English Language Quiz (Fill in the blanks)- 17-February -2022

Safalta Experts Published by: Annu Chaudhary Updated Thu, 17 Feb 2022 12:25 PM IST

Direction: In the following questions, the sentences given with blanks are to be filled with an appropriate word(s). Four alternatives are suggested for each question. For each question, choose the correct alternative corresponding to it

1. Do not ___________ your own personal views upon the reader.
(a) expose
(b) interpose
(c) express
(d) impose

2. This school isn’t ______________ from the last one.
(a) more different
(b) any different
(c) difference
(d) any difference


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Source: English Quiz

I have decided _____ my course of action.
(a) upon
(b) with
(c) for
(d) of

4. She __________ him angrily because he made the floor dirty with his muddy shoes.
(a) scold
(b) scolds
(c) scolded
(d) scolding

5. He walked along the road wondering what __________ happened and where all the people had gone.
(a) had
(b) has
(c) have
(d) it

6. The criminal was __________ lest he should escape.
(a) fetid
(b) fettered
(c) fettled
(d) feted

7. Legislation was passed to punish brokers who ________ their client’s funds.
(a) devastate
(b) devour
(c) defalcate
(d) dawdle

8. His father was _________ the same business.
(a) managing over
(b) engaged in
(c) endowed with
(d) enlisted in

9. It is due to this lethargy that the plan fell _________
(a) off
(b) out
(c) through
(d) away

10. He has no recommendations; he will ________get the job.
(a) however
(b) whatsoever
(c) whereas
(d) whatever


1. (d) Impose = to force; to make somebody accept something.

2. (b) It is a negative sentence.

3. (a) Here, preposition ‘on/upon’ should be used.

4. (c) The sentence shows past time. Hence, Past Simple .... should be used.

5. (a)  Here, Past Perfect should be used. Reporting verb is in Past Tense.

6. (b) Fetter (Verb) = to restrict somebody’s freedom to do what they want; put chains around a prisoner’s feet; shackle. Here, Past participle should be used. The sentence is in Passive Voice.

7 (c) Defalcate (Verb) = to misuse or misappropriate property; embezzle.

8. (b) Engaged in = busy doing something.

9. (c) Fall through = to not be completed or not happen.

10. (a) However is used to introduce a statement that contrasts with something.

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