English Language Quiz for SSC CGL of 19th April (Error)

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Direction(1-10): In the following questions, some of the sentences have errors and some have none. Find out which part of a sentence has an error and mark (A), (B) or (C) as your answer. If there is no error, mark (D) as your answer. 

Question 1: None of the diplomats at the conference was able either to comprehend or solve the problem. 

Option 1:  None of the diplomats at the conference

Option 2:  was able either to comprehend

Option 3:  or solve the problem. 

Option 4:  no error.

Question 2: Unless you do not give the keys of the safe you will be shot. 

Option 1:  Unless you do not

Option 2:  give the keys of the safe

Option 3:  you will be shot. 

Option 4:  no error. 

Question 3: The reason why he was rejected was because he was too young. 

Option 1:  The reason why

Option 2:  he was rejected was

Option 3:  because he was too young. 

Option 4:  no error. 

Question 4: I haven't been to New York before and neither my sister.

Option 1:  I haven't been to

Option 2:  New York before and

Option 3:  neither my sister. 

Option 4:  no error.

Question5: No sooner had he arrived then he was asked to leave again. 

Option 1:  No sooner had

Option 2:  he arrived then

Option 3:  he was asked to leave again. 

Option 4:  no error.

Question6: She is very beautiful but intelligent. 

Option 1:  She is very

Option 2:  beautiful

Option 3:  but intelligent.

Option 4:  no error.

Question 7: No sooner had the hockey match started when it began to rain. 

Option 1:  No sooner had the hockey

Option 2:  match started when

Option 3:  it began to rain. 

Option 4:  no error

Question 8: The period between 1980 to 1990 was very significant in  my life. 

Option 1:  The period

Option 2:  between 1980 to 1990

Option 3:  was very significant in  my life. 

Option 4:  no error.

Question 9: I needed that money so desperately it was like manna from heaven when it arrived. 

Option 1:  I needed that money

Option 2:  so desperately it was like

Option 3:  manna from heaven when it arrived. 

Option 4:  no error.

Question 10: That store hadn't hardly any of those goods. 

Option 1:  That store

Option 2:  hadn't hardly

Option 3:  any of those goods. 

Option 4:  no error. 


or solve the problem. 

Explanation: Or follows the parallel sturcture with it. Use to after or . 

Ans 2: Unless you do not

Explanation: Unless doesn't take not with it. 

Ans 3;  because he was too young. 

Explanation: Because cannot come with the reason why.

Ans 4:   neither my sister. 

Explanation: Neither is followed by helping verb. 

Ans 5:   he arrived then

Explanation: No sooner is followed by than and not then. 

Ans 6:  but intelligent.

Explanation: Change but into and 

Ans 7:  match started when

Explanation: Than is used together with no sooner and not when. 

Ans 8: between 1980 to 1990

Explanation: Between is followed by and in place of to . 

Ans 9: so desperately it was like

Explanation: So must be followed by That , which will come after so desperately. 

Ans 10:  hadn't hardly

Explanation: Hardly is negative in meaning. Two negative words can't come together. 


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