Crack IIT JEE 2022: The Perfect Study Plan for you to crack IIT

Updated Fri, 21 Aug 2020 04:35 PM IST

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For every student who aspires to become one of the top engineers in the country and have a successful career in engineering no matter its computer science or mechanical engineering, Joint Entrance Exam is the key. JEE mains is one of the country’s most fierce competitive examinations that sees country’s most brilliant minds compete with one another to secure their seat in one of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) like IIT Delhi, IIT Mumbai, etc. Lakhs of students appear for JEE mains exam each year but only few are able to ace it and get admissions in top colleges in India for engineering. Cracking the JEE mains exam is not a cakewalk. It requires months and sometimes years of hard work and dedication.

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While a major chunk of applicants start preparing for it in their 11th standard, there are some early birds too! Such students start preparing for the IIT exam in their 10th class itself.

It is a common myth that only brilliant students are able to ace the JEE mains exam. The truth, however, is that any student who uses a strategic approach and does smart study with full dedication can pass this exam with flying colours.

In today’s blog I will share the perfect study plan for those aiming to target IIT exam 2022 but before that let’s have a look at the overview of the exam pattern so that you find the study plan relatable.

JEE mains exam syllabus consists of questions based on Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics with each subject carrying equal weightage.  The IIT JEE exam’s syllabus is similar to what you will or have been studying in your 11th and 12th standards for these three subjects. Only the difficulty level of questions is a bit higher. There are 75 questions altogether carrying maximum 300 marks. For each of the three sections you will get 25 questions (20 MCQ’s and 5 Numerical). You can check the marking scheme on JEE mains official website.

In order to make a perfect study plan for IIT JEE exam you need to focus on the following mentioned points:

• To commence, develop the habit of studying daily. I would not recommend studying for long hours at a stretch rather take short breaks time and again so that you do not feel bored and tired. These short breaks will help to keep you mind active.

• Make a timetable devoting equal time to all the three subjects. Make sure you follow the time table without fail. Also, keep in mind that your time table should be flexible enough. In case one of the subjects requires more time to study some day.

• Does not focus on cramming things. Rather begin by understanding the concept. Lay emphasis on developing concept based learning. This will enable you to retain concepts for a longer period of time in your memory. Once, you think you are clear with some topic then move to its implementation or practical part. Try to develop your analytical skills by solving the same problem using different methods. You can also solve some puzzles and riddles for improving your analytical skills. Learn tricks and tips to solve the most commonly occurring questions in the exam.

• Join some good coaching institute. The no of books you study for your preparation hardly counts but the quality and relevance of books matter. Keeping in mind the limitation of time you have to prepare for the JEE mains exam, you cannot keep wasting time looking for what books to study and what not?
So, it is advisable that you join some IIT JEE mains coaching centre because this way you will get access to all the relevant study material. Also, you will have the best trainers to guide you and solve your queries. This will save a lot of time. Do not miss your coaching class. Not even for a day.

• Go for as many coaching tests as possible because this will help you in self evaluation. You can test yourself for speed and accuracy and can even identify your strengths and weaknesses. Focus more on your weaker sections.

• Pay more attention to topics that carry more weightage in exam. But this does not mean that you can leave some topics untouched. If possible, try to cover the entire syllabus.

• Avoid using social media sites because you may end up wasting your precious time. Instead try to do some yoga or mind relaxing exercises. Keeping your mind calm and relaxed in such stressful times is very important.

• Whenever studying, try noting down important topics or highlighting them. You can use these for your last minute revisions. Revision is the key to make concepts permanent in your memory. Try revising things you have learned time and again. 

• Set monthly goals for yourself and try to achieve those.  This will help you finish your preparation for the IIT JEE exam well in time.

Finally, Stay relaxed and develop a positive attitude towards the exam. Focus on making yourself better with each passing day.

For more such tips and information you can visit . is also providing you with an opportunity to study from the faculties of IIT’s and NIT’s for IIT JEE2022.

Yes, you ready it right! You can do this course online from wherever and whenever you want. You will have access to all study materials, mock tests and previous year question papers. Live problem solving sessions will be conducted by faculty to solve your doubts pertaining to different topics. Apart from all this you will get a chance to attend special Question-Answer sessions along with weekly practice sessions.

What are you waiting for? Train with the best! Visit today to see what else this course of IIT coaching has to offer you.

Good Luck with your preparations!

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