Delhi Police Constable (Executive) Exam 2020 by SSC: Use these 7 hacks to crack this exam

Updated Sat, 22 Aug 2020 01:50 PM IST

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With the staff selection commission having announced the dates for Delhi police Constable Exam 2020 all applicants are trying their best to crack this exam. Applicants are trying to leave no stone unturned when it comes to their preparation for Delhi police recruitment exam. There is no need to explain the reason behind this zeal. Delhi Police job does not require you to have high educational qualifications. All you need is a 12th standard pass certificate from a recognized board.

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 After clearing the exam, the growth opportunities are immense. Not only do you become eligible for a good salary but you also get additional benefits and allowances. Above all, you get to serve the country. What else would a person demand from his/her job?

Keeping in mind the enthusiasm of candidates appearing for Delhi Police Constable Exam we bring you 7 much needed hacks that will help you ace this exam. By following these 7 pointers you will get an inch closer to your desired job.

1. Start Early with a study plan: The earlier you start preparing for Delhi Police exam, the more advantage you will have over other competitors. The age limit to apply for this exam is between 18 to 25 years. So, if you are within this age limit and have cleared your 12th standard, you are ready to go! Decide when you will be appearing for the exam and then see how much time you are left with to prepare.
On the basis of that, make a study plan allotting time to different topics and sections of the Delhi Police Exam syllabus. Planning is a must if you want to ace not only this exam but any other exam as well.  Set your short time goals. These could be either weekly or bi- weekly.  Just making a schedule and setting some goals won’t help. You need to strictly follow these so that in the end you are able to see the results of your preparation.

Moreover, making a study plan will also ensure that you have enough time to prepare each and every topic of the Delhi Police Constable Exam syllabus thoroughly and are still left with some time for final revisions before the final exam.

Keep in mind; do not unnecessarily flood your time table with things that do not matter much. Remember, Smart work proves to be more beneficial than hard work.

2. Prepare Subject Wise: Since, the exam consists of questions based on different topics carrying different weitages you need to prepare accordingly. The division of questions is such that all together you get 100 objective type questions which you need to solve and the maximum time allotted for the same will be 1.5hours. Out of these 100 questions, 50 questions are based on your GK and Current affairs, 25 on reasoning, 15 on numerical ability and the remaining 10 questions will test you for your computer fundamentals.

Hence you need to prepare for these sections differently. For instance, your major focus should be on General Knowledge and current affairs. I would recommend that you keep yourself updated on these on a daily basis by reading newspapers, articles, and journals. You can even watch news. If you think that you find it difficult to do on a regular basis, then you can reserve some time towards the end so that you can just go through all the current affairs that took place in the last 5 to 6 months.

For the reasoning section I would suggest you practice solving puzzles daily. Also try to learn tricks and tips to solve the most commonly asked reasoning questions. Understand concepts and then try to solve questions yourself.  It would be easier this way. If while solving questions you get wrong, analyze what went wrong. Correct those mistakes and try again.

Learning Mathematics is the key to get questions right in the numerical ability section. Apart from learning the implementation of concepts to solve questions, you also need to improve your calculation speed. This will help you save time for lengthy questions. This can be done by embedding some commonly used formulas and calculations like multiplication tables, etc in your mind.

With digitalization taking over, knowledge of computers is very important. You need to know the basics of MS Word, MS excel, World Wide Web, etc. You can watch YouTube videos to get insights of computer related things. Try having hands on experience as well. This will help you to memorize things.

3. Read Daily: Develop the habit of reading. You can read stuff like feature stories, opinion pieces in editorials, business magazines, newspapers, etc.  This will help you to improve your English and also keep you updated on various national level and worldwide events. Practice reading on computer screens, so that in the final exam you don't find it difficult to read on a screen.

4. Identify your strengths and weaknesses: Solve previous year question papers and mock tests. On the basis of these, try to do some self analysis like what are the topics you are good at and what are the topics that require more practice and understanding. Divide your time accordingly. Also, work on your time management. See whether you are able to complete your test within the allotted time. If not, improve your question solving speed.

5. Revise, Revise and Revise: Do as many revisions as possible. While studying, make notes of important topics and the topics that are most frequently asked. Revise these topics from time to time so that you can learn them by heart. The more you revise the more you retain in the final exam. Make your study plan in a way that you are left with at least a few days for final revision before the exam.

6. Keep a check on your physical and medical fitness: I would like to advise all the candidates to keep themselves fit and fine because the final selection will be based on the Physical Efficiency Test (PET) and Physical Standard Test (PST) also. Try to maintain your weight as per the criteria mentioned. Do work out so that you can perform well in the test.

7. Stay Motivated: In addition to all the points listed above staying motivated is also very important. There may be times when you might feel that it's not your cup of tea or you might feel bored. Stay focused in such times and don't quit. Be calm and keep preparing. You will make it through!

Following these 7 key hacks you will be able to turn your aspiration into reality. Prepare well and work smartly to achieve your dream.

We at are here to help you ace your Delhi Police Constable Exam 2020. All you need to do is visit our website and subscribe to our course on Delhi Police Exam. Our highly experienced faculty will guide you with tricks and tips to crack the exam. You will also get access to all types of relevant study material and hence won’t have to waste time looking for what to study and what not.
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