English Language Quiz for SSC CGL of 18th March ( Sentence Improvement)

Updated Thu, 18 Mar 2021 10:58 AM IST

Direction(1-10) :  Select the most appropriate option to substitute the bold segment in the given sentence. If no substitution is required select No improvement.

Que-1    These measures will not just help domestic companies but also to allow Isro to recoup some of its investment.

Option 1:  but also allow

Option 2:  but also to be allowed

Option 3:  but also get allow

Option 4:  no improvement.

Que2:    India’s private enterprises have been held back by compliances that long outlived their utility.

Option 1:  hold up

Option 2:  held on 

Option 3:  held back

Option 4:  no improvement. 

Que-3: The current change should be viewed as part of a larger push to help the economy benefit from India’s early public investment in space technology.

Option 1:  a part of large push

Option 2:  part of large push

Option 3:  a part of larger push

Option 4:  no improvement. 

Que4:  India has been unlocking fast in the new year with colleges reopening and school students in higher grades also returning to classrooms. 

Option 1:  unlock faster 

Option 2:  unlocked fast

Option 3:  unlocking faster

Option 4:  no improvement. 

Que5: Despite several attempts at a reset, ties between India and Srilanka countinue a cause of concern .

Option 1:  to a cause of concern

Option 2:  to be a cause of concern

Option 3:  to be a cause for cancern

Option 4:  no improvement. 

Que6: He flew over high mountains. 

Option 1:  in 

Option 2:  at

Option 3:  on

Option 4:  no improvement. 

Que7: This village is only obtainable by river. 

Option 1:  attainable

Option 2: accessible

Option 3:  available

Option 4:  no improvement. 

Que8: I suppose she wanted to get home quick as possible. 

Option 1:  quickly, possibly

Option 2:  quick, possibly

Option 3:  quickly , possible

Option 4:  no improvement.

Que9: Day by day their hopes of their loved ones miraculously surviving the dark airless tunnel swamped by mud, has dimmed.

Option 1:  had dimmed

Option 2:  had been dimmed

Option 3: have dimmed 

Option 4:  no improvement. 

Que10:  Life imbued on this powerful energy is more unified.

Option 1:  imbued in 

Option 2:  imbued with

Option 3:  imbued off

Option 4:  no improvement.


Ans-1:  but also allow

Explanation:  But also allow is the correct answer. 

Not only ......... but also  , follows the parallel structure. 

Ans2:   held back

Explanation: Held back - to prevent somebody/something from moving forward or crossing something.

Ans-3:   no improvement. 


Part of a larger push is the correct answer.

Ans4:  unlocking faster

Explanation: Unlocking faster is the correct answer. 

Ans5: to be a cause for cancern

Explanation: To be a cause for concern is the correct answer. 

Cause for concern- reason to worry

Ans6: no improvement. 

Explanation: over  (pre) -  on top of (something).

Ans7:  accessible

Explanation: accessible (adj)  - (of a place) able to be reached or entered.

Ans8:   quickly , possible

Explanation: Quickly (adv)  - at a fast speed; rapidly.

Ans9:  have dimmed 

Explanation: Have dimmed is the correct answer.

Because subject of the sentence is plural and the structure of the sentence should be in present perfect tense.

Ans 10: imbued with

Explanation: Imbued with-  to fill someone or something with strong feelings, opinions, or values.


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