CBSE Syllabus for Class 1 Hindi 2022-2023. Download pdf here

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Do you need the Hindi Class 1 CBSE Syllabus? Your search has ended here. For more information on the CBSE syllabus for Class 1 Hindi,   read the entire blog post at

Every subject, whether English, Mathematics, or Hindi, requires a proper curriculum. It is possible that class 1 students would be unable to communicate the complete Hindi curriculum to their parents. As a result, Safalta created the CBSE Hindi syllabus for class 1, supporting students in becoming exam-ready. Parents will be able to teach their children effectively if they refer to this content.Recommended: Study for your Exams with Safalta School online. We provide Preparation materials for Classes 9-12 that can boost your preparations.

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The CBSE board is one of India's largest and most famous educational boards.


The rationale for giving the board such a high ranking is because it creates the foundation among kids from the lowest socioeconomic class, which benefits the students in the long term. Class 1 is the initial stepping stone of learning for children, and it is critical that they receive a suitable education. Students at this level are smart and have a rapid learning ability.

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The CBSE board designed the curriculum with the student's mental process, mindset, and reception ability in mind. The syllabus is designed to pique students' curiosity and enthusiasm. It also focuses on preparing pupils to confidently express their opinions and ideas.

Hindi Syllabus for Class 1 CBSE 2022–23

Here is the lists of chapters for class 1
पाठ 1: झूला
पाठ 2: आम की कहानी
पाठ 3: आम की टोकरी
पाठ 4: पत्ते ही पत्ते
पाठ 5: पकौड़ी
पाठ 6: छुक-छुक गाड़ी
पाठ 7: रसोईघर
पाठ 8: चूहो! म्याऊँ सो रही है
पाठ 9: बंदर और गिलहरी
पाठ 10: पगड़ी
पाठ 11: पतंग
पाठ 12: गेंद-बल्ला
पाठ 13: बंदर गया खेत में भाग
पाठ 14: एक बुढ़िया
पाठ 15: मैं भी
पाठ 16: लालू और पीलू
पाठ 17: चकई के चकदुम
पाठ 18: छोटी का कमाल
पाठ 19: चार चने
पाठ 20: भगदड़
पाठ 21: हलीम चला चाँद पर
पाठ 22: हाथी चल्लम चल्लम
पाठ 23: सात पूँछ का चूहा

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