How to Score Maximum Marks In class 10 CBSE English Board Exam? - Check These Preparation Tips To Ace Your Class 10 Board Exam

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Looking for ways to ace your Class 10 CBSE English Board Exam? Check this article out to boost your preparation.

How to ace the class 10th CBSE English board exam?

Due to other mainstream topics, students usually lack preparation for English. However, in today's world of rapidly globalising marketplaces, English stands out as a critical subject/language that students should not overlook. This blog offers advice on how to ace this subject on the board exams.


Important Books for Class 10 English Exam Preparation-

While NCERT remains an important book that no Class X student should overlook, there are few additional books from which students can practise problems and see sample papers.

  • Interact in English Workbook - A Textbook for Communicative English

  • A Textbook for English Courses: Interaction in English - Literature Reader

  • Full Marks in CBSE English Communicative for Class 10


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1. Practice by writing out each answer because writing will help you identify and correct your grammatical and spelling errors.

2. The chapters must be read aloud. This will not only help you memorise the answers and key ideas, but it will also help you grasp the language better. 

3. Try to write about issues that are currently hot in the news to improve your writing style and learn new vocabulary.  

4. Make flash cards to help you recall the names of different authors and characters.

5. It's critical to read each poem and chapter at least once and to respond to all of the questions at the end of each chapter/poem.  

6. Previous year papers/sample papers must be solved in order to become familiar with the questioning pattern and to discover your weak points.

7. Always keep track of your time while completing the practise questions, since this will help you manage your time throughout the exam.  

8. Make an effort to revise as many times as possible.

9. Also, finish any chapters that you find simple to comprehend because it will build your confidence.

10. NCERT books should be read on a regular basis because CBSE board exam question papers are entirely based on them.  

11. Do not start a new chapter/topic at the last minute. It’s better to revise the topics/chapters which you have already completed.  

English cannot be learned in a single day; the best method to master the language is to practise it through writing, reading, listening, and speaking. You must aim to have fun, and your goal of scoring will follow naturally.

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