English Language Quiz for SSC CGL of 17th April (Error : Verb)

Updated Sat, 17 Apr 2021 07:56 PM IST
Source: english quiz
Direction(1-10): In the following questions, some of the sentences have errors and some have none. Find out which part of a sentence has an error :

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Question 1: The assassin was convicted and ordered to be hung. 

Option 1:  The assassin was

Option 2:  convicted and ordered

Option 3:  to be hung. 

Option 4:  no error. 

Question 2: He lay his luggage aside and lay down to rest for a while. 

Option 1:  He lay his luggage

Option 2:  aside and lay down

Option 3:  to rest for a while. 

Option 4:  no error.

Question3: During the rainy season many rivers overflew their banks and caused great difficulty. 

Option 1:  During the rainy season

Option 2:  many rivers overflew their banks

Option 3:  and caused great difficulty. 

Option 4:  no error. 

Question 4: He lied on the grass for hours enjoying the cool breeze. 

Option 1:  He lied on the grass

Option 2:  for hours

Option 3:  enjoying the cool breeze. 

Option 4:  no error. 

Question 5: I keep my cool and never loose my temper even when provoked.

Option 1:  I keep my cool

Option 2:  and never loose my temper

Option 3:  even when provoked.

Option 4:  no error. 

Question6: Failure must not have permanent affect on a person because only the tough survives. 

Option 1:  Failure must not have

Option 2:  permanent affect on a person

Option 3:  because only the tough survives. 

Option 4:  no error. 

Question 7: I complaint against him as in spite of my repeated warnings he failed to mend his ways . 

Option 1:  I complaint against him

Option 2:  as in spite of my repeated warnings

Option 3:  he failed to mend his ways . 

Option 4:  no error. 

Question 8: The university was found in 1950 when India was not self dependent in many aspects. 

Option 1:  The university was

Option 2:  found in 1950 when India

Option 3:  was not self dependent in many aspects. 

Option 4:  no error. 

Question 9: He was borne of poor parents, but brought up in an affluent family. 

Option 1:  He was borne of poor parents,

Option 2:  but brought up

Option 3:  in an affluent family. 

Option 4:  no error. 

Question 10: He was so inquistive that he rose many questions in the class. 

Option 1:  He was so inquistive

Option 2: that he rose many

Option 3:  questions in the class. 

Option 4:  no error. 


Ans 1:  
to be hung. 

Explanation:  Hanged in place of hung.

Hanged means to suspend by the neck. 

Ans 2:  He lay his luggage

Explanation: laid (v2) of lay - to keep in a horizontal position 

Ans 3: many rivers overflew their banks

Explanation:  Use, Overflowed - to flow out of a particular space 

Ans 4:  He lied on the grass

Explanation:  Use lay in place of lied

Lie - to move into a horizontal position .

Lay - to sacrifice , to keep in a horizontal position , hens lay eggs

Ams 5: and never loose my temper

Explanation:  Loose (adj) - not securely fixed where it should be; able to become separated from something

Use lose - to have less and less of a quality or ability,

Ans 6;  permanent affect on a person

Explanation: Use effect (noun) in place of affect (v). 

Ans 7:    I complaint against him

Explanation: Complaint is a noun and Complain is verb .

Ans 8:  found in 1950 when India

Explanation: Use founded in place of found . V3 of found (establish ) is founded. 

Ans 9;  He was borne of poor parents,

Explanation: V3 of bear( to produce offsprings ) is born. V3 of bear (to tolerate ) is borne. 

Ans 10:    that he rose many

Explanation: Raised is the correct wrod. Rose means to get up. 



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