Current Affairs 24th March 2021: One Year Completes To Lockdown Announcement

24th March, 2021 Published by: Saloni Bhatia Updated Wed, 24 Mar 2021 05:01 PM IST

A year ago, Lockdown was announced in the entire nation resulting in the closure of malls, construction sites, theatres, cinemas, schools, colleges, restaurants, hotels, bars, and many others.
Life was struck by a deadly virus “Coronavirus”, and it is one year since then this disease has not stopped infecting people.

Current COVID situation in India

The county’s current infection tally is above 11.64 million and the death toll has mounted to 1,59,967 deaths as of today.
However, at the time of lockdown last year, this day, the death toll was around 50 and the infection tally was around 600.

When and Who announced the complete Lockdown in the Nation?

Seeing the worsening situation of COVID-19, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 23rd March announced a complete lockdown in the nation which included shutting down of schools, colleges, cinema halls, construction activities, bars, and pubs, etc.
During this time, no one was allowed to visit outside their house irrespective of some relevant work. Not only this, it was recommended to use the online apps to fetch the household essentials. However, the shops selling household essentials were allowed to open within a strict time frame.
  • No other shop selling anything other than the essential items were allowed to function.
  • During this time, people were not allowed to move from one place to another. No border crossings were allowed during this time. There was a strict ban on the movement of flights whether it was domestic or international.

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    Source: Amar ujala

    The movement of railways was also not allowed.
  • There were also strict regulations on the road by the Police. Anyone seen outside their house without any urgency was fined.
  • People not wearing masks were also fined.
  • Lockdown was announced much time after which Unlocks were announced in which relaxations to a few things were given each time.

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