English Language Quiz for SSC CGL of 15th April (Idioms and Phrases)

Updated Thu, 15 Apr 2021 03:51 PM IST

Direction(1-10): Choose the correct meaning of the given idioms: 

Question 1:Bid hair

Option 1:  to be just

Option 2:  fair effort

Option 3:  have a good prospect

Option 4:  try in a fair manner

Question 2: Chapter and verse for a thing

Option 1:  to praise a thing

Option 2:  to produce proof

Option 3:  to make publicity

Option 4:  to attach value  to a thing

Question 3: Make the best of a bad bargain

Option 1:  to make a bad bargain

Option 2:  to make the best bargain

Option 3:  to turn failure to best adventage 

Option 4:  to make a bargain

Question 4: Much ado about nothing

Option 1:  to make a noise 

Option 2:  to make a fuss over small matter 

Option 3:  to play by  shaw

Option 4:  talk about nothing

Question 5:To loose face

Option 1:  to look angry

Option 2:  to be humilated 

Option 3:  to be helpless

Option 4:  to look vacant

Question 6: Force an issue

Option 1:  make an issue 

Option 2:  force a decision

Option 3:  solve an issue

Option 4:  bring an issue

Question 7: Few and far between

Option 1:  very small in distance

Option 2:  very small in number 

Option 3:  very small in quantity 

Option 4:  between near and far

Question 8: Call one's shot

Option 1:  make intentions clear 

Option 2:  call with a shot

Option 3:  shoot at a call

Option 4:  to show determination

Question 9: An apple of discord

Option 1:  the cause of a contention

Option 2:  sour apple

Option 3:  a quarrel

Option 4:  a fight for an apple

Question 10:  At the helm of

Option 1:  at the helm of the ship

Option 2:  at the main situation

Option 3:  in the center of the ship

Option 4:  in the center of the storm

Ans  1: 
have a good prospect

Explanation: have a good prospect

Ans 2:  to produce proof

Explanation: to produce proof

Ans 3: to turn failure to best adventage 

Explanation: to turn failure to best adventage 

Ans 4: to make a fuss over small matter 

Explanation: to make a fuss over small matters 

Ans 5: to be humilated 

Explanation: to be humiliated 

Ans 6:   force a decision

Explanation: force a decision

Ans 7: very small in number 

Explanation: very small in number

Ans 8: to show determination

Explanation: to show determination

Ans 9: the cause of a contention

Explanation: the cause of contention

Ans 10:   at the main situation

Explanation: at the main situation


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