18-30 years
RRB Constable Constable 18-25 years
DLW Apprentice Recruitment Non-ITI Apprentice 15-22 years
Railway Apprentice ITI Posts 15-24 years


Exam Post Age Limit
Multi-Tasking Staff Director

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General Armed Forces Medical
Gardener, Watchman, Peon,
Messenger, Sweeper, Daftary
18-25 years
Ordance Factory Board Apprentinceship Non-ITI Apprentice 15-24 years
BSF Constable Constable General Duty 18-23 years
ITBP Constable Constable General Duty 18-23 years
CRPF Constable Constable 18-23 years
BRO Multi Skill Worker ITI Worker 18-25 years

Staff Selection Commission

Exam Post Age Limit
SSC MTS Gardener, Peon, Daftary, Watchman, Cleaning Staff, Junior Gestetner Operator 18-25 years
SSC Selection Post Office Attendant/Field Attendant, Canteen Attendant, Binder 18-30 years

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After having gone through all of these options, students must remember the most important lesson that whatever choices they make, they should definitely make them wisely. However, they should at no point of time burden themselves with pressure that is most likely to harm them. People choose different paths in life to be successful and some paths take longer time than others but it does not mean that the path was wrong. Infact success in itself is a very subjective term. It holds different meaning for different people. The time that you spend in school while growing up, during working hard for whatever makes you feel good, happy and seems right to you, is the time when you fall multiple times and learn to rise above your mistakes. 

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