English Language Quiz (Antonyms)- 18-February -2022

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Direction(1-10)  : In the following question, out of the four alternatives, choose the word which is opposite in meaning to the given word.

(a) denounce
(b) ignore
(c) adore
(d) castigate

(a) quintessence
(b) paragon
(c) enlargement
(d) incarnation

(a) ingenuity
(b) stupidity
(c) sagacity
(d) acumen

(a) stupor
(b) vigour
(c) languor
(d) inertness

(a) spend
(b) reduce
(c) slander
(d) skimp


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(a) shy
(b) brave
(c) confident
(d) meek 

(a) vanish
(b) varnish
(c) surrender
(d) trample 

(a) conventional
(b) practical
(c) fashionable
(d) nomad 


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(a) teachable
(b) intractable
(c) manageable
(d) pliable

(a) pride
(b) love
(c) courage
(d) humility


Ans 1-(c) adore (V.) : to love somebody very much.
detest (V.) : to hate somebody/ something very much; loathe.

Ans 2. (c) enlargement (N.) : made larger.
epitome (N.) : a perfect example of something; embodiment; abstract; resume, summary.
quintessence (N.) : the perfect example of something
paragon (N.) : an ideal instance
incarnation (N.) : a period of life in a particular form

Ans3. (b) stupidity (N.) : behaviour that shows a lack of good judgement or thought.
gumption (N.) : courage and determination ; intelligence.
ingenuity (N.) : the ability to invent things/solve problems in clever new ways
sagacity (N.) : good judgement and understanding
acumen (N.) : the ability to understand and decide things quickly and well

Ans 4. (b) vigour (N.) : energy, force or enthusiasm; vitality
inertia (N.) : lack of energy; lack of desire or ability to move or change.

Ans5. (d) skimp (V.) : to try to spend less time, money on something than is really needed.
squander (V.) : to waste money, time etc. in a stupid way.
slander (V.) : to make a false spoken statement about somebody that is intended to damage the good opinion that people have of them

Ans 6. (c) confident (Adj.) : feeling sure about your own ability to do things and be successful.
diffident (Adj.) : not having much confidence in yourself; shy; not wanting to talk about yourself.

Ans 7. (c) surrender (V.) : to admit that you have been defeated and want to stop fighting; give in.
vanquish (V. ) : to defeat somebody completely in a competition, war etc.

Ans 8. (a) conventional nonconformist (Adj.) : the fact of not following normal ways of thinking and behaving ; unconventional.

Ans 9. (b) intractable (Adj.) : very difficult to deal with; obdurate; uncontrollable.
malleable (Adj.) : easily influenced or changed; compliant.
pliable (Adj.) : able to be led/ directed

ans 10. (d) humility (N.) : the quality of not thinking that you are better than others; the quality of being humble.
vanity (N.) : the quality of being unimportant; too much pride in your own appearance; abilities etc

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